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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

The best free VPN services of 2014: access blocked sites and surf the web anonymously

46 comments, most recent: Pablito said on : "

Guys why don't you make your own vpn server. It's easy using DDwrt firmware to flash your home router and create a vpn sever . YouTube it, it's easy n free.. U can add lots of users. Go to services then enable pptp server add your home IP address " if u dont know it " go to safari explorer and type " what's my IP address" for example then add mschap user name and password like tim20 * 123234 * leave space between a word and this *
Then on your iPhone add vpn with the same info as your home router vpn server add this settings type would pptp, description timvpn, server, account tim20, password 123234 , enable send all traffic on.im currently using tp link TL-MR3020


Apple mum as Mac owners tussle with Yosemite over Wi-Fi problems

3 comments, most recent: Mike said on : "

I have three PCs in my extended family and all had WiFi connection issues after upgrading to Windows 8, which took multiple driver and OS updates to resolve completely. Whereas I also have three Apple Macs in my extended family and all have been upgraded to Yosemitie without any WiFi issues.

WiFi does seem to be a problematic area for interoperability issues and seems to take time to eradicate issues when they turn up. If a small percentage of Mac upgrades are having issues I am confident they will be resolved fairly quickly. As always, if your machine is critical, you should always wait for the first major update before taking the upgrade plunge!


Samsung Gear VR vs Oculus Rift comparison: Gear VR vs Oculus Rift (DK2) display, design, UK price, availability and more

13 comments, most recent: Jason Barker said on : "

i just recieved my DK2 i orderd it on the 29th of september so it took them 4 weaks to deliver mins soooo,....i call BS


Samsung Gear VR vs Oculus Rift comparison: Gear VR vs Oculus Rift (DK2) display, design, UK price, availability and more

13 comments, most recent: Jason Barker said on : "

yes it is just not officialy


Nexus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comparison: What's the best Android phablet?

27 comments, most recent: Steve Mills said on : "

The Note 4 beats the Nexus 6 in every category? Even though the Nexus 6 has the bigger screen with more accurate color reproduction and has the superior version of Android? And it has a much more attractive design (tacky feaux leather on the Note again, seriously Samsung?) I think not. The Nexus 6 is the clear winner. I am very glad I held off on preordering the Note 4 in the hopes that the Nexus 6 would be better, which it obviously is.


Wireless price war's good for consumers, but challenges carriers

2 comments, most recent: Matt Egan said on : "

Not sure about that. It's there instead of ' is'.


Group test: best tablet for children

23 comments, most recent: Ai yong Jiang said on : "

I think we should just forget about Kid tablets built for kids. Rather, quality cheap tablets built for adults are better. Uh, the design of kid tablets! Bleh, uh


Nokia Lumia 820 vs Nokia Lumia 830 comparison: What's the difference between the Lumia 820 and Lumia 830?

2 comments, most recent: ThomasDelange said on : "

At first glance, the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 830 look quite similar, with a squared, blocky design. On closer inspection, though, it quickly becomes clear that the Nokia Lumia 830 has a much sleeker and more sopisticated design, with thinner bezels, a new rounded camera housing on the rear and new colour options. It's available in orange, green, white or black, whereas the Lumia 820 is available in red, yellow, blue, purple, grey white or black.


Wireless price war's good for consumers, but challenges carriers

2 comments, most recent: Rumpelteazer said on : "

The superfluous apostrophe strikes again!


Tesco to launch 'enhanced' Hudl 2 in 2014

40 comments, most recent: Phil Burnell said on : "

Failing and failing some more. It's all over now.


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Latest User Reviews

Compro C200 Plus review

7 comments, most recent: Mr Techy said on 19 January 2011: "Although it was easy to set up, recording from decent quality VHS produced mediocre results. Any slight glitches in analogue tapes were much more pronounced rendering some clips unwatchable. Analogue tape owners should look elsewhere."

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) 2.66GHz Core i7 review

5 comments, most recent: fubar1977 said on 17 January 2011: "Overall experience has been fantastic, this machine just does all I ask it to and has given me no problems at all. Buying a Macbook Pro has been a "leap of faith" that has paid off in every respect, only complaints have been minor OS peculiarities that disappear with familiarity. Totally Recommended."

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 review

8 comments, most recent: 961 said on 16 January 2011: "I have to confess my Bank supplied this to me free of charge, which must say something. But in the two years I have been using it the performance has improved markedly and I have had no nasty intruders"

Epson Stylus SX215 review

2 comments, most recent: User019283029 said on 15 January 2011: "Not a bad printer, but the quirks of not being able to print in "black only" mode, and not being able to scan unless all inks are OK is annoying. Quality is pretty good otherwise though!"

Panda Internet Security 2011 review

9 comments, most recent: Exco said on 14 January 2011: "Well worth it for peace of mind"

Keyboard Pro review

4 comments, most recent: Helen Myron said on 13 January 2011: "Excellent course that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to learn fast keyboarding skills. If you're interested, here's the link to where I bought my Keyboard Pro subscription for only £12.95 (special offer through PC Advisor). www.keyboardpro.com/uk/pcadvisor"

PhotoBox review

1 comments, most recent: zeromarks said on 11 January 2011: "Spoiled a gift for a birthday celebration, and has made me incredibly angry. The customer service was atrocious in my opinion, I found the staff rude and unprofessional. My card still hasn’t arrived, and isn’t expected to arrive for “another 4 – 6 days”. This is in total 12 days for the printing of a simple card!"

FileMaker Bento review

0 comments, most recent: PrincessPauline said on 8 January 2011: "Don't waste your £25; Excel is still a better database!"

Avira Antivir Personal review

3 comments, most recent: Nevi said on 5 January 2011: "Very good product,especially considering its free.Used with a good set up,its great.But not alone,those days are over.:)"

HP ProBook 6550b review

6 comments, most recent: Rox404 said on 29 December 2010: "Good entry laptop"

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