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Latest Poll: Recent reports that excessive notebook usage can lower sperm count:

  • 10%
    Don't bother me a bit - I'm a lady

  • 1%
    Will stop me using notebooks altogether

  • 27%
    Don't bother me because I don't believe any of that medical mumbo jumbo

  • 14%
    Will stop me resting my notebook on my lap

  • 48%
    Don't bother me - I never use a notebook

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: The arrival of Microsoft Media Center 2005:

  • 8%
    Will bring the first big Xmas for the entertainment PC

  • 7%
    Doesn't stand a chance against the set top box manufacturers

  • 11%
    Means nothing, proprietary entertainment PCs will win out

  • 26%
    What's Microsoft Media Center?

  • 48%
    I'm not interested in entertainment PCs

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: When it comes to my next PC I intend to:

  • 32%
    Build it myself from scratch

  • 22%
    Upgrade my existing PC

  • 20%
    Buy a brand new PC

  • 18%
    Hold fire - I'm happy with my existing setup

  • 8%
    Buy a brand new notebook

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: Would you vote electronically?

  • 13%
    Yes, as long as I don't need to leave the couch

  • 45%
    Yes, it's the only way of combatting electoral apathy

  • 30%
    No, some hacker is bound to throw the results

  • 12%
    No, I've got a thing about polling booths

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: As for Windows XP SP2

  • 43%
    I've installed it, and I had no problems at all.

  • 13%
    I've installed it, had a few minor glitches, but all is now OK

  • 6%
    I've installed it and had major problems - I'm hoping to solve them.

  • 9%
    I tried, but it caused so much trouble I had to uninstall it.

  • 24%
    I'm leaving it for a while, until I feel more confident.

  • 6%
    I'm not going to touch it with a barge-pole.......ever.

This poll is now closed

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