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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

How to get more customers to your online store this Christmas

1 comments, most recent: Bintex Shah said on : "

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.

- ICS Abn Telefoonnummer


vDos 2014.10.19

1 comments, most recent: Jos Schaars said on : "

Using DOSPrinter is just the most versatile method for printing to Windows devices. One can eventually choose from many alternatives.

vDos does use virtual drive letters, “live” means it’s in sync with Windows file system (contrary to DOSBox snapshot modus).


How to format a write-protected USB flash drive or memory card

195 comments, most recent: Sean said on : "

Kiwi you are the best, love you man. Just got my usb back.


10 best sites for online dating

1 comments, most recent: Kohinoor Devroy said on : "

There's another very interesting app... Watchme88.. I just downloaded it. Its a cool way to find out who's around you at the moment. Watchme88 is the first online dating app for Apple Watch. Iphone users can also use it. New here, ,, must say good traffic


How to get an Android phone or tablet in or out of safe mode: Use recovery mode for troubleshooting

3 comments, most recent: Andys said on : "

H-Data Recovery Master is a good data recovery
software to retrieve all deleted file on PC hard drive, SD card, USB drive,


Sony Xperia Z4 UK release date, price and specs rumours

57 comments, most recent: robertkoa said on : "

I think his friends family co workers must know him and the Retailer who sold him a Non Apple Phone....


LG G3 vs LG G4 comparison review: Leather or not you should upgrade

8 comments, most recent: nbeam said on : "

Interesting, I remember briefly looking at the G2 when I was considering phones and ultimately I liked the fit and finish on the g3 a bit better. I didn't realize the G2 was actually the more compact of the two. Are they both 5.5" panels?


How to improve Wi-Fi in the home: Wi-Fi extenders vs Powerline adapters

4 comments, most recent: daveq2 said on : "

There is one serious limitation with Power line adapters - they only work well on the same ring circuit. Many houses have more than one ring main, and then Power line can be very poor


How to fix YouTube videos that stop, pause or freeze after a few seconds – Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE

16 comments, most recent: calvin holtzclaw said on : "

easy solution highlight the url and drag it into vlc problem solved


Motorola Moto X (2nd generation) hands-on review: the new flagship Android smartphone you can personalise

5 comments, most recent: Mike said on : "

if nearly two days of talk time (you don't have one so you wouldn't be aware of that) but to it is lousy,...?

what matters is how much mileage so to speak we are able to get from our devices. e.g you can get a car today with a four banger that is faster than many sixers.

point being you need look at the numbers that matter most. i especially like the rapid charge aspect. 15 minutes of charge time to add several hours of talk time.

to each their own but i actually own one and think it is great.

*fyi to the author of this piece, your photo of the white moto x against the black, mislabeled. the black w/metal trim is the new model not the white.


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Latest User Reviews

Microsoft Office 2010 review

3 comments, most recent: George Micawber said on 17 September 2010: "OK if you need a good spreadsheet, but you have to pay for a lot of useless clobber as well."

Yuuguu review

0 comments, most recent: cesabarre said on 11 September 2010: "I'd still says its perfect for my needs as an independent technician who offers remote malware removal. So its 5 of 5. Highly recommended for those who has similar needs. Infact even to end users who wants to help each other with some software issues."

Sony BDP-S370 review

5 comments, most recent: scrubber23 said on 2 September 2010: "overall have to say glad i bought it."

Microsoft Windows 7 review

1 comments, most recent: DamonWindowsUsa said on 30 August 2010: "Perfect. Upgrading still has the same features as your old laptop but this, if you buy a new laptop - it runs like a charm."

McAfee Internet Security 2010 review

4 comments, most recent: borosteve said on 30 August 2010: "Poor support and poor detection. Customer service isnt a service and redirect you to paying for a service to remove virus. There are better !!!"

HP Pavilion dv7 review

9 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 24 August 2010: "the large screen, so watching movies is great"

Canon Pixma MP980 review

2 comments, most recent: MaverickAus said on 23 August 2010: "Love the printer hate the appalling waste of ink"

Dell Inspiron M501R review

8 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 17 August 2010: "If Dell Inspiron M501R: Battery life can last 3 hours that would be great."

MSI X-Slim X420 review

7 comments, most recent: exceldigital said on 10 August 2010: "Core 2 Duo processor and a discrete graphics card, just soso."

Chillblast Fusion Vortex review

6 comments, most recent: keiron said on 28 July 2010: "Did not really work out of the box. Faulty graphics card was replaced with an XFXForce 5670. It took some time for support to pinpoint the correct USB drivers. Still awaiting monitor resolution. Good buy if everything works - but is it worth the hassle?"

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