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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

How to change your network location from public to home

6 comments, most recent: PhredE said on : "

I have to agree with Ulrich. There's nothing there to click on, no live link.

It's not a matter of being logged on as an admin, is it? It would help to say..

2nd Sept, 2014


Zinstall WinWin review: an effective way to migrate from an old PC to a new one

2 comments, most recent: Fred said on : "

It is - transfers all of them without the installation discs.
I've used it twice already, wonderful indeed!


Four great reasons why email will never, ever die

1 comments, most recent: Sam Chapman said on : "

The fact is, that email delivers content in a way that no other system since it, has been able to surpass. things like Farcebook and it's ilk, was developed to fill about the only niche, that email generally doesn't encompass quite as effectively. If one wants to quickly pass on inconsequential prattle and images, email is not quite as seamless to use.
Until someone manages to come up with an app which is quicker, more intuitive and seamless, which at the same time, also capable of delivering via it, an even broader range of business orientated data-types than e-mail is capable of, it will continue to rule the roost.


iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 comparison preview: What's the difference between iPhone 5s and iPhone 6?

5 comments, most recent: john said on : "

its Apple all the way even samsung 5s sucks.....


Netflix vs LoveFilm Instant comparison review: What's the best streaming service?

32 comments, most recent: savage69 said on : "

Shame on you Shamus! Totally incorrect!


How to play PS3 games on PS4: Is it possible?

127 comments, most recent: Gerard said on : "

My 2007 model keeps on freezing and doesn't let me play for longer than half an hour it's really annoying me I need a new ps4 but I've collected so many good ps3 games.


Windows 8 'Threshold' update will be Windows 9

287 comments, most recent: Privat Privat said on : "

speed isnt a factor anymore, and higher resolution is the problem were faceing as i explained above :X higher resolution = font, images, ect will be compressed to a smaller area and People wont be able to see all the details.. Things needs to become bigger.. and by makeing larger icons, images ect, Your only makeing the problem bigger later on.. instead of makeing a universal solution by jumping straight to VECTOR GRAPHICS :x
Its not like its News for Microsoft, as they have some in some of their programs such as Office (not ribbon).


Intel amps up desktop performance with its first 8-core PC chip

4 comments, most recent: Matt Egan said on : "

So, to be clear, on an unrelated story you criticised us for not covering this subject. And then on this story (which came out on the same day as the news itself came out of NDA), you criticise us for being late, *and* for covering other things on other pages. I think perhaps it is time for you to take a break. And perhaps to understand that the day you read a story is not necessarily the day that story is published.


Intel amps up desktop performance with its first 8-core PC chip

4 comments, most recent: johannkoll said on : "

At last somebody woke up in PC Advisor and had time to cover some proper PC news. Few days late, but still. Quite refreshing to see some PC related new in a sea of smartphone and tablet related spam.
Good job.


How to format a write-protected USB flash drive or memory card

125 comments, most recent: Me meme said on : "

Great tool, it worked


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Latest User Reviews

Syncables 360 Premium review

9 comments, most recent: GuyNorthrup said on 27 July 2010: "To me, syncing multiple computers in a network automatically is the core benefit of using Syncables360. Having valuable files & spreadsheets (emails too actually) always in sync on more than 1 computer provides an additional layer of security back up too. Even though I trust this more than using the limited storage space in the cloud, I view it is a secondary feature. Inexpensive, fun, & reliable."

Registry Mechanic 8.0 review

2 comments, most recent: clunk1001 said on 26 July 2010: "Great product, shame about their underhand subscription charges though. I wont be using them again."

Acer Aspire Z5610 review

6 comments, most recent: cnj said on 18 July 2010: "PC works well...just wish the TV fuction would work as well, after all that is why I bought a computer with a 23 inch screen."

Microsoft Security Essentials review

3 comments, most recent: exbrum said on 11 July 2010: "If I could get the auto update function to work then I would have been quite happy to stay with this, I read a couple of good reviews on two magazine sites, however decided to uninstall it and go for another free anti virus programme. The overall layout of the interface is very nice and well thought out."

Samsung Wave review

7 comments, most recent: papalou said on 3 July 2010: "Its a monster in a very slim and pretty shape."

Dell Latitude Z review

8 comments, most recent: mini notebook said on 21 June 2010: "I got this laptop 6th month ago. And till now i don't have ant broblem with it. I get stuck with the keypad only, but rest of all are excellent"

Microsoft Office 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: iain.c.young@bti said on 27 May 2010: "Overall not bad but could do a lot better if they followed the example of their Windows 7 adverts and listened to their end users."

Serif WebPlus X2 review

0 comments, most recent: The B said on 22 May 2010: "There are two questions I would ask before buying this: Is it better than Microsoft? And how much better? Yes - it is, in my opinion, better than Microsoft. And it's a lot better: it's so easy to create professional publications. Some things to be improved on, but all in all a very good program."

Canon PIXMA MP990 review

5 comments, most recent: JJHamster36 said on 21 May 2010: "The astronomical running costs have made my unit unsuitable for day to day use."

Elonex Webbook review

1 comments, most recent: tonypicard said on 17 May 2010: "good value and if used as it should be, for the internet and e-mail it sis great. upgrades for ubuntu are free and available every six months. it does everything i want it to do."

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