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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Xperia Z3 vs iPhone 6 comparison review: Sony slaps Apple in a flagship smartphone face off - but both face challenges in a competitive market

93 comments, most recent: John Galloway said on : "

Matt I think people have a point,your rant about libel only serves to reinforce this opinion. I think the comparison should be unbiased.


10 Biggest and best timewasting YouTube videos of 2014: What Apple's iPhone 6 Plus has in common with a mutant giant spider dog, a devil baby and Superman

2 comments, most recent: Rocco said on : "

And now they're wasting even more of our time (",)


VTech InnoTab Max review - kids tablet with web browsing and messaging

1 comments, most recent: Aznbgy said on : "

I would just like to add a few pointers for this so called best educational tablet. I purchased this for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas, 5 days before the big day, I decided to open it to make sure it worked ok before wrapping it. This purchase is by far the worst purchase I have ever made for a Christmas gift. Not only does the tablet cost 120$, but nothing very educational comes with it... and if I did want my daughter to learn or have the least bit of fun on it for a week, I would have to invest on average 70$ a week on apps and E-books. My daughter loves e-books, I get them free on my phone and read her 2 every night, your E-books are 4.99$ (10$ in books a night) The E-Books off android are no different then yours, they explain the more difficult words and show her each word as they are read.
I also took time too shop for some of your game cartridges, but never purchased any because most are not even compatible with this tablet. If it is compatible, the cartridge is originally from the older version 3s and the graphics are horrible.
On one of your sites this exact phrase describes your product “In addition to being able to shop more than 700 Learning Downloads, with the InnoTab® MAX your child also has access to hand-picked educational Android™ apps. ” When you mean hand-picked for your child, it sounds like they can choose and play off selected android apps. But instead, they make a wish list to empty your wallet! So this is what most parents will reply to their child when they have their wish list created: “Sorry, but this educational app is to expensive, I cannot afford another one”. If for example, I had bought a normal android tablet for my daughter, I could add the parental control for free on it, chose free educational android apps for her and I would not care if she seen other apps, because they are more affordable than your applications.
I am do not agree that all apps should be free, but the ones that come with a price, I would not even by them for my dog, because they are just down right horrible.
Another interesting point, my daughter loves to play “subway surfers” while traveling in the car, another free android app.... well guess what, since I figured out that you have to pay for every single application, just to top that off, u can’t get this free app from android. When reading about this product online, not much is said because it is new, but normal today with the advancing technology, android apps are numerous and widely available on almost all smartphones and tablets... sadly not this tablet. This product is a blast one day and a shelf ornament the next... I care highly about my kids education but also the quality of the product I am purchasing. For this price I can easily get an expandable 32 GB memory tablet, with about 1gb or higher of ram and get all free apps for my daughter that I can choose is educational, with free books all week long. I will stop this here, sadly I do have more to add on, but I do imagine you get the hint... I will be making a review video of this product, to make sure other parents do not fall for this money scam of a so called great educator. Although I do give you an “A” for the effort in parent control although the screen tends to freeze on it every time I access it. This is, let me remind you one last time, the worst purchase of my life and I will probably never get another Vtech product again, because this just demonstrated how poorly you really care about the education part and how highly you cant wait to pocket that money from this no good for nothing apps. Yours truly, educator.


Telltale Games Game of Thrones episode two release date: When's the next Game of Thrones episode coming out?

5 comments, most recent: Erik Malkavian said on : "

Horribly linear game where none of your choices matter (beyond a cosmetic differnce) All of the major decisions are railroaded for you.

The ending of this episode will prove that. Try play it differently and you get the same freakin result@!


How to get an iPhone 5 or 5s to appear in my computer and iTunes

70 comments, most recent: Brittanie said on : "

the most helpful article ive found on this subject my iphone 6 is now recognizable on windows 8!


GTA 5 release date, features, maps and rumours

120 comments, most recent: ukygf said on : "

i want gta 5 on pc ;(


9 best portable USB chargers 2014: best portable smartphone and tablet chargers

6 comments, most recent: Imrul said on : "

What about ADATA PV110 10400mAh power bank?


40 upcoming consumer tech products you should be most excited about

12 comments, most recent: Rosko Lewis said on : "

That's great. Thank you!


40 upcoming consumer tech products you should be most excited about

12 comments, most recent: Matt Egan said on : "

Best guess (and it is a guess) is March next year:
In the mean time, I can personally recommend the LG G3. But there are some belters out there:


40 upcoming consumer tech products you should be most excited about

12 comments, most recent: Rosko Lewis said on : "

I'm sure it's my sub standard eyes/brain combo and closet Android fan boy leanings, as opposed to your site. Since I have the attention of someone who clearly knows his stuff; do you know if HTC have anything 'flagship' on the horizon? With a contract expiring that's, essentially, what I was searching for.


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Latest User Reviews

Compro C200 Plus review

7 comments, most recent: Mr Techy said on 19 January 2011: "Although it was easy to set up, recording from decent quality VHS produced mediocre results. Any slight glitches in analogue tapes were much more pronounced rendering some clips unwatchable. Analogue tape owners should look elsewhere."

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) 2.66GHz Core i7 review

5 comments, most recent: fubar1977 said on 17 January 2011: "Overall experience has been fantastic, this machine just does all I ask it to and has given me no problems at all. Buying a Macbook Pro has been a "leap of faith" that has paid off in every respect, only complaints have been minor OS peculiarities that disappear with familiarity. Totally Recommended."

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 review

8 comments, most recent: 961 said on 16 January 2011: "I have to confess my Bank supplied this to me free of charge, which must say something. But in the two years I have been using it the performance has improved markedly and I have had no nasty intruders"

Epson Stylus SX215 review

2 comments, most recent: User019283029 said on 15 January 2011: "Not a bad printer, but the quirks of not being able to print in "black only" mode, and not being able to scan unless all inks are OK is annoying. Quality is pretty good otherwise though!"

Panda Internet Security 2011 review

9 comments, most recent: Exco said on 14 January 2011: "Well worth it for peace of mind"

Keyboard Pro review

4 comments, most recent: Helen Myron said on 13 January 2011: "Excellent course that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to learn fast keyboarding skills. If you're interested, here's the link to where I bought my Keyboard Pro subscription for only £12.95 (special offer through PC Advisor). www.keyboardpro.com/uk/pcadvisor"

PhotoBox review

1 comments, most recent: zeromarks said on 11 January 2011: "Spoiled a gift for a birthday celebration, and has made me incredibly angry. The customer service was atrocious in my opinion, I found the staff rude and unprofessional. My card still hasn’t arrived, and isn’t expected to arrive for “another 4 – 6 days”. This is in total 12 days for the printing of a simple card!"

FileMaker Bento review

0 comments, most recent: PrincessPauline said on 8 January 2011: "Don't waste your £25; Excel is still a better database!"

Avira Antivir Personal review

3 comments, most recent: Nevi said on 5 January 2011: "Very good product,especially considering its free.Used with a good set up,its great.But not alone,those days are over.:)"

HP ProBook 6550b review

6 comments, most recent: Rox404 said on 29 December 2010: "Good entry laptop"

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