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More Windows Opinion

  • Opinion: Portable computing: Welcome to the future

    Tablets, ultrabooks, Windows 8... the portable connected computer of the future is here. And it's brilliant for watching the telly.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 is no fun without a touchscreen

    Most people don't have a touchscreen, so is it worth upgrading when Windows 8 launches?

  • Opinion: Will I Be Able to Activate XP after 2014?

    Snorg wants to keep using XP, and asked the Answer Line forum if Microsoft will activate new installations after the company stops supporting the operating system in 2014.

  • Opinion: MultiMon Taskbar Pro: A Second Taskbar for Dual-Monitor Setups

    MultiMon Taskbar Pro lets you place a simple horizontal taskbar on your secondary monitor. It comes with five color schemes, ranging from "Classic Gray Style" all the way to Windows 7. No matter what color scheme you choose, the application always feels like the Windows XP taskbar: Each application gets a wide button with a tiny icon and a long text label.

  • Opinion: Display Your Love for Nature With Free Nature Conservancy Theme

    The Nature Conservancy does good work protecting the environment and defending wild lands worldwide. It also sponsors an annual photography contest that we featured last year in a popular Windows 7 theme. Our Nature Conservancy 2011 Windows 7 theme features photographers who were finalists or given honorable mentions in the 2011 photo contest and were kind enough to grant us permission to use their work.

  • Opinion: OnLive Desktop Brings Office and Windows 7 to Android

    After launching OnLive Desktop for iPad users last week, cloud gaming service OnLive released on Thursday its free Windows desktop virtualization app for Android tablets. Now Android users can run Microsoft Office apps and even stream videos and games to the tablet.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: ARMed & ready for Apple & Google

    Windows 8 may be something of a point upgrade for existing Windows PC users, but it could herald the birth of PCs in all shapes and sizes.

  • Opinion: Add More Music Locations to Windows Media Player

    Reader Jim has a laptop running Windows 7, and wants Windows Media Player to scan the music stored on an external hard drive and add it to his library.

  • Opinion: Troubleshooting Tips, Free Windows Optimization Tool

    I frequently get email from frustrated readers needing tech help. Occasionally their dilemmas are interesting enough to cover here in Hassle-Free Tech (see "Reader Q&A: Gmail Without Web Access, Too Much Security" for my last roundup). This week I try to help Greg, who is in turn trying to help his in-laws with a big problem. Also this week: I review Iobit's Advanced SystemCare 5 Free, which promises to clean out your Windows system and get it running faster.

  • Opinion: Why 2012 will be the year of Windows 8

    In 2011 Apple and its iPad continued to dominate, but Android Honeycomb was the big mover. In 2012 Windows 8 is coming, and there's going to be a three-way battle for your money.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Wants to Turn Your Android or iPhone Into a Windows Phone

    Microsoft is pretty excited about Windows Phone 7.5 =, and that's probably why they're now showing it off with an HTML5-based demo that's meant to be enjoyed on iPhones and Android phones.

  • Opinion: Gigabyte Introduces Tablet-Laptop-Desktop Hybrid PC

    Gigabyte Technology Monday announced its Booktop T1132, which the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer is calling the world's first and only 3-in-1 laptop.

  • Opinion: Windows tablets: doomed to fail?

    Microsoft has been pushing tablets since the early 1990s, with little or no success. So will Windows tablets ever succeed?

  • Opinion: Microsoft to Windows XP: Please Die, Already

    Microsoft is eager for Windows XP, its 10-year-old operating system, to fade into computing history. The sooner the better, in fact. But for that to happen, the Redmond company needs millions of XP users to drop creaky, old XP and migrate (hopefully) to Windows 7, or even to Windows 8, which won't arrive until next year.

  • Opinion: The Fast Way to Launch Programs in Windows 7

    People who migrate to Windows 7 from Windows XP often overlook one of the former's best features: the keyboard-friendly Start menu. Specifically, you can run any installed program with just a few keystrokes, no third-party launcher required. (Sorry, Launchy--you were one of my favorites, but you're no longer needed.)

  • Opinion: Long live the PC

    When you feel the need for a new PC, and have less than £500 to spare, there are now some challenging choices to make.

  • Opinion: Microsoft reaches maturity with Windows 8

    Windows 8 is here, at least in its Developer Preview guise. It’s slick, smooth and primed for use on the tablets many of us would like to be able to use for ‘proper’ computing tasks

  • Opinion: How to Tweak Windows' AutoPlay Settings

    Ever wonder why DVD movies automatically start playing the moment you pop them into your PC? Or why nothing at all happens when you insert a blank CD? Or connecting your iPhone causes an options window to appear? It's all controlled by Windows' AutoPlay feature, which is designed to kick into action--or not--when you connect a device or insert some kind of media.

  • Opinion: How to Restore Missing System-Tray Icons

    Reader Dennis has a laptop running Windows 7. He noticed recently that the System Tray icons for power and volume have gone missing, and he's wondering how to get them back.

  • Opinion: Samsung Series 7 Tablet Packs a Laptop Punch

    Windows 7 tablets may be unpopular, but Samsung's Series 7 Tablet has a lot to offer those who want a powerful tablet with laptop features. The Series 7 Tablet packs the same hardware specs as the Samsung Series 7 laptops -- in a thin 2-pound 11.6-inch slate form that pairs with an external keyboard.

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