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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Windows 8 'Threshold' update will be Windows 9

389 comments, most recent: Đăng Khoa said on : "

don't know version wd 10 have made the drive to run 100% as some previous versions do not anymore ? :(


Apple iWatch release date and specs: when will Apple's iWatch launch

60 comments, most recent: ROCKY said on : "



Windows 8 'Threshold' update will be Windows 9

389 comments, most recent: MikeL said on : "

I have an HP Dv7 running 8.1, No touch screen, Classic Shell installed. I never use Metro. I like 8.1 tho which is just 7 with a different UI. All you morons going on about "touch screen is great" bla bla bla.. Have a think about how many businesses you know worldwide that run MS OS that rushed out to replace all their pc's with touch screens or spent $1000's on having their staff retrained to use 8/8.1 (Not many!!!) ...and thats where Microsoft stuffed up and wondered why their sales were crap compared to previous OS releases. Don't get me wrong metro is a good UI for touch screens & tablets but an uneconomical/unnecesary upgrade for 75% of the worlds PC's running windows.


LG G3 hands-on review: new LG smartphone could be the best smartphone of 2014

45 comments, most recent: Antonio Egipto Ada said on : "

My goodness.. are you pertaining to a local samsung s5 version? Try mine samsung s5 g9o6k prime 2.5ghz processor 3.0gig ram 640dpi and has a gold on the side like iphone 5s. Snapdragon 805 and has the highest score on antutu benchmarking. Include the removeable battery and the water and dust proof. Whats up on lg g3? Disposable after 1000 times of charge.. not all country has a support and supply for batteries from the lg company.


Windows 8 'Threshold' update will be Windows 9

389 comments, most recent: Rodger Wiese said on : "

If Microsoft does things right you would have an easy option to let you pick the interface you want to use in Win 10. E.G. Win 8.1 (or) Win 7 (or) another style. It should never be to only use one style but give the user the choice on which one they want....


Windows 8 'Threshold' update will be Windows 9

389 comments, most recent: Rodger Wiese said on : "

@Dave E - Your 100% right on with your post.
Those who like Win 8/8.1??? Not sure I have ever heard anyone boasting about it other then Microsoft Employees. Where do you start anything in Windows?? At "START" the way it was until Win 8. The Win 8 funky START page has all icons looking alike where you can't glance and find it quickly but have to read the words in it which are small to me. I definitely HATE Win 8 Start Menu and think they tried to make look like a MAC interface. BAD MOVE. I have a Mac and use it some and the one thing I wish it had was a simple START button and menu like Win 7 down to XP has. Even the Mac Start (default screen) is better then Win 8/8.1.

I do like the design or the Microsoft Surface Pro (have one) where it's normally a desktop (using big LED display) where I can pull 3 cables and it's a tablet or a laptop if I add a keyboard and maybe a mouse if I need more control then the touch screen allows... I think the hardware concept is great but Microsoft needs to let the user pick which kind of interface they want to use (and always keep the Win 7 interface until almost everyone stops using it) and make the Win 8.1 interface available to those that want it. Just one more item in the Control Panel allowing the user to switch between them. Maybe also allow a user the ability to create their own start menu style giving then 3, 4 or more options..


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comparison review: What to expect from the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2014

23 comments, most recent: Mike said on : "

That phone has alot of features. But on the realistic it is for braggin rights, nothing more. They have hit a wall with phones and don't know what else to put on to them. I've had the note,note2, and got the note3 and there still are features are don't use even for my business.


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS review: turning point for the popular Linux operating system

64 comments, most recent: Gabriel Leonardo said on : "

I have installed a Canon Pixma MX340 on Ubuntu 12.04. The drivers were in Canon Europe web site. I needed some command help but the internet took care of that


5 great ways to tidy up your PC or laptop: make any PC or laptop faster and more efficient

2 comments, most recent: Michael Richard said on : "

Duplicate file issue always gives you problem so i use DuplicateFilesDeleter to delete all my duplicate file, now i totally safe:)


Best SIM-only deals: cheapest tablet and smartphone SIM-only and Data SIM deals

4 comments, most recent: N said on : "

is there no tethering option GS5?


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Latest User Reviews

Syncables 360 Premium review

9 comments, most recent: GuyNorthrup said on 27 July 2010: "To me, syncing multiple computers in a network automatically is the core benefit of using Syncables360. Having valuable files & spreadsheets (emails too actually) always in sync on more than 1 computer provides an additional layer of security back up too. Even though I trust this more than using the limited storage space in the cloud, I view it is a secondary feature. Inexpensive, fun, & reliable."

Registry Mechanic 8.0 review

2 comments, most recent: clunk1001 said on 26 July 2010: "Great product, shame about their underhand subscription charges though. I wont be using them again."

Acer Aspire Z5610 review

6 comments, most recent: cnj said on 18 July 2010: "PC works well...just wish the TV fuction would work as well, after all that is why I bought a computer with a 23 inch screen."

Microsoft Security Essentials review

3 comments, most recent: exbrum said on 11 July 2010: "If I could get the auto update function to work then I would have been quite happy to stay with this, I read a couple of good reviews on two magazine sites, however decided to uninstall it and go for another free anti virus programme. The overall layout of the interface is very nice and well thought out."

Samsung Wave review

7 comments, most recent: papalou said on 3 July 2010: "Its a monster in a very slim and pretty shape."

Dell Latitude Z review

8 comments, most recent: mini notebook said on 21 June 2010: "I got this laptop 6th month ago. And till now i don't have ant broblem with it. I get stuck with the keypad only, but rest of all are excellent"

Microsoft Office 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: iain.c.young@bti said on 27 May 2010: "Overall not bad but could do a lot better if they followed the example of their Windows 7 adverts and listened to their end users."

Serif WebPlus X2 review

0 comments, most recent: The B said on 22 May 2010: "There are two questions I would ask before buying this: Is it better than Microsoft? And how much better? Yes - it is, in my opinion, better than Microsoft. And it's a lot better: it's so easy to create professional publications. Some things to be improved on, but all in all a very good program."

Canon PIXMA MP990 review

5 comments, most recent: JJHamster36 said on 21 May 2010: "The astronomical running costs have made my unit unsuitable for day to day use."

Elonex Webbook review

1 comments, most recent: tonypicard said on 17 May 2010: "good value and if used as it should be, for the internet and e-mail it sis great. upgrades for ubuntu are free and available every six months. it does everything i want it to do."

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