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  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: Work with playlists

    [Ask the iTunes Guy is a regular column in which we answer your questions on everything iTunes related. If there’s something you’d like to know, send an email to the iTunes Guy for consideration.]

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Refresh Feature Makes It Easy to Start With a Clean Slate

    One of the coolest features of Windows 8 is Refresh. Regardless of why you might want to start over, Refresh gives you a quick and easy way to start with a clean slate while also maintaining your apps, data, Windows settings, and user profile.

  • Opinion: The One Thing That Would Make iOS Really Awesome

    Following the big media event to unveil the next generation iPad yesterday, Apple launched an updated version of iOS. iOS 5.1 has some cool features and updates, but it is missing the one thing that would really make iOS--and by extension the iPhone and iPad--a significantly better mobile platform.

  • Opinion: Will I Be Able to Activate XP after 2014?

    Snorg wants to keep using XP, and asked the Answer Line forum if Microsoft will activate new installations after the company stops supporting the operating system in 2014.

  • Opinion: Can't Write? LetterWhiz has Hundreds of Business-Letter Templates

    Writing is a skill like any other. Some people are good at it; others, not so much. The thing is, if you want to succeed in business, you must learn to master the written word--or at least learn how to fake it.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Survey: Half Who Have Tried the OS Wouldn't Recommend It

    People who have installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview praise its speed and the changes to Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer, but most readers who answered a PCWorld survey aren't satisfied with the new Metro interface--and half indicate that they would be unlikely to recommend the new operating system to a friend.

  • Opinion: One on One With Jay 'Saurik' Freeman, Creator of Cydia for Jailbroken iPhones

    If you're one of the millions of people who have jailbroken their iOS device, you undoubtedly know and love the unofficial app store known as Cydia. The hub for unapproved apps, hacks, and UI tweaks has become so ubiquitous with iOS hacking that most jailbreak tools install Cydia automatically."

  • Opinion: Nvidia Jumps on Board with the Linux Foundation

    Hardly a week goes by these days without some fresh news that another company has joined the Linux Foundation, and it's always exciting to hear about the organization's continuing growth.

  • Opinion: Dealing with spam when Mail won't cut it

    Reader Dave Griep has tired of some of the email he’s received. He writes:

  • Opinion: Uncover the Joys of the 'Paste Special' Command

    Most users know how to use the Cut/Copy and Paste commands. They've been around since the early days of word processing, and they're universal across almost every Windows application and Windows itself.

  • Opinion: Windows Tips: Copy a File Path, Show or Hide Extensions

    You know those times when you want to upload a new photo to, say, Facebook or Pinterest? The typical browser-based upload tool forces you to click through countless folders until you find the one you want. It's a slow and often maddening dance.

  • Opinion: YouSendIt Launches Collaboration Tool With SharePoint Tie-Ins

    YouSendIt got its start as a service for people who had to send large files to one another. It's evolved to become a leading business solution for file transfers, online storage, and other content-collaboration services. Its latest entry, Workstream, launched this week as a document-management and file-sharing tool, custom-tailored to the needs of businesses.

  • Opinion: Five Must-Haves for the Next iPad

    On Wednesday Apple will pull the curtains back on its third-generation iPad with a list of new features only Apple knows for sure. With Apple's second-generation iPad, I'll be honest, I was not blown away. Aside from the iPad 2's reduction in size and weight, Apple hadn't gone far enough with updating its tablet. But on Wednesday three might be a charm for Apple's iPad. I have high hopes this time around.

  • Opinion: Givit Enables Private Video Sharing

    Givit is an iOS and Android app that lets you store and privately share videos with anyone who has access to email and a browser. It solves an obvious gap in the video-sharing market. YouTube is great for sharing videos with the world, but its private sharing options are cumbersome, and Skype works only for real-time video conversations.

  • Opinion: EA stumbles again, pulls Simpsons game


  • Opinion: Windows 8's Metro UI: 7 Things You May Just Hate

    As everybody knows, the most striking thing about Windows 8 is its Metro interface--those brightly colored tiles that serve as both shortcuts to programs and live widgets reporting data from those programs.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Metro UI: A Bold New Face for Windows

    Change is terrifying, and few things in technology have a greater capacity to set us on edge than a fundamental reimagining of the Windows operating system--a piece of the PC that's as vital to our lives and productivity as our mice and keyboards. But change is afoot, and Windows 8 is designed to play a pivotal role in Microsoft's quest for relevance in a future awash with touch-centric devices.

  • Opinion: Correct spelling from the keyboard

    While I certainly like OS X's built-in spell-checking tools, I also find it somewhat annoying because it requires the mouse—first to click on the misspelled word, then again to choose the correct spelling. OS X Hints reader Zonker.in.Geneva points out that you can actually use the keyboard to correct spelling errors in programs—such as TextEdit, Mail, and iChat (or Messages)—that use Apple’s system-wide spell-check system.

  • Opinion: 48 NASA Laptops Stolen in Two Years: A Case for Better Encryption Practices

    It's not only businesses that need to worry about laptop security.

  • Opinion: Finding an Alternative to the Free Picnik Photo Editor

    If you haven't yet heard the news, allow me to bring you some sad tidings: Google is shuttering Picnik, the superb free online photo editor that Google had acquired back in 2010 and that I've recommended in the past.

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