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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Windows 8 'Threshold' update will be Windows 9

110 comments, most recent: move on said on : "

Are you one of the minority of Windows/traditional P.C. users?


How to recover files from an SD card that has stopped working... for free

41 comments, most recent: Got photos back! said on : "

If there's physical damage to the SD card, then the software may not work. I had an SD card that stopped working on my camera, and my PC would not recognize it either. I contacted various data recovery places, and most were very expensive. I took it to a local place that tried several different kinds of recovery software on it, and that did not work. (So they didn't charge me.) They said there was probably physical damage to the SD card, and recommended I send it to Recoverfab.com. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and Recoverfab is in Germany. I got a firm quote that was much more reasonable than other data recovery places I contacted, and I sent my SD card by registered mail, which cost $20 and took 7 weeks to get there. But it was worth it. Once it arrived, Recoverfab recovered my images and videos within a couple of days. I'm delighted with this outcome. I only wish I had come across Recoverfab earlier when I was researching data recovery options!


How to uninstall SkyDrive from Windows 8.1: disable and remove SkyDrive from Explorer

9 comments, most recent: M_1 said on : "

If you don't have gpedit.msc, open regedit and go here:


Set "DisableFileSync" to "1", exit, reboot.


What is Google Glass? Everything you need to know

11 comments, most recent: Ahmed Mohamed Elshazly said on : "

How to Buy Google Glass ?....


What is Google Glass? Everything you need to know

11 comments, most recent: shane willett said on : "

people have been living without a lot of things, but it's from want, not need. Want and need are the same in some aspects but want is turned into a need, not the other way around, i need water to live, i want water because im thirsty or i may die from dehydration. Maybe i don't want to live, so i don't need water, but i am thirsty, so I want a drink. Are they not providing the same thing, life? You don't need to live, you want to live, which is more important when your life is control by someone else, I would say want, because there needs and wants are different, however a want can become a need as a need can not become a want.


Windows 8 logo - same as Windows 1.0

7 comments, most recent: Cristi said on : "

i like it more than the multicoloured ones


Windows 7 vs Windows 8: what’s the best upgrade from XP?

81 comments, most recent: anna said on : "

Hi Josh...just to be clear...when I learned to program computers Windows had yet to be invented. Apple existed but did not yet have a GUI. I suspect you would have no idea how to program by setting the 0s and 1s, or make a punch card, or use a slide rule (yes, there was a time before pocket calculators). I had the privilege of being part of the team that invented the technology that all the web browsers use, back in the days of ARPAnet, using computers with a whopping 4 MB of RAM. Before that I got to hang out with the Steves (Jobs & Woz) and watch their creative process in a white room stocked with electronic bits. It is a very different game now. Used to be one person could keep up with everything computer. Now there is a lot going on, and it is pretty much a full time job keeping up with one end of the state of the art. Which is why we hire specialists like you. I want to spend my time using my computer, not trying to figure out how to use it or fix it.
So, which do you think is best? Windows 7 or 8? I have had this discussion with many people, and gotten various answers. One of the more intriguing responses brought up the issue of considering which can best use the most processor power (number of parallel processors, speed, and RAM). I'm leaning toward Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, which seems to allow the same maximum processor use as Windows 8 without me having to waste valuable work time relearning how to use my computer. I can't imagine having or needing that much RAM, but then I remember when we were developing the database mining system, what we had to do to create a 4 G hard drive. We cobbled together a large box with a stack of huge disks. It was the size of a washing machine. Now you can get a 1 TB hard drive that is the size of a deck of cards. Yeah, whatever I get better be able to handle whatever I need to do...now and 10 years down the road. Bring it on!


How to factory reset a laptop with a recovery partition

11 comments, most recent: ryan said on : "

how do i reset a packard bell laptop


What is Google Glass? Everything you need to know

11 comments, most recent: Andres said on : "

People has been living without google glass so far. I dont think it is something they "need" rather it is something they "want"


Garmin Approach G6 review

1 comments, most recent: Stan Miller said on : "

How do I know what courses are loaded? Can I add a course if missing?


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Latest User Reviews

Syncables 360 Premium review

9 comments, most recent: GuyNorthrup said on 27 July 2010: "To me, syncing multiple computers in a network automatically is the core benefit of using Syncables360. Having valuable files & spreadsheets (emails too actually) always in sync on more than 1 computer provides an additional layer of security back up too. Even though I trust this more than using the limited storage space in the cloud, I view it is a secondary feature. Inexpensive, fun, & reliable."

Registry Mechanic 8.0 review

2 comments, most recent: clunk1001 said on 26 July 2010: "Great product, shame about their underhand subscription charges though. I wont be using them again."

Acer Aspire Z5610 review

6 comments, most recent: cnj said on 18 July 2010: "PC works well...just wish the TV fuction would work as well, after all that is why I bought a computer with a 23 inch screen."

Microsoft Security Essentials review

3 comments, most recent: exbrum said on 11 July 2010: "If I could get the auto update function to work then I would have been quite happy to stay with this, I read a couple of good reviews on two magazine sites, however decided to uninstall it and go for another free anti virus programme. The overall layout of the interface is very nice and well thought out."

Samsung Wave review

7 comments, most recent: papalou said on 3 July 2010: "Its a monster in a very slim and pretty shape."

Dell Latitude Z review

8 comments, most recent: mini notebook said on 21 June 2010: "I got this laptop 6th month ago. And till now i don't have ant broblem with it. I get stuck with the keypad only, but rest of all are excellent"

Microsoft Office 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: iain.c.young@bti said on 27 May 2010: "Overall not bad but could do a lot better if they followed the example of their Windows 7 adverts and listened to their end users."

Serif WebPlus X2 review

0 comments, most recent: The B said on 22 May 2010: "There are two questions I would ask before buying this: Is it better than Microsoft? And how much better? Yes - it is, in my opinion, better than Microsoft. And it's a lot better: it's so easy to create professional publications. Some things to be improved on, but all in all a very good program."

Canon PIXMA MP990 review

5 comments, most recent: JJHamster36 said on 21 May 2010: "The astronomical running costs have made my unit unsuitable for day to day use."

Elonex Webbook review

1 comments, most recent: tonypicard said on 17 May 2010: "good value and if used as it should be, for the internet and e-mail it sis great. upgrades for ubuntu are free and available every six months. it does everything i want it to do."

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