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Q: Which three of the following functions do you use most often on your smartphone?

  • 53%
    Web browser

  • 28%
    Social networking apps

  • 21%
    Gaming apps

  • 31%
    Music player

  • 62%

  • 34%
    Email client

  • 52%
    SMS/text messaging

  • 14%
    TV/movie player

  • 43%

  • 18%
    News apps

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(Based on 261 Votes)

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PC Advisor

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Which three of the following functions do you use most often on your smartphone?

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: Which three of the following functions do you use most often on your smartphone?

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It's funny but my main use is as a phone, followed by web use then camera.

Texting is some thing I hate doing but it could just be an age thing, takes me about 5 minutes to send a text but my daughter and son can send a short novel in same time.

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Phone, text & music (audio book reader).

Like morddwyd, the most used PDA function, and also mapping (satnav & memory map ordnance maps), but they aren't listed.

Strangely, the phone and text functions are used on a Nokia 700 that's nicely small and pocket sized, but too small for serious web browsing stuff. the rest of the functions are used on a 4.5" screen HTC that's far too big to live in a trouser pocket!

If the purpose of the poll is to design future phones, don't forget that some of us want smaller not bigger 12" screens...

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The main one I use isn't there.

Mine is mainly used as a PDA, with a phone function which I use maybe two or three times a month.

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passing through

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My top three are;

  1. clock/alarm clock ( don't wear a watch )

  2. phone

  3. text.

In truth they are the only 3 functions I use.

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Today, the check-out girl at my local LIDL, pulled out her 'smart-phone' when I queried the price of 6 wholemeal rolls [which had a 30% off sticker on the outer wrapping]. I thought she was going to phone the shop manager ... but it turned out she was just looking up a number code to cancel the transaction and refund me with 12p ... impressive stuff!

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Forum Editor

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What interests me is that - so far - it seems that these expensive phones are used more for texting than for making calls.

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The question is which 3 you use most often but you can tick as many as you like.

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Phil Ocifer

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I'll try estimate which are the most used three. Probably social networking, gaming and web browser with a split between camera, txt, email, & phone coming in a close fourth.

Reading news would probably be split between web browser and specific apps like Independent, google mags and g+

(Nexus 4 on Jelly Bean)

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