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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Lumia 535 vs Moto E comparison: the best cheap smartphone you can buy

3 comments, most recent: Fernando Díaz said on : "

Lumia 535 of course... is a cheap android killer1


Sony to cut smartphone and TV production next year: Will look to PS4 and imaging

2 comments, most recent: Matt Egan said on : "

Sent from my iPad


Group test: what's the best antivirus?

112 comments, most recent: jonny said on : "

Its a pile of crap.. get AVAST and anti malare bytes ... and see all the crap it missed


How to get an iPhone 5 or 5s to appear in my computer and iTunes

68 comments, most recent: qrgh said on : "

my pc lists it as an "unknown device" and won't update any drivers, the option to do so can't be clicked


Nest learning thermostat review UK: a good smart heating system especially when paired with the smoke and CO detector

1 comments, most recent: MyUnhappy said on : "

Has anyone successfully connected a Nest using the Fon internet access system?


Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 comparison review: Sony slaps Apple in a flagship smartphone face off - but both face challenges in a competitive market

56 comments, most recent: harry said on : "

First get the prices of both devices, you will see both fall in same range, also z3 compact is more like a cheap plastic version phone for users who cant afford z3.. and iphone 6 plus is more of a phablet than a phone.


What is PlayStation Now? Everything you need to know about Sony's cloud gaming service

13 comments, most recent: Bryen said on : "

They need to add all of the Call of duties to the list and then ill buy a subscription


How to stop Android apps automatically updating

23 comments, most recent: anonymus said on : "

thank you very much.....


Motorola Moto G 2014 review: the benchmark budget smartphone is now even better and has dual SIM slots

45 comments, most recent: Haduken2g said on : "

I think that will be stuck on Flipkart forever. Meh, might wanna buy yourself some slower yet nearly inexpensive space instaed. €13 on Amazon could get you a 32GB Class 10 Micro SD card (ONLY CLASS 10+, NEVER GO WITH ANYTHING LOWER FOR PHONES. JUST DON'T.)


Motorola Moto G 2014 review: the benchmark budget smartphone is now even better and has dual SIM slots

45 comments, most recent: Haduken2g said on : "

not DIRECTLY, first, you need to install them on your internal memory, that might be the problem. Once you've done that, you can move them to your SD card though! Anyway, SD card storage is notoriously slower. I reccomend getting a Class10+ Memory card and it won't be as fast as an App on internal memory. I would put EVERY media on there and set the camera to save on SD, so you have around 5-6 GBs for your most important Apps. Put on there the Apps you want to run quickly. SD Apps will lag a bit (on paper, let's see IRL though...) anyway, Facebook is a NO - NO. It's ALWAYS open, USE THE BROWSER. Their App is crap in general. For other social networks, such as twitter, if you are like addicted to them and slowdown will piss you off feel free to store them on internal memory... but keep in mind, they cache A LOT. Some Apps rise UNBELIEVABLY in size using them (cough, Vine and Instagram). If I were to choose, I would definitively those two Apps on a micro SD. Also remember to always run clean master since t
For games, all I can say is... meh. They'll run slower on a micro SD card but they're too heavy for internal, if you are a heavy gamer you might not want to go with this phone. Or this storage, at least.
Content ran from an SD card in general will be a little bit slower.


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Latest User Reviews

Syncables 360 Premium review

9 comments, most recent: GuyNorthrup said on 27 July 2010: "To me, syncing multiple computers in a network automatically is the core benefit of using Syncables360. Having valuable files & spreadsheets (emails too actually) always in sync on more than 1 computer provides an additional layer of security back up too. Even though I trust this more than using the limited storage space in the cloud, I view it is a secondary feature. Inexpensive, fun, & reliable."

Registry Mechanic 8.0 review

2 comments, most recent: clunk1001 said on 26 July 2010: "Great product, shame about their underhand subscription charges though. I wont be using them again."

Acer Aspire Z5610 review

6 comments, most recent: cnj said on 18 July 2010: "PC works well...just wish the TV fuction would work as well, after all that is why I bought a computer with a 23 inch screen."

Microsoft Security Essentials review

3 comments, most recent: exbrum said on 11 July 2010: "If I could get the auto update function to work then I would have been quite happy to stay with this, I read a couple of good reviews on two magazine sites, however decided to uninstall it and go for another free anti virus programme. The overall layout of the interface is very nice and well thought out."

Samsung Wave review

7 comments, most recent: papalou said on 3 July 2010: "Its a monster in a very slim and pretty shape."

Dell Latitude Z review

8 comments, most recent: mini notebook said on 21 June 2010: "I got this laptop 6th month ago. And till now i don't have ant broblem with it. I get stuck with the keypad only, but rest of all are excellent"

Microsoft Office 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: iain.c.young@bti said on 27 May 2010: "Overall not bad but could do a lot better if they followed the example of their Windows 7 adverts and listened to their end users."

Serif WebPlus X2 review

0 comments, most recent: The B said on 22 May 2010: "There are two questions I would ask before buying this: Is it better than Microsoft? And how much better? Yes - it is, in my opinion, better than Microsoft. And it's a lot better: it's so easy to create professional publications. Some things to be improved on, but all in all a very good program."

Canon PIXMA MP990 review

5 comments, most recent: JJHamster36 said on 21 May 2010: "The astronomical running costs have made my unit unsuitable for day to day use."

Elonex Webbook review

1 comments, most recent: tonypicard said on 17 May 2010: "good value and if used as it should be, for the internet and e-mail it sis great. upgrades for ubuntu are free and available every six months. it does everything i want it to do."

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