The developer, Best Cool & Fun Games, claims Bunny Shooter offers more than 180 levels across four worlds, which should keep you (and your friends) quiet for some time. However, when we tried it, 60 levels were available in the first world, world two was released with 60 new levels the day prior to our writing of this review, and world three was 'coming soon'. For now, world four is marked only with a question mark.

Strong similarities are found between Bunny Shooter and Rovio's popular series Angry Birds. The interface and menu options follow an almost identical layout, right down to the restart button that appears to the left of the screen when you fail to complete a mission and the pause button top-right.

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Bunny Shooter

Instead of attacking evil green pigs who stole your eggs, here you're shooting cute pink bunnies to win back your carrots. Various obstructions must be countered to achieve your kill, while a range of balloons, bowling balls, dynamite and other objects help you riccochet arrows for multiple or tricky hits.

Your mission within each level is the same: take out the bunnies with as few arrows as possible to achieve the highest score and unlock the next level; just like Angry Birds, you'll be awarded between one and three stars for your efforts. Once you've completed a world, you can enjoy the game all over again as you attempt to win three stars in each level. Although there's no way to move on to the next level without completing the current one, we found helpful walkthroughs online.

Bunny Shooter's storyline is much simpler by comparison. Pay attention to the showreel between each Angry Birds chapter and, whether or not the various grunts and tweets reveal its message, you'll become aware of a theme. That Bunny Shooter offers four worlds in place of chapters is perhaps the biggest clue to the omission of a storyline. The game is just as addictive without, however, and we have previously found Rovio's showreel a frustrating pause between gameplay.

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Bunny Shooter

Angry Birds starts out with a range of loveable feathered characters that you're encouraged to fling in the path of pigs - Black Bird who explodes on impact, Yellow Bird the dive-bomber, Big Brother Bird who demolishes anything in his way and White Bird who drops bombs, for example; later in the series, we meet macaws, bulldogs, toucans, parrots and marmosets. Bunny Shooter, meanwhile, simply offers a floating bow and arrow, which you pull, rotate to the desired angle, and release - hopefully wiping out the title's many identical pink bunnies. The second world introduces new types of arrows, including those that explode on impact. We're intrigued to see what new features worlds three and four will introduce.

Bunny Shooter is free to download and play, with unobtrusive ads running either at top or bottom of the screen.

Links to Facebook and Twitter are provided, and you can compete against friends by posting your scores online.

Bunny Shooter: Specs

  • Android 2.1 or later
  • 8.7MB
  • Android 2.1 or later
  • 8.7MB


Bunny Shooter is remarkably similar to Rovio's popular Angry Birds series, yet far simpler and with fewer levels available. While it's not quite up to Rovio's standards, fans of the series will find this an entertaining take on the concept and a great timewaster.

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