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Latest Poll: I'm going to upgrade to Windows Vista…

  • 7%
    …as soon as it is released. I can’t wait.

  • 15%
    …once the initial fuss has died down. I want to see how people find using it.

  • 32%
    …when next I upgrade my PC. There’s no rush.

  • 47%
    …only if I have to. My current OS is just fine and I don’t want the hassle.

  • This poll has been sponsored by Matt Egan

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: If I could buy a computer that was kinder to the environment

  • 31%
    I would willingly pay up to £64 more for it

  • 25%
    I would willingly pay more, but only a little more

  • 35%
    I would like such a machine, but I wouldn't pay more for it

  • 9%
    It wouldn't make any difference – it's not my job to protect the environment

  • This poll has been sponsored by FE

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: Governments should bar access to websites that have illegal content

  • 29%
    I agree. Illegal means illegal, and nobody should access those sites

  • 26%
    I might agree, if there was a public watchdog that monitored such actions

  • 37%
    I disagree. The internet shouldn't be regulated in any way

  • 7%
    I'm not sure

  • This poll has been sponsored by Forum Editor

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: If I discovered that my employer was using illegal software

  • 15%
    I would report the fact to the Business Software Alliance

  • 21%
    I would keep the information to myself

  • 16%
    I might report the matter if my employer upset me

  • 48%
    I would encourage my employer to buy legal software, and leave it at that

  • This poll has been sponsored by Forum Editor

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: Be honest now, your home computer is important to you, isn't it?

  • 60%
    Yes, so important that I wouldn't want to be without it now

  • 24%
    Yes, and it would be hard to manage without it, but I could

  • 11%
    Yes, but I would cope if I didn't have it – life would be fine

  • 1%
    Computers can be fun, but I'm not that fussed – I wouldn't miss mine

  • 4%
    I can take it or leave it – there's more to life than computing

This poll is now closed

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