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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

How to get OnePlus One phone with or without an invite: buy OnePlus One phone without an invite

70 comments, most recent: Vignesh said on : "

please invite me [email protected]


How to stop Windows 8 installing updates automatically

54 comments, most recent: Shea Lalonde said on : "

Better then it taking 2 hours in the middle of my gaming, then proceeded to cut out my damn internet.


Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 comparison review: Sony slaps Apple in a flagship smartphone face off - but both face challenges in a competitive market

95 comments, most recent: Tom said on : "

I use my samsung to download music movies pictures anything i want then shoot it straight over to a $10 flash drive. Which pops into the wide screen telly or pc or anything other than an apple device, this is the freedom apple dosent provide. My brother inlaw who has an iphone freaked out when he saw me download a couple of music videos he actually wanted me to view on his iphone. I said 2 secs i downloaded the 3 videos copyied them to a usb flash drive and was watching them without interuptions on a massive 65 inch telly. He looked at me and said i didnt know phones can do that. I said most can but your iphone cant! I could give you any music track you wanted but you have an iphone, so i cant bluetooth i cant use a usb cable as it dosent support usb drive, actually it dosent have a file system and restricts you from giveing your music to people. You dont actually own your tracks with apple...Its got him thinking now


Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 comparison review: Sony slaps Apple in a flagship smartphone face off - but both face challenges in a competitive market

95 comments, most recent: Paul said on : "

Its good to see a refreshing review like this, and the better phone at the end of the day is the Sony Z3. I have always like sony products but never owned one of there phones, now that its geting cheaper unlike an iphone whoch stays the same price all year! i might get this beast! Its a Sony return of the tech Giant! been around a lot longer than most of the tech companys!


Group test: what's the best graphics card?

20 comments, most recent: Big Mess said on : "

The R9 270 or R9 280 or R9 280X are the best cards you can buy for the money. Seller and PC builder and Technician


BlackBerry Classic release date, UK price, specs, features: When is the BlackBerry Classic coming out?

1 comments, most recent: adnan said on : "

where can i buy a blackberry classic unlocked in london


Sharp 85in 8K glasses-free LED TV hands-on review: Thought 3D was dead?

5 comments, most recent: John Young said on : "

I think in view of the fact that those of us with two eyes view the world in 3 dimensions, all the time, every day of our lives, it is a little ridiculous to state that "3D is a pointless gimmick". I suggest if you think this you cover one eye with a patch...and keep it on for the rest of your life. 3D without glasses in my opinion will become the mainstream, and all viewing content will use it as a basic integral part of the creative process. Even now, with glasses, movies are greatly enhanced by 3D and I watch them in that mode in spite of the discomfort. I see a whole lot more. With a good kick in the behind for dinosaur movie producers and sports casters to help them produce content, 3D without glasses will become the medium for all visual creative endeavors.


iPhone 6 review: best ever iPhone is very good... but no longer the best phone you can buy

12 comments, most recent: SpacemanJupiter said on : "

I pay about 20 dollars for an Apple charging cable, about the same as I used to pay for an Android charging cable.


iPhone 6 review: best ever iPhone is very good... but no longer the best phone you can buy

12 comments, most recent: SpacemanJupiter said on : "

Normally I'd say there is nothing wrong with the videos playing on wifi, but many people such as myself use a tablet on the go without a dedicated service so we have to tether to our phone connection. The problem here is that the sites think you are on wifi and continue to auto play vids when you are actually eating up your cellular data plan...


Should you pay for internet security?

13 comments, most recent: A$$H0lE said on : "

What a sesitve D!ck.


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Latest User Reviews

Keyboard Pro review

3 comments, most recent: Chris the Ancient said on 14 December 2010: "If you want to learn to touch type with graphics and games, this is not the program for you. If, however, you want a well-designed course that coaches you in a well-structured manner, then KeyboardPro cannot be beaten."

Siber Systems RoboForm Pro 6 review

9 comments, most recent: gigatom said on 8 December 2010: "I've seen rather better and cheaper. I dont use it now."

Epson Stylus SX215 review

2 comments, most recent: zyxwv said on 17 November 2010: "This has put me off Epson for good."

BlackBerry Pearl 3G review

6 comments, most recent: raqsdance said on 10 November 2010: "Deffinetly a great phone. If you want blackberry that still looks like a phone, and this one comes in pink too, for all you girlies out there."

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx review

4 comments, most recent: dwalling said on 19 October 2010: "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is a winner! I have used this netbook since it first came available(with Ubunto 8.04 LTS) in 2008. It came with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS installed. I recommend Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to everyone."

Advent K200 children's laptop PC

0 comments, most recent: oldtimeyjunk said on 17 October 2010: "Great laptop for internet, music, video, gaming (sort of) but is heavy and can be a bit crap at times..."

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100 review

8 comments, most recent: PiXELmantis said on 12 October 2010: "Offers lots of manual control, especially for video recording"

Pianissimo review

1 comments, most recent: sirzune said on 11 October 2010: "Easy on the pocket and it does eat your cpu power either. I've tried several like these and Pianissimo is one powerful competitor."

Stag and Hen Company review

5 comments, most recent: JanetJames82 said on 11 October 2010: "I agree that using a stag and hen company is a wise thing to do as they will save you money. However some will save you more than others and you have to look around. I organised my sisters recently and after months of hard work found that www.funktionevents.co.uk was the best for saving money and simple website."

Amazon Kindle 3 review

7 comments, most recent: ilt14 said on 23 September 2010: "Nicely presented unit and I like it better than my Sony except that you have to pay for novels etc, whereas on the Sony they are free."

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