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Latest Poll: Are you an email addict? How frequently do you check your inbox at work?

  • 13%
    Every 5 minutes

  • 13%
    Every 15 minutes

  • 10%
    Every 30 minutes

  • 1%
    Every 45 minutes

  • 12%
    Every hour

  • 51%
    Less than once an hour

  • This poll has been sponsored by HP

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: What do you look for most in a mobile phone?

  • 21%

  • 7%

  • 8%
    Office features (email, word processing etc)

  • 7%
    Internet capabilities

  • 50%

  • 7%
    Music & video playback

  • This poll has been sponsored by HP

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: RealPlayer is looking to win over online video fans. Which is your media player of choice?

  • 43%
    Windows Media Player

  • 9%
    Apple iTunes

  • 6%

  • 6%

  • 16%

  • 9%
    depends on the site I'm visiting

  • 11%
    I don't bother with online music or video

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: Ofcom is cracking down on the misselling of telephone and broadband bundles. Have you been affected?

  • 22%
    Yes, I received a sales call trying to get me to change provider. I refused

  • 2%
    Yes. I accepted the offer and am happy with my bundled phone and broadband

  • 3%
    Yes. I told the salesperson I wasn't interested but they changed my phone provider behind my back

  • 73%
    No, I haven't had any phone calls about it

This poll is now closed

Previous Poll: Be honest now, how much time each day do you spend online?

  • 6%
    Less than an hour

  • 42%
    Between one and three hours

  • 36%
    Three to six hours

  • 15%
    I no longer recognise the 'outside world'

  • This poll has been sponsored by Matt Egan

This poll is now closed

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