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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Why the Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive will always be better than the Apple VR

1 comments, most recent: Martin Turner said on : "

"Apple can’t compete with the partnerships between Oculus & Samsung and HTC & Valve, simply because it’ll have to develop everything from scratch – the technology, the software and most importantly, the VR content." Famous last words.


Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comparison review: Which is the best Samsung phone?

6 comments, most recent: Fatmata said on : "

Umm...the article did actually say that: "The Note 4 has a removable Li-Ion 3220 mAh battery that should get most people through the day on a single charge. The benefit of having a removable battery is that it can be swapped out for another one when it runs out of power, as many hardcore Android fans do."


Sony Xperia Z4 UK release date, price and specs rumours

46 comments, most recent: Marie Brewis said on : "

Hopefully Samsung will re-think those decisions with its Galaxy S7, but I don't want to wait a year to upgrade.

Clearly I have wrongly assumed that people coming to this article would have enough background knowledge of Sony to read the word biannual in the sense of twice a year and not once every two years. However, given that you've only just discovered Sony even makes smartphones, I can see semi-annual would have been a better term for some readers. I'll update the article to reflect that.


Microsoft phone scam: don't be a victim

112 comments, most recent: Connie Terpack said on : "

I've had an Indian guy call several times over the past few months. I knew it had to be a scam simply because Windows does not monitor computers. Today when the guy called me and I refused to give him my computer number, he became hostile and threatening. The police have now been notified.


How to change the email address associated with your Windows 8 account

8 comments, most recent: Aaron said on : "

it doesn't work for windows 8.1. I have just done what you said and it won't let me create a new account. says something about network problems but they are absolutely fine as you can tell due to me writing this post.


Sony Xperia Z4 UK release date, price and specs rumours

46 comments, most recent: Steven said on : "

Samsung has lost me with the S6 (expandable memory is a requirement, and battery either needs to be removable or last a really long time), and none of the other good phones that aren't phablets offer it either, so Sony's looking like my last hope. Not only that, but if it's more or less what the rumors suggest, the Z4 is going to be a spectacular phone. I just hope I don't have to wait another 6+ months (or have it turn out to not be released at all), or I may be forced to go with another brand.

I personally think they should stick with the semi-annual (NOT biannually like stated in the article) release cycle, as it keeps their phones more up to date and it makes it more likely somebody that's ready for a new phone will get theirs versus one from a different manufacturer. Their main problem is marketing. I was telling my friend the other day I'm very interested in the Z4 as my next phone, and he had no idea Sony even made phones. Until less than 6 months ago, I didn't either.


Microsoft dedicates cybercrime center

1 comments, most recent: kentuckybabe1929 said on : "

I'll take about 10lbss i' only 85 and still going (ehen I can)


Sony Xperia Z4 UK release date, price and specs rumours

46 comments, most recent: Steven said on : "

A case wouldn't help with what he's referring to. The xperia line has a small but significant enough to be worrisome tendency to crack all on its own. The theory is that it's due to thermal changes. Do some reading on it. That's the main reason I'm hesitant to get the Z4 (though I'm still seriously considering it), especially considering they did a very poor job of handling the issue.


Sony Xperia Z4 UK release date, price and specs rumours

46 comments, most recent: Steven said on : "

To be fair, Matt, you're the one that comes across as being hung up on geography when I read this back and forth. Instead of addressing Raphael's concern, you diverted the conversation to something innocent and irrelevant.


Pebble Time vs Apple Watch comparison: New smartwatches look alike but are actually very, very different

1 comments, most recent: Heidi Wood said on : "

So beautiful, how much is it? I got some decent apple watches here: http://www.tulsiny.com/apple-w... I don't know which I should get, can you tell me?


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Latest User Reviews

Air Control for Android review

9 comments, most recent: banana007 said on 17 January 2012: "Not bad to kill 15 mins or so"

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD review

1 comments, most recent: Qmaster said on 5 April 2011: "This is bargain basement software. Next time I will spend the extra money and deal with a company that really cares about their customers."

Stag and Hen Company review

2 comments, most recent: FunkiBear said on 25 March 2011: "I think this site would be helpful to anyone planning a Hen or Stag Weekend. Lots of choice, professional and well established, easy to use and takes away the stress of organising it yourself."

Netgear N150 Wireless Modem Router DGN1000 review

3 comments, most recent: anothermouse said on 10 March 2011: "We installed 53 of these systems as a trial around the UK. Of these about 2-3 failed daily, rejecting connections from either via the WAN or LAN. Upgraded to latest version (0.35ww) does not resolve problem. Issue is reset by manually power cycling the router. Unsuitable for the high reliability that we require. Avoid!"

Pamela Professional review

8 comments, most recent: ramadden said on 3 March 2011: "great product for keeping track of calls and what was said."

FreeNAS review

0 comments, most recent: WrkWatchr said on 12 February 2011: "Effective, efficient and very stable. Works great on every old system I tried it on. Excellent platform to use to stream video/media to all 10 other devices on my network with only a 1ghz MB and 1 MB memory. Only complaint is the software RAID instructions need work."

AVG Internet Security 2011 review

4 comments, most recent: JVevers said on 28 January 2011: "AVG has lost the plot when it comes to proberty. They should have stuck to security and left toolbars to others."

LibreOffice review

7 comments, most recent: Pine Man said on 27 January 2011: "Just an upgrade to open office and just as clunky!"

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 review

5 comments, most recent: Nevi said on 20 January 2011: "Great product."

Virgin Media review

6 comments, most recent: Simon7063 said on 20 January 2011: "Originally on the Telewest 512Kbps package. I have had most of the BB packages up to current 50Mbps. Down time can be frustrating, but to be fair its very rare for the service to drop much under the advertised speed at each service point that I have had and only need an engineer out once in 9 years. In general very happy and no plans to change."

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