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  • Opinion: The perils of corporate tweeting

    Many enterprise level-tech firms have sophisticated social media strategies. Unfortunately, all it takes is one employee with inflammatory social media skills, and the firm's brand takes a beating.

  • Opinion: All PCs great and small: how competition and collaboration is driving tech innovation

    A strange set of competitive and interdependent business relationships is driving innovation in PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. And for the consumer that's mostly good news.

  • Opinion: Six ways to cope with flaky hotel Wi-Fi

    During a recent trip I stayed at a hotel offering free Wi-Fi--always a nice perk. Just one problem: the network was terrible. The connection speed reminded me of my old dial-up modem, but without the consistency.

  • Opinion: YouMail Business Edition: Smarter voicemail for business

    YouMail has long been a champion of smartphone users, offering visual voicemail on phones that lack it and better visual voicemail on phones that include it.

  • Opinion: Create gorgeous animated business presentations with Prezi

    How can I put this delicately? Your presentations? Bo-ring.

  • Opinion: No end in sight to telework, survey finds

    When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to end telecommuting at her company was followed soon afterwards by a similar move at Best Buy, it was tempting to think a new trend had been started, and that more firms would soon follow suit.

  • Opinion: Infographic: The top 10 productivity-killers (and how to beat them)

    Time is on your side, at least according to Mick Jagger. (Think: song lyric.) But it rarely seems that way when you get to the end of the day and realize you didn't have nearly enough of it. Where on earth does the time go?

  • Opinion: Discuss and organize team projects with Dispatch

    If there's one thing the Web probably doesn't need, it's another project-management tool aimed at teams. I mean, hello? Basecamp? Bitrix24? Yammer? How the heck does start-up Dispatch hope to compete?

  • Opinion: Aaron Swartz suicide: who's to blame, what happens now

    On January 11 2013 programmer and internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz was found dead in his New York apartment having taken his own life. He was 26 years old. We investigate the circumstances of Aaron Swartz's death, and what happens next.

  • Opinion: iOS apps for resellers

    Whether you're cleaning out your closet, reselling items that you purchased at a sample sale, or selling your own original works of art, apps can help you stay on top of your online reselling ventures.

  • Opinion: Get a free shared workspace for your small business

    I truly believe that effective organization and communication can make the difference between business success and business failure.

  • Opinion: Linux pros saw a giant salary leap in 2012: Dice

    It's been clear for some time now not only that IT professionals face better-than-average prospects in today's tough marketplace for jobs, but also that those with Linux skills tend to fare even better.

  • Opinion: Six quick Safari tips

    Little things mean a lot--especially when tiny tips save time. Ramp up your Web-browsing skills with these speed-friendly techniques for Safari 6.

  • Opinion: UberConference: Best conference-call manager yet?

    Lately it seems like software developers are falling all over themselves to take the hassles out of conference calls.

  • Opinion: 2012: the year Microsoft ran out of ideas

    2012 was the year in which Microsoft finally ran out ideas, Google resorted to paying for tablet customers, and wireless speeds increased.

  • Opinion: 3 reasons Windows Phone 8 will succeed

    PC Advisor readers offer three reasons that they believe Windows Phone 8 is set to be a big success.

  • Opinion: What's the point of Windows Phone 8?

    Android and iPhone can co-exist happily, but Windows Phone 8 has no real place in the smartphone market.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Around the world

    The iPhone 5 and the iTunes Store go, uh, internationaler; Apple's not abandoning Logic any more than your average Vulcan; and Brian Williams challenges Tim Cook to an on-air arm wrestling match. (Okay, I made the last one up.) The remainders for Monday, December 3, 2012 are black and white, and read all over.

  • Opinion: Q&A: Mountain Lions notifications

    Mountain Lion helps you stay on top of things, and notifications are its chief tool for doing this. A notification can alert you to impending Calendar events and reminders, as well as new email, Facebook, and Twitter messages. Sometimes the alerts require you to click a button to dismiss them. But other types of alerts appear for just a moment, as small, subtle messages at the top right of your screen, and then disappear.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Road to nowhere

    Apple's map manager gets shown the door (accurately, we hope), Siri will soon do everything but drive your car (thankfully), and one user dreams of the Apple TV (that will never be). The remainders for Tuesday, November 27, 2012 know where they're going, but they don't know where they been.

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