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More Tech Industry Opinion

  • Opinion: Apple, branded in the Middle Kingdom

    In 1997, I interviewed a senior Apple executive who was in Hong Kong to discuss Cupertino's strategy. At the time, Apple's market-share for their Macintosh brand of computers hovered at about three percent, and Microsoft had just taken a US$150 million stake in Apple. Windows and Internet Explorer owned personal-computing mindshare.

  • Opinion: Betaworks Digs Under Sofa Cushions, Finds Change, Buys Digg

    The social news pioneering site--once rumored to be worth $200 million to Google--Thursday was practically given away.

  • Opinion: Three blocks SIM-only Pay Monthly account from use with iPad

    When my Three Pay Monthly SIM stopped working with my iPad, I decided to investigate. It transpires that although the Terms & Conditions hadn't changed, the way I could use my SIM had.

  • Opinion: Verizon Playing Dangerous Game in Net Neutrality Battle

    It's been awhile since net neutrality has been in the headlines, but that doesn't mean the war is over--far from it. In it's renewed challenge to the net neutrality rules imposed by the FCC, Verizon is citing its First Amendment right to free speech. The argument itself seems dubious, but if Verizon wins it could lead to unintended consequences it might like even less.

  • Opinion: Can Google Outshine Apple And Microsoft at Google I/O 2012?

    Google will have its chance to show up Apple and Microsoft in the coming days when the search giant is expected to debut the next version of the Android mobile operating system and new Nexus-branded devices. Google's big show will happen during Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference, which includes keynote sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. The Google conference follows a flurry of announcements from Apple and Microsoft during the month of June.

  • Opinion: Another Crook Caught Because of Posting on Facebook

    Yet another criminal has managed to get himself caught after posting on Facebook.

  • Opinion: Forget Jimmy Carr: check out Google, Amazon and Apple's tax records

    Despite the fuss surrounding the way high-profile individuals legitimately avoid tax, the exchequer misses out on much larger sums when tech companies utilise tax avoidance schemes.

  • Opinion: Sprint Settles Lawsuit over Improper Messaging Charges

    If you are or have been a Sprint customer with a messaging plan, listen up. The carrier has agreed to pay up to $19 million in order to settle charges that it improperly charged customers.

  • Opinion: Facebook Buys Face.com; Prepare for Easier Photo Tagging

    Facebook has acquired Face.com, a facial recognition start-up, in a likely attempt to make photo-tagging easier on the social network.

  • Opinion: Post-PC world? We're just getting started

    We're soon to see the most exciting event in personal computing history since Sinclair launched the ZX Spectrum 30 years ago. But why is Windows 8 so important?

  • Opinion: 10 Terrible Tech Laws That Have You in Their Bull's-Eye

    Child pornography, cyberbullying, online piracy--these are real-world problems that need solutions. But does legislating them away work?

  • Opinion: Google Buys Quickoffice in Preemptive Microsoft Strike

    In a move that could be designed to outflank Microsoft in the office productivity app market, Google announced Tuesday it had acquired Quickoffice, a mobile app that allows users to work on Microsoft Office documents on iOS and Android systems.

  • Opinion: 5 Questions On Social Business

    Making the leap into social business isn't easy for any organization. So we like to ask our colleagues in the field for their insights from time to time. This week, we pose five tough questions to Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim, co-authors of Social Business By Design.

  • Opinion: Only the lawyers are happy

    According to Macworld UK, Shenzhen-based Proview has rejected a RMB100 million (US$16m) iPad trademark offer from Apple. The Chinese firm owns the rights to the name, having won a legal decision in a PRC court.

  • Opinion: Publisher Settles in E-book Price Fixing Case

    Another publisher has settled with the states in a case involving e-book price fixing.

  • Opinion: Four Challenges Facebook will Face After the IPO

    When Facebook goes public, it will enter a new world full of shareholder meetings, earnings reports, and the constant pressure to turn an increasingly bigger profit. But the Facebook IPO isn't just about making money; it's also about expanding the network, in pursuit of Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a more connected world. With that in mind, here are four challenges Facebook will face after its public offering is complete:

  • Opinion: Apple E-Book Lawsuit: Steve Jobs Swayed Publisher, Complaint Alleges

    Apple cofounder Steve Jobs got directly involved in an alleged conspiracy to fix e-book prices after a publisher balked at participating in the scheme, according to a court document filed by 31 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

  • Opinion: Your next IT generation

    In the MTR carriage or walking down the street, eyes glued to the screen...punching buttons or controlling cartoon birds, they seem oblivious to their "meatspace" situations. Does a pregnant woman need the MTR seat a screen-puncher's occupying? He or she wouldn't know--their collective brain's in Birdland.

  • Opinion: Verizon Defends Customer Privacy in Publisher's Suit

    Verizon is fighting a move by a book publisher to obtain personal information on ten of its customers accused of illegally sharing electronic copies of books in the popular "Dummy" self-help series.

  • Opinion: Four Ways to Celebrate 'Day Against DRM' Today

    Almost a full year has passed since I last wrote about Digital Rights Management (DRM), but the restrictive technology continues to plague users around the globe. To help bring attention to the ongoing negative consequences of DRM, the Free Software Foundation has declared Friday this year's International Day Against DRM.

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