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Latest User Comments & User Reviews

Latest User Comments

Where to buy LG G4: best LG G4 deals – LG G4 deals and offers – LG G4 pre-order UK price – LG G4 shipping dates

2 comments, most recent: ahmedf said on : "

hmm are you sure its £500 coz thats like a 1000 dollars here in australia


Apple Watch 2 release date rumours: 10 features we want to see in new Apple iWatch

2 comments, most recent: kip howard said on : "

"the apple watch is great but apple watch 2 will be even better"?
Very insightful, Ashleigh.


How to transfer your iTunes library to an Android smartphone or tablet

30 comments, most recent: Emily Bronte said on : "

Apple encodes music videos, movies and TV episodes in the iTunes Store using M4V files. In turn, the M4V files are usually protected by the FairPlay Digital Rights Management(DRM) copyright protection of Apple. Another reason is that iTunes MOV, M4V and M4A are not supported by your Android tablet or smartphone. So, watching iTunes movies on any a Android device has always been a problem.

To play an iTunes M4V movie on a Android tablet or smartphone, the DRM protection has to be removed. In turn, recording a video from iTunes to formats compatible with Android is possible. Out of the four ways laid out below, you will definitely find the most reliable method of transferring iTunes videos protected by DRM into Android device playable format that works for you: http://www.hivimoore.com/2015/...


Group test: what's the best antivirus?

219 comments, most recent: jamie mcdonald said on : "

As an ex black hat and av employee I can tell you Norton is bloatware and doesnt use a proper heuristic algorithm that is soa. Not to include Sophos also makes this article completely irrelevant. These all in one suites cause so many installation issues and conflicts , not to mention causing numerous issues with the tcpip shim making it very difficult to remove for the average user - notable when your https stops working - its all well and good setting one of these up in a blank lab installed pc but these labs dont use a machine that reflects a users machine making the tests somewhat robotic in nature and no reflection of actual daily use - a bit like a lot of the articles on this website makes me and others actually think that you ARE sponsored in one way or another. Apart from the fact I actually know that the company I work for do actually sponsor certain other magazines and having worked for Mcafee in the past we also falsified results and created viruses to help sell our product. Horses mouth dude!


Best iPad keyboards: keyboards and keyboard cases for the iPad, including Air and Air 2

1 comments, most recent: Todd Mackey said on : "

I've been very impressed with the Anker TC940 Ultra-Thin Keyboard Case. If you are looking for a lower cost keyboard case that is reliable with great battery life this is probably it. .amzn.to/1J6KlaE


New cases for iPad Air 2: Protect your iPad Air 2 with one of these great cases

3 comments, most recent: Wimmy said on : "

I think the £6.95 Jetech smart case is perfect for most people. .amzn.to/1eBs6NP


6 best cloud storage services - 2014's best online storage sites revealed

199 comments, most recent: Patrick Larkiewur said on : "

That is an SSD, which is a faster version of the regular HDD, which is slower, and stores bigger loads. If you know anything about computers, you would know this. Also, if you bothered to read the whole comment you would notice that that was his primary drive where he stores his programs, he has multiple other HDDs where he can store such files.


5 best Samsung Galaxy S6 cases: Protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 from damage

5 comments, most recent: Abel said on : "

I really didn't want to play $20 for a case, so I went with a not too well heard of company for my S6 case. It only cost me $8 and so far I have no complaints. I suggest you guys consider this case: http://www.accessorytree.com/b...


How to add Flash to Android Jelly Bean

71 comments, most recent: Beth Harris said on : "

Thank you so much for this helpful article. Even this old granny could follow the step by step with successful result first time. 😊


How to get US Netflix in the UK

73 comments, most recent: drbouncyballs said on : "



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Latest User Reviews

Air Control for Android review

9 comments, most recent: banana007 said on 17 January 2012: "Not bad to kill 15 mins or so"

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD review

1 comments, most recent: Qmaster said on 5 April 2011: "This is bargain basement software. Next time I will spend the extra money and deal with a company that really cares about their customers."

Stag and Hen Company review

2 comments, most recent: FunkiBear said on 25 March 2011: "I think this site would be helpful to anyone planning a Hen or Stag Weekend. Lots of choice, professional and well established, easy to use and takes away the stress of organising it yourself."

Netgear N150 Wireless Modem Router DGN1000 review

3 comments, most recent: anothermouse said on 10 March 2011: "We installed 53 of these systems as a trial around the UK. Of these about 2-3 failed daily, rejecting connections from either via the WAN or LAN. Upgraded to latest version (0.35ww) does not resolve problem. Issue is reset by manually power cycling the router. Unsuitable for the high reliability that we require. Avoid!"

Pamela Professional review

8 comments, most recent: ramadden said on 3 March 2011: "great product for keeping track of calls and what was said."

FreeNAS review

0 comments, most recent: WrkWatchr said on 12 February 2011: "Effective, efficient and very stable. Works great on every old system I tried it on. Excellent platform to use to stream video/media to all 10 other devices on my network with only a 1ghz MB and 1 MB memory. Only complaint is the software RAID instructions need work."

AVG Internet Security 2011 review

4 comments, most recent: JVevers said on 28 January 2011: "AVG has lost the plot when it comes to proberty. They should have stuck to security and left toolbars to others."

LibreOffice review

7 comments, most recent: Pine Man said on 27 January 2011: "Just an upgrade to open office and just as clunky!"

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 review

5 comments, most recent: Nevi said on 20 January 2011: "Great product."

Virgin Media review

6 comments, most recent: Simon7063 said on 20 January 2011: "Originally on the Telewest 512Kbps package. I have had most of the BB packages up to current 50Mbps. Down time can be frustrating, but to be fair its very rare for the service to drop much under the advertised speed at each service point that I have had and only need an engineer out once in 9 years. In general very happy and no plans to change."

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