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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Sony Xperia Z4 UK release date, price and specs rumours

50 comments, most recent: robertkoa said on : "

Lol. We always ask before any decision
" What would Mark Egan do in this situation?"

And the new Rule :
Mark Egan's name can be irrationally inserted into any conversation , even if we don't know him.

Silly joke: Will have an actual funny joke soon.


How to download YouTube videos to your PC for watching later

35 comments, most recent: george said on : "

How to download Youtube videos with 3 clicks - EASY !!!

The easiest way to download youtube videos to your computer!!!
Download free your favorite youtube videoclip or whatever you want!!!



How to set up an iPad or iPod touch for kids

6 comments, most recent: FavMumguru said on : "

My kid has an IPad about 2 years ago. A few days ago, she forgot the password and we are getting it all wiped out and everything. Should we use these steps for the second time? She is under 13 and we don't need to supervise her because she is well aware about the cost and my husband and I told her only buy games FREE. What will I do? About resetting it? I am pretty sure the memory will be gone so will I have to reset it again? Advice would be great!


Train Crisis HD Lite for Android review

1 comments, most recent: Kiran Devadas said on : "

https://www.youtube.com/watch?... Enjoy the game


Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 comparison review: What's the difference?

17 comments, most recent: stephen taylor said on : "

No Chris, I've not tested either but if you jump across to phonearena they've tested the S6 battery / QHD combo and its not good, plenty of reviews out for the M9 being mediocre, phonearena shows it noticeably worse than the S6. Chris, these are so called "flagship" phones that the manufacturers want $1,000 plus Australian for and yet they cripple them with sub 3,000 mAh batteries. It's not good enough, it's form over function and what could be great is merely good and I have no idea what I would be getting for spending another $700 over and above the price of the white hot Asus zenfone 2 5.5 inch droid. Don't even get me started all the gigs of bloatware Samsung had loaded the S6 with including from Microsoft one of the biggest enemies of Android/open source....


How to install Windows 10 on your phone: Technical preview available for selected Lumia handsets

7 comments, most recent: south said on : "

Htc wont let preview build due to warranty issues and stability


How to shut down Windows 8 with your computer's power button

12 comments, most recent: Guest said on : "

What if your computer takes very long time to shut down or does not shut down at all...

Check to see if Clear paging file at shut down option is enabled in registry for security reason, it causes the system pagefile to be cleared upon clean shutdown. This takes considerable time of the Operating System to flush-out the pagefile, thus causing the slow shut down.

Disable the clearing Pagefile at shut down option to increase the shut down speed.

Open regedit.exe and go to the following directory:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Now, Find the registry entry named ClearPageFileAtShutdown in the right pane. If it is set to 1 it is enabled, and may delay the shut down process. Right-click it, select Modify, and change the value to 0.

You corrupt hard drive or bad sector may also slow the shut down process you could run check disk and fix the errors by typing command chkdsk /f /r on command prompt

Read the complete 10 steps to speed up the shut down process.


Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 comparison review: What's the difference?

17 comments, most recent: ChrisMartinPCA said on : "

Battery life is a big deal. You've tested the S6 and M9? I will test the S6 when I get it in. Z3 is very good on this front, you're right.


How to get US Netflix in the UK

68 comments, most recent: ChrisMartinPCA said on : "

Hi Thomas, I'm also getting this problem and will get back to you if I find a solution.


How to install Windows 10 on your phone: Technical preview available for selected Lumia handsets

7 comments, most recent: ChrisMartinPCA said on : "

It does just seems to be Lumias :/ Are you going to stick with Windows Phone going forward?


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Latest User Reviews

Microsoft Office 2010 review

3 comments, most recent: George Micawber said on 17 September 2010: "OK if you need a good spreadsheet, but you have to pay for a lot of useless clobber as well."

Yuuguu review

0 comments, most recent: cesabarre said on 11 September 2010: "I'd still says its perfect for my needs as an independent technician who offers remote malware removal. So its 5 of 5. Highly recommended for those who has similar needs. Infact even to end users who wants to help each other with some software issues."

Sony BDP-S370 review

5 comments, most recent: scrubber23 said on 2 September 2010: "overall have to say glad i bought it."

Microsoft Windows 7 review

1 comments, most recent: DamonWindowsUsa said on 30 August 2010: "Perfect. Upgrading still has the same features as your old laptop but this, if you buy a new laptop - it runs like a charm."

McAfee Internet Security 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: borosteve said on 30 August 2010: "Poor support and poor detection. Customer service isnt a service and redirect you to paying for a service to remove virus. There are better !!!"

HP Pavilion dv7 review

9 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 24 August 2010: "the large screen, so watching movies is great"

Canon Pixma MP980 review

2 comments, most recent: MaverickAus said on 23 August 2010: "Love the printer hate the appalling waste of ink"

Dell Inspiron M501R review

8 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 17 August 2010: "If Dell Inspiron M501R: Battery life can last 3 hours that would be great."

MSI X-Slim X420 review

7 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 10 August 2010: "Core 2 Duo processor and a discrete graphics card, just soso."

Chillblast Fusion Vortex review

6 comments, most recent: keiron said on 28 July 2010: "Did not really work out of the box. Faulty graphics card was replaced with an XFXForce 5670. It took some time for support to pinpoint the correct USB drivers. Still awaiting monitor resolution. Good buy if everything works - but is it worth the hassle?"

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