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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 comparison preview: How will the big guns stack up?

12 comments, most recent: W Donelson said on : "

Samsung makes truly wonderful hardware, equal to Apple. However, it must compete against the race-to-the-bottom Android market, and cannot continue losing money year after year this way.


Sony Xperia Z3+ release date, price and specs: The Xperia Z4 for the UK

2 comments, most recent: Erik Tyler said on : "

And once again, NO US RELEASE! Thanks Sony for always giving us the finger. Much appreciated.


Group test: what's the best NAS device?

13 comments, most recent: JBo said on : "

Amen to that!


Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205 review

3 comments, most recent: Guess said on : "

The Wi-Fi device's battery gets flat every now and then. Called customer service and nothing has been done .They are overcharging the monthly bill by a completely wrong calculation which shows you spent 1GB/HOUR just reading few articles .
Customers service approves what you say and complain but does nothing to remediate the problem .
They will send you huge bills.
Be aware if you get 5GB/MONTH this will run out in 5 HOURS according with their system of calculation.
Just stay aside and do not get one one of these devices as you will be liable to pay lots of money for nothing .


PC shuts down unexpectedly: how to fix faulty power supply

3 comments, most recent: Prince Manicakam said on : "

I purchased a Samsung Note Edge and everytime I bring it in front of my desktop and do something with the phone, my computer shuts off !!!!!!!! Any solution ?


Sony Xperia Z3+ release date, price and specs: The Xperia Z4 for the UK

2 comments, most recent: aseuss said on : "

Thanks for that update. Those are actually nice upgrades for a phone that goes by the '+' rather than 'Z4' moniker. Octa-core Qualcomm 810, 5-MP Selfie cam (old one was 2-Mp), thinner profile by 4 mm, capless USB port that is still waterproof. One of the best things is that you'll still get a 2-day battery life even with the slimmer profile (and smaller battery) and power-hungry octa-core processor.


Fitbit trackers vs Apple Watch: battle of the fitness smartwatches and activity trackers

13 comments, most recent: Kestrel1960 said on : "

Been using a Fitbit Flex for over a year. Love it's long battery life & sleep monitoring. The App is excellent. Got an Apple Watch as a present & these two cannot really be compared as they are aimed at different people. Having said that I still wear both as each have strengths & weaknesses...I am sure that tha apple watch apps will be continually updated to the point that the Fitbit will eventually become superfluous....


10 best new features in Windows 10: Cortana to holograms

3 comments, most recent: Shade Aristotle said on : "

Oh, you. :3


Android update battery problems: How to fix poor battery life following Android 5.0 Lollipop update

47 comments, most recent: Rick Bahr said on : "

Thanks Sid. This was very helpful. I think it was named Google Play Services rather than Exchange Services, but its usage plunged after I restricted background data. The "hot in my pocket" stopped as well. My Samsung Galaxy lasts many hours now, rather than 1-2 hours before this change.

By the way, turning off WiFi or BT was inconsequential.

I also discovered the "Memory Usage" app. Besides excessive power consumption, I had apps just die on me, and take a long time to restart. Lo and behold, I am always running with about 5% memory (dram) free. And the apps that die are "candidate" ones for termination. My personal suspicion is that Lollipop's memory footprint is just bigger. I have lots of apps filling the dram, and background data access just oversubscribes my active memory config. The battery drain is just a symptom of what happens when processes are killed, restarted from Flash (some are SD card, some Device). The background data access just sometimes triggers this power avalanche. Anyone know if I am right? (This would also explain configuration sensitivity.)

PS, I also wondered if ALL apps, like weather or whathaveyou, are awakened for background data access at the same time (or are they bundled and randomized)? You think doing it at the same time is generally better for power (fewer wakeups, shared startup energy) ... but that's also a problem for packed memory guys like me.


How to use WhatsApp on the web: Get WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, laptop AND PC

48 comments, most recent: Abuali Bakry said on : "

My sim card is not working . And I want to shift the working whatsapp of that sim card to anothrr mobile ..pplease any one advices me.


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Latest User Reviews

Microsoft Office 2010 review

3 comments, most recent: George Micawber said on 17 September 2010: "OK if you need a good spreadsheet, but you have to pay for a lot of useless clobber as well."

Yuuguu review

0 comments, most recent: cesabarre said on 11 September 2010: "I'd still says its perfect for my needs as an independent technician who offers remote malware removal. So its 5 of 5. Highly recommended for those who has similar needs. Infact even to end users who wants to help each other with some software issues."

Sony BDP-S370 review

5 comments, most recent: scrubber23 said on 2 September 2010: "overall have to say glad i bought it."

Microsoft Windows 7 review

1 comments, most recent: DamonWindowsUsa said on 30 August 2010: "Perfect. Upgrading still has the same features as your old laptop but this, if you buy a new laptop - it runs like a charm."

McAfee Internet Security 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: borosteve said on 30 August 2010: "Poor support and poor detection. Customer service isnt a service and redirect you to paying for a service to remove virus. There are better !!!"

HP Pavilion dv7 review

9 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 24 August 2010: "the large screen, so watching movies is great"

Canon Pixma MP980 review

2 comments, most recent: MaverickAus said on 23 August 2010: "Love the printer hate the appalling waste of ink"

Dell Inspiron M501R review

8 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 17 August 2010: "If Dell Inspiron M501R: Battery life can last 3 hours that would be great."

MSI X-Slim X420 review

7 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 10 August 2010: "Core 2 Duo processor and a discrete graphics card, just soso."

Chillblast Fusion Vortex review

6 comments, most recent: keiron said on 28 July 2010: "Did not really work out of the box. Faulty graphics card was replaced with an XFXForce 5670. It took some time for support to pinpoint the correct USB drivers. Still awaiting monitor resolution. Good buy if everything works - but is it worth the hassle?"

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