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  • Opinion: Apture Highlights for Firefox Finds Extra Information

    Looking to dig deeper for information about any word or phrase you find on a Web site? Then you'll want to get the free Firefox add-on Apture Highlights, which gives you a remarkable amount of useful and entertaining information with a few quick clicks. If you're familiar with the Apture Highlights for Chrome extension, this one for Firefox will be familiar to you: It looks and works the same.

  • Opinion: How to Keep Local Access to Data During Cloud Outages

    The Amazon cloud services outage that knocked out several popular Websites last week raised questions about the reliability of the cloud, but the general consensus is that it works if you plan for failure. Like any good business plan, a good cloud plan should include provisions for failure, including plans B and C, and plenty of backups.

  • Opinion: Apple vs Google: and you win

    The competition's hotting up in the race to dominate mobile. BlackBerry has the numbers, Apple the caché, and Microsoft has Windows - with all the familiarity that entails.

  • Opinion: Upgrade to Windows 8 and say goodbye to the internet

    The internet has been constantly evolving since the day it was born, but the next-generation web will be the least democratic ever. Why? Money, of course.

  • Opinion: Will Larry Page usher in a new era for Google?

    However Larry Page decides to lead Google, one thing is for sure: he's not going to be Eric Schmidt 2.0.

  • Opinion: Opinion: can Google Chrome OS save the netbook?

    It feels like a generation ago that the Asus Eee PC 701 revolutionised portable computing. In fact, Asus revealed its 7in-screen Linux laptop in June 2007, making the netbook two years younger than the still fresh-feeling PlayStation 3.

  • Opinion: Living with Linux: installing and using Ubuntu Netbook Edition

    Heard about Linux but never dared to give it a spin? You don't have to, because I did - and here's how I got on.

  • Opinion: Opinion: Who's afraid of the Maverick Meerkat?

    You may have heard this before, but the latest release of Ubuntu - Maverick Meerkat - shows that Linux is ready for the prime time. The reason? The unifying nature of the web.

  • Opinion: Google: friendly giant, benevolent despot?

    When Google first found its way into the public consciousness it was as a quirky but effective service: a simple search tool that cocked a snook at the monolithic giants of the PC industry. Its ‘Don’t be evil’ slogan and unusual working practices made Google seem like a creative breath of fresh air, churning out innovative free products and enjoying positive PR that the likes of Microsoft and IBM would kill for.

  • Opinion: Opinion: the Windows upgrade cycle gives me face ache

    What do you want from your PC's next operating system - stability and security, or 'exciting' new features? I know what I want...

  • Opinion: Time for a Windows XP amnesty?

    If you’re a tech lover, you probably downloaded the public beta for Windows 7 as soon as it was announced and upgraded to the full version when it launched late last year – the advent of Windows 7 was a fabulous excuse to go and get yourself a new PC. Millions did just that, much to the relief of Microsoft and the PC industry.

  • Opinion: Google TV proves one thing: TV needs a 'hide' button

    Google demonstrated its revolutionary new Google TV initiative this week but also revealed something we already knew: TV is rubbish.

  • Opinion: Three reasons to upgrade to Office 2010

    Microsoft Office 2010, the latest release of Microsoft's venerable and dominant office productivity suite, has a variety of new and updated features. But do any of them offer a compelling reason to upgrade?

  • Opinion: Does Adobe really "Love Choice"?

    Could you live without your iLife applications (iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, etc)? Or how about Apple’s iTunes? Microsoft’s Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc? Adobe InDesign? God forbid, Adobe Photoshop?

  • Opinion: Steve Jobs' comments won't silence the Flash mob

    Before Apple boss Steve Jobs sat down to write an angry letter about why Adobe Flash stinks, he should have realised that this war of words cannot be won.

  • Opinion: Apple Flashes out at Adobe

    Adobe has flung plenty of mud at Apple for refusing to support Flash on the iPhone and iPad, and Apple's response has always been silence. Not anymore.

  • Opinion: Apple iPhone OS 4: no threat to Google Android

    For fans of the Apple iPhone, the unveiling of the new iPhone OS 4.0 is a big deal. It's the first time, after all, iPhone users will be able to do basic things such as multitasking, setting their own wallpapers and placing folders on their home screens.

  • Opinion: Emergency IE patch fixes zero-day flaw

    A growing number of attacks against an Internet Explorer security flaw prompted Microsoft to publish an early fix that wasn't scheduled to come out until April.

  • Opinion: Fix 'Low Bit Rate' error in Windows Media Center

    I've made no secret of my love for Windows Media Center, but for months I've been tormented by a glitch that I call the 'Blue Screen of Signal-Death'. At random intervals, while watching live TV, the screen suddenly turns blue and displays a 'Low Bit Rate Error' message.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0: FAQs

    Microsoft has announced that you can test-drive a 'Platform Preview' of its Internet Explorer 9.0 browser. But how does the next-generation browser differ from IE8 and competitors such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari?

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