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  • Opinion: Oops! Asus publishes manual for unannounced VivoTab Note 8 Windows tablet

    Rumors about an 8-inch Windows tablet from Asus are looking more solid by the day. Following leaked specs in mid-December and an FCC filing earlier in the month, a user manual for the Asus VivoTab Note 8 recently turned up on Asus.com.

  • Opinion: Why is HP cutting 1124 jobs in the UK?

    The news that HP is cutting more than 1100 of its UK workforce is tragic for all involved, coming as it does just before Christmas. But how has one of the world's most recognisable companies found itself in this situation? I've been looking at HP's history and the past 10 years of the personal computer to explain why HP is cutting 1124 jobs in the UK.

  • Opinion: Thinner, lighter tablets aren't the way to our hearts

    It doesn't take a seer to predict that any given piece of tech will get slimmer and lighter as time goes by. Now more fragile, easier to misplace and with compromised audio quality and ergonomics, it's time to put some meat back on the bones of our phones and tablets.

  • Opinion: Microsoft plunks a 17-foot-tall Surface tablet down in London's Trafalgar Square

    Who says tablet marketing isn't any fun?

  • Opinion: How to get the most money for your old iPad

    My original iPad has seen better days. Its screen is all marred, scratches and dents adorn its back shell, and iOS 5--yep, you read that right--creaks along on its outmoded internals. It's time for an upgrade. If you're in the same boat as me, take heart: You don't have to be stuck with a tattered slab of aluminum and glass after you upgrade.

  • Opinion: Microsoft ships Surface 2 tablets to lukewarm reviews

    Microsoft officially launched its Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets on Tuesday morning, stealing a few hours of the spotlight before Apple is expected to announce refreshed versions of the iPad later on Tuesday.

  • Opinion: Report: Surface Mini won't be out until next year

    If Microsoft does release the so-called Surface Mini, a new report says that you'll have to wait a while.

  • Opinion: Docking station makes Surface Pro 2 ideal business PC

    Microsoft held a media event in New York this morning to unveil the next generation of its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. While there were a variety of updates and improvements to both tablets, the one thing that stands out above all the rest is the new docking station.

  • Opinion: Will Nokia help Microsoft regain relevance with businesses?

    Microsoft rocked the tech world today with the announcement that it is spending about $7 billion to acquire Nokia. The move has a variety of potential benefits and ramifications, and many of those could have an impact on how your business relates to Microsoft in the years to come.

  • Opinion: Do specifications matter any more?

    Gone are the days when you bought a PC because of its megahertz rating. The same is true of tablets and smartphones: Apple doesn't even quote the amount of RAM or processor speed. So why do companies still care about benchmark results?

  • Opinion: Surface RT usage skyrockets after steep price cuts

    It looks like you can stimulate demand for the Surface RT--if you give them away for practically nothing.

  • Opinion: Acer: Expect more Android and Chromebooks, less Windows

    Acer has shied away from venting its frustrations with Windows 8. The company is taking things a step further by vowing to sell more Android devices and Chromebooks.

  • Opinion: Deep inside Razer's design lab, home to gaming hardware that shouldn't actually exist

    Razer, the company that built its reputation on gaming mice and keyboards, is now doing what Acer, Dell, and Microsoft seemingly won't: building topflight laptops and tablets with hefty price tags. This year the upstart company introduced both the thinnest gaming laptop and the most powerful Windows 8 tablet we've ever seen--at a time when PC sales are struggling, and cheap tablets are predicted to outship laptops 2-to-1 in 2014.

  • Opinion: Could Haswell laptops replace ARM tablets?

    The latest generation of Intel laptops should offer vastly improved battery life, and that in turn may infuse the traditional Windows laptop with a new lease of life. Could Haswell laptops replace ARM tablets?

  • Opinion: Surface RT can help small businesses reduce IT costs

    Microsoft caved to market pressure and sagging demand this week by slashing the price of the Surface RT tablet by 30 percent. The Surface RT is better-equipped for business than rival tablets, and at $350 ( $470 once you add a Touch or Type keyboard cover, which it requires to be truly functional) it straddles the line between tablet and PC, and could help business customers rein in IT costs.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 app review: IMDB

    The IMDB app for Windows 8 gives you quick access to information about movies and TV shows as well as direct links to celebrities and other TV and film news

  • Opinion: Windows 8 app review: Star Chart

    The Star Chart app is designed to help you identify everything you can see overhead, and it really shines when used with a convertible laptop

  • Opinion: NOOK HD+ available for just £149

    Simply, it's the best full-sized tablet you can buy for under £150. The Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ with 16GB storage is now available for just £149.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 app review: The Telegraph

    The Telegraph app brings you all the high quality journalism you’d expect from the print and web editions of the newspaper, but the software has been made to complement Windows 8's touchscreen interface.

  • Opinion: Haswell laptops that can last all day

    With its fourth-generation Core processor, codenamed Haswell, Intel has finally turned its back on the megahertz wars it once held with AMD, IBM and Motorola, instead welcoming reduced power consumption and longer battery life. And for laptops that can mean only one thing: tablets had better watch their backs.

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