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What's your tech product of 2008?

According to PC Advisor readers, the best product of 2008 was... Windows XP Service Pack 3.

What's that now? XP. SP3. And don't take my word for it: not only was it one of 2008's 10 most read reviews on PC Advisor.co.uk, but when it was put to the vote, one in four respondents (23.9 percent) opted for XP's 'final' service pack. The enduring popularity of XP can be seen as only a vote of no confidence in the benighted Windows Vista, of course. But I'll give you a pound to a penny that rather than extending its life (as it's done with XP), Microsoft will allow its current OS to go gently into the night, unlamented.

It was only to be expected that the Apple iPhone 3G would be in there. Not only the most popular review on PC Advisor, but the choice of more than 20 percent or readers as their product of the year.

Next up, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. In a pretty hefty vote of confidence for KIS, more than 14 percent of PC Advisor poll respondents voted for the security suite - the only product of its type to make the PCA top 10.

Surprising omissions from the upper echelons of our products of the year include the T-Mobile G1 'Google phone', which polled only 6.4 percent, and the Apple MacBook Air (5.2 percent).

Click here for the top 10 list of products and poll results.

Oh, and if you want to know just how unpopular Vista is, consider this: the most read review of 2009 on PCAdvisor.co.uk (by a country mile)? Windows 7.

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