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More Windows Opinion

  • Opinion: How to bypass Windows 8's password

    Window 8's demand for a password every time it boots it a good security measure, but if your laptop never leaves your desk you may be less worried about unauthorised access

  • Opinion: How to use Windows Experience Index

    The Windows Experience index is a little app that you can run to see just how well your PC stacks up when it comes to running Windows

  • Opinion: Using speech recognition in Windows

    Control your laptop using your voice, with Windows' intuitive speech-recognition software

  • Opinion: Surface RT: ARM'd, but not dangerous

    Windows Phone's where's-my-app theme is echoed by the Surface RT, making it unlikely that Microsoft has the power to steal market share from tablet heavyweights Google and Apple just yet.

  • Opinion: Using the Task Manager

    One system tool that can be very useful when your computer grinds to a halt or, if you’re interested in what’s going on under the hood, simply to see which applications are using the most power is the Task Manager

  • Opinion: How to use Windows Action Center

    Action Center is a central place to view alerts and take actions that can help keep Windows running smoothly.

  • Opinion: Create a backup image of your hard drive

    You can easily insure yourself against any loss however by using free tools that are built into Windows

  • Opinion: Why the Surface RT has to work as a proper 'PC'

    Is the idea of a single device to do everything desirable, or even possible? The Surface RT says 'yes'... the Kindle Fire HD 'no'.

  • Opinion: Managing AutoPlay options in Windows

    Use Windows' built-in tools to manage exactly what happens when you plug something into your laptop

  • Opinion: Create a system restore disc for Windows

    Thankfully Windows has more than one way to protect you from losing data and ensuring you are protected

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Charm Bar explained

    The new Charm Bar in Windows displays apps and other services in one place and makes it easier to get to the things you use most often

  • Opinion: How to hibernate a Windows 8 laptop

    If you're new to Windows 8, one thing you might have noticed is that the Power menu has no Hibernate option. However, it's easy to restore the option

  • Opinion: How to turn off automatic updates in Windows

    Windows Update can be a pain if it’s scheduled to work automatically. Here's how to turn off automatic updates

  • Opinion: Inside Windows Live Essentials

    Windows Live Essentials applications are a suite of tools from Microsoft designed to make Windows even more useful. Best of all every single one of them is totally free.

  • Opinion: Parental controls in Windows 8

    Windows 8 has plenty of major changes from its predecessor and some minor upgrades. One area that’s been changed lightly but brought with it some enhanced features is the Parental Control settings.

  • Opinion: Add colour to your laptop

    Want to make your laptop stand out from the crowd? With removable lids you can change your laptop design to suit your mood

  • Opinion: Ding, dong, Wintel witch is dead!

    Could it be that the Wintel duopoly of Microsoft’s Windows plus Intel’s processors, a partnership that had the personal-computer industry in a stranglehold through most of the past two decades, is dead?

  • Opinion: Windows 8: success or failure depends on PC makers

    Windows 8 is here, but will it be a success like XP or a Vista-style flop? Rather than entirely stick my head on the block let me say that I think Windows 8 will be at least a partial success - but it all depends on the hardware.

  • Opinion: Share files at home using HomeGroup

    If you have more than one PC in your house it’s likely that at some point you’ve wanted to share a document between them. Of course, you can email the files or copy them to a USB flash drive to move folders and documents between machines, but Windows has a much simpler built-in method of sharing between computers on the same network.

  • Opinion: How long will Microsoft support Windows 7?

    Robert Pepe asked when Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. "Some say the end date is 2015, others say…2020. So what's the right answer?"

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