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Latest Storage Opinion

  • Opinion: Faster flash storage

    Storage technology, for most people at least, is not especially sexy. But the results when storage technology works well can really make a difference to our day, and indeed our lives.

  • Opinion: Create a backup image of your hard drive

    You can easily insure yourself against any loss however by using free tools that are built into Windows

  • Opinion: Store documents in the cloud for free

    SkyDrive to easily share large files with anyone simply by sending them a link to the file or folder

  • Opinion: Free security for Windows 7/8

    Keeping your PC safe from hackers and Trojans or viruses is something that you need to pay careful attention to. The likelihood of attack or infection is vastly reduced by taking even the smallest steps.

  • Opinion: Increase your laptop's storage

    When you first get a laptop it can seem inconceivable that you might fill up all that empty space on your hard disk. However, it very quickly disappears. Keeping all your video, music and documents stored safely is easy though as there are plenty of options to expand the storage space you have available.

  • Opinion: Analysis: Is the cloud the best solution for every small business?

    Cloud computing is currently one of the most talked about topics for many business, for a large percentage of whom it is the perfect solution. For a startup, low costs and simple entry are appealing features – while large corporates have the clout to mould cloud services to their will. However there is a third, multi-million pound market for which the cloud may not suit.

  • Opinion: Wanted: more and faster storage

    As computing tech all around us steadily shrinks in size, our need for more outboard storage expands. You can fit only so much expensive flash storage into a phone, tablet or even a laptop.

  • Opinion: "My name's Matt. And I don't back up"

    It's a shocking admission for the editor of a technology magazine to make, but one that's true for all too many of us. But how, and why, should you safeguard your data?

  • Opinion: Intel SSD 330 joins the race to the bottom

    Not that long ago, SSDs in general and Intel SSDs in particular cost a pretty penny. Things are changing though, especially now that Intel has released the Intel SSD 330, a very affordable SSD, with a price well below £1 per GB.

  • Opinion: Replacing an SSD Under Warranty

    I bought a 240GB OCZ RevoDrive 2 solid-state drive from Newegg.com a few months ago, and one day it just decided to quit working. I realized that the product was beyond the return date for Newegg, but wasn’t really worried, since I knew that it had a good warranty from OCZ. I contacted OCZ for authorization to return the SSD, and shipped it back. A month went by and I still hadn’t heard from the company, so I called; an OCZ representative told me that the item was out of stock. So I waited another week and called again--a different rep said that they had plenty of SSDs in stock, and the rep didn’t know why one wasn’t shipped to me. He said he would send one right out. I called back two days later for a tracking number, and the same rep told me that they had not shipped anything

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