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Latest Poll: I'm interested in moving over to VoIP at home:

  • 57%
    What's VoIP?

  • 12%
    Yes, can't wait to slash my phone bills

  • 13%
    No, the quality isn't good enough

  • 18%
    Yes, but I find all the different services very confusing

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: The arrival of legal, subscription-based music download services is a good thing:

  • 22%
    I agree - at last I can get a broad range of music without breaking the law

  • 24%
    Disagree - if I pay a monthly subscription I expect to be able to copy my downloads onto any device I choose without paying extra

  • 27%
    Disagree - the tracks are overpriced and lower quality compared to CD

  • 27%
    Don't care – I can get a much better range of music for free from P2P file-swapping services like Kazaa

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: When choosing an email account which of the following are the most important:

  • 13%

  • 31%
    Spam protection

  • 44%
    Virus protection

  • 12%
    Domain name

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: I have internet access at work, but there are rules about misuse.

  • 23%
    I regularly break the rules.

  • 30%
    I sometimes break the rules.

  • 47%
    I wouldn't dream of breaking the rules.

This poll is now closed

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