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  • Opinion: 10 ways Apple could spend Samsungs $1 billion

    Don't bank it, Apple. Spend it! What Apple should do with Samsung's billion bucks.

  • Opinion: Apple's $1 Billion Win Over Samsung: Q&A

    In what has been dubbed “the patent trial of the century,” Apple has emerged victorious beyond measure. On Friday a Silicon Valley jury ruled that a series of ubiquitous smartphone and tablet features—such as the rounded rectangular form and how screens slide and bounce when touched—are proprietary Apple innovations.

  • Opinion: Sorry Apple, but I was rooting for Samsung

    Shock horror. Apple fanboy admits he wanted Samsung to win in court.

  • Opinion: Microsoft's New Logo Draws More Slaps than Claps

    Microsoft's move to shed its Darth Vader logo of 25 years for a more friendly company brand appears to be attracting more stings than congrats.

  • Opinion: Analyst: Cross-Licensing Will Be the Conclusion to Apple v. Samsung Trial

    The verdict in the patent infringement trial between Samsung and Apple is now in the hands of the jury in the case, but whatever that verdict turns out to be, the ultimate resolution of the conflicts between the companies will be a cross-licensing agreement with a negligible exchange of cash.

  • Opinion: For DRM-Free Content, Look for the New FSF Logo

    There are plenty of reasons to object to the restrictive digital rights management (DRM) technologies so often applied to music, e-books, and other digital content, and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has made no bones about its strong opposition to the practice over the years.

  • Opinion: Google Buys Frommer's Travel Guides To Bulk Up Reviews

    Google stepped further into the travel business on Monday, announcing it had acquired Frommer's, producer of popular travel guidebooks and reviews. While no immediate decision has been made on Frommer's print guidebooks, Google says the company's data will be integrated with Zagat restaurant review section.

  • Opinion: Samsung vs. Apple: Top 5 Revelations So Far

    Apple's legal battle with Samsung currently under way in federal district court in California has yielded a treasure trove of inside scoops about iPhone and iPad prototypes and future devices that may soon be on store shelves.

  • Opinion: Apple, Samsung Wage Battle Both In and Out of Court

    If anyone believed the court contest between Apple and Samsung wasn't a bare-knuckle brawl, the first week of the patent infringement trial should have disabused them of those notions.

  • Opinion: Need to Choose a Creative Commons License? This New Tool Can Help

    Creative Commons licensing can be a good way for businesses and artists alike to protect their creative works while enabling productive sharing, but figuring out which of the six Creative Commons licenses is best for you can feel like a daunting challenge.

  • Opinion: Court Delays Apple's Bid To Ban Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

    Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone will remain on sale in the United States after a federal appeals court granted its maker a temporary reprieve from a ban on sale of the handset.

  • Opinion: Internet Titans Team Up to Form Lobbying Group

    Several major Internet companies, including Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook, are joining forces to create a lobbying group that educates lawmakers about how the Internet affects their districts. According to Reuters, the group will be called the Internet Association, and it will officially launch in September 2012.

  • Opinion: Windows 8, IE 10, Office 2013: make or break for Microsoft

    The launches of Windows 8, Office 2013 and IE 10 represent a watershed moment for Microsoft. And it's a moment that will either make or break the software giant.

  • Opinion: Apple Ordered To Admit That Samsung Is No Copycat

    The judge who declared Samsung tablets "not as cool" as Apple's iPad is at it again. This time he wants Apple to post notices on its website and in British newspapers that Samsung didn't copy Apple's iPad's design when creating its computer tablets.

  • Opinion: Apple, branded in the Middle Kingdom

    In 1997, I interviewed a senior Apple executive who was in Hong Kong to discuss Cupertino's strategy. At the time, Apple's market-share for their Macintosh brand of computers hovered at about three percent, and Microsoft had just taken a US$150 million stake in Apple. Windows and Internet Explorer owned personal-computing mindshare.

  • Opinion: Betaworks Digs Under Sofa Cushions, Finds Change, Buys Digg

    The social news pioneering site--once rumored to be worth $200 million to Google--Thursday was practically given away.

  • Opinion: Three blocks SIM-only Pay Monthly account from use with iPad

    When my Three Pay Monthly SIM stopped working with my iPad, I decided to investigate. It transpires that although the Terms & Conditions hadn't changed, the way I could use my SIM had.

  • Opinion: Verizon Playing Dangerous Game in Net Neutrality Battle

    It's been awhile since net neutrality has been in the headlines, but that doesn't mean the war is over--far from it. In it's renewed challenge to the net neutrality rules imposed by the FCC, Verizon is citing its First Amendment right to free speech. The argument itself seems dubious, but if Verizon wins it could lead to unintended consequences it might like even less.

  • Opinion: Can Google Outshine Apple And Microsoft at Google I/O 2012?

    Google will have its chance to show up Apple and Microsoft in the coming days when the search giant is expected to debut the next version of the Android mobile operating system and new Nexus-branded devices. Google's big show will happen during Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference, which includes keynote sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. The Google conference follows a flurry of announcements from Apple and Microsoft during the month of June.

  • Opinion: Another Crook Caught Because of Posting on Facebook

    Yet another criminal has managed to get himself caught after posting on Facebook.

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