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  • Opinion: Thunderbird Tip: Change IMAP Folder Subscriptions

    Recently I shared a couple Thunderbird tips: How to make e-mail replies start at the top, and how to mark a message as read when you reply.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 24: Backing Up Your Cloud

    There always seems to be a lot of backlash and fuss going around the Internet about how much personal information is shared between my social networks and other sites or services. It occurred to me, though: what if the opposite happened, and rather than too much data being shared you went to visit Facebook or Twitter and all of your data was gone?

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion: Hands on with Contacts and Calendar

    If our website comments and email inboxes are any indication, among the least-popular changes in Lion (OS X 10.7) were those performed on iCal and Address Book. From their unnecessarily skeuomorphic interfaces to their omission of features available in Snow Leopard, these two apps have, in many a user's mind, earned the criticism they've received.

  • Opinion: Mountain Lion Brings Mobile UI to Desktops

    Apple announced OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion today, and something was immediately noticeable: it looks just like the latest version of iOS. From the notification system to iChat, it's clear that mobile is taking the lead in Apple's headquarters.

  • Opinion: Scalado Remove Fixes Photobomb Moments

    Have your ever lined up the perfect photo, only to have someone walk by at the last moment and ruin your whole composition? You can wait for a lull in foot traffic, or you could try Scalado’s new Remove system to delete unwanted elements--such as people and cars--from your pictures.

  • Opinion: Android Dodges Apple iOS Address Book Debacle: But not by Much

    Apple is eating dirt over how iOS apps share your data with publishers, primarily personal address books harvested by a certain company named Path. But is Google any better with the way Android apps behave? We asked the app experts.

  • Opinion: WebOS Gets a Brand-New Browser

    It was just a few weeks ago that HP released the first pieces of webOS to the open source community, and already the company has followed up with its next moves.

  • Opinion: Using Keychain Access

    You've undoubtedly noticed that you're not routinely nagged for a password when you use your Mac's email client, nor do you have to enter passwords for many of the networks you use. And the reason is because those passwords are stored by the Mac OS in keychains--protected repositories for this kind of data.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: ARMed & ready for Apple & Google

    Windows 8 may be something of a point upgrade for existing Windows PC users, but it could herald the birth of PCs in all shapes and sizes.

  • Opinion: Boost Your Morning Productivity by Avoiding E-Mail

    I'm not what you would call a morning person--indeed, I tend to greet mornings with the same enthusiasm as I greet tax collectors and my dentist--but it's definitely my most productive time of day.

  • Opinion: Play With Mechanical Puzzles In Your Browser With Interlocked

    Interlocked is a free Flash game, and a new take on a very old idea: mechanical puzzles. In Interlocked, you are presented with a three-dimensional shape composed of several interlocking parts (hence the name). You need to take the shape apart, piece by piece, by sliding the pieces around in the correct sequence.

  • Opinion: Three Ways Windows 8 Will Boost Accessibility

    Almost 50 million citizens have disabilities, and the likeliness of a disability rises with age. Meanwhile, nearly one-quarter of the workforce will be 55 or older by 2018. At the same time, mobile devices that are smaller than the typical desktop computer and require more dexterity to operate are becoming more common in business.

  • Opinion: Apple: Apps That Take Your Contact Info Are in Violation, Fix Coming Soon

    Apple has finally issued a response to the week-long uproar around the web about iPhone apps that upload users' contact data without their explicit permission. According to AllThingsD, an Apple spokesperson said that an iOS update will require all apps gain "explicit user approval" before accessing the Address Book.

  • Opinion: Sneak Peek: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Content-Aware Move and Expand Tools

    With Photoshop CS6 expected to drop this spring, Adobe started posting weekly sneak peeks of Photoshop CS6's new features. This week, Adobe Senior Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes demonstrated the new Content-Aware Move and Expand features.

  • Opinion: Missing apps, missing Safari warnings, and more

    I receive a lot of questions and while each is a gem, some can be answered with just a few words. Rather than issue those few words and suffer the scrutiny of my Betters--who like seeing a column that's not overshadowed by its surrounding advertising--I save these things for a time when I can dump them en masse. Now is that time.

  • Opinion: Ubuntu and Slackware Named Top Desktop Linux Distros

    The world of desktop Linux is often portrayed these days as a battle primarily between longstanding leader Ubuntu and up-and-coming challenger Linux Mint, frequently with the suggestion that Mint is winning.

  • Opinion: FileTrek Lets You Collaborate, Store Projects, Track Changes...For Free

    Sure, FileTrek offers 5GB of online storage for nada, zilch, zippo, aka no cash. That's a great deal in this day and age, when most online storage vendors are backing away from the free model. However, FileTrek is far more. It's a collaborative workflow manager and file revision tracking tool that may just change the way you work, as well as the way businesses manage their data and intellectual property.

  • Opinion: Five Good Reasons to Download LibreOffice 3.5

    After many months of widespread anticipation, the Document Foundation on Tuesday announced the arrival of LibreOffice 3.5, the third major release of its free and open source office productivity suite.

  • Opinion: eM Client: Affordable Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

    If you're looking for the Microsoft Outlook experience without paying an arm and a leg, you should definitely consider eM Client. eM Client is a functional dead ringer for Microsoft's flagship e-mail client and organizer, with e-mail, tasks, contacts, and calendaring, and it's organized in largely the same fashion. If you know Outlook, you'll have no trouble using eM Client, though eM Client has many more features.

  • Opinion: Hide and unhide Mac App Store purchases

    If you’ve downloaded a lot of applications from the Mac App Store, your Purchases list may get really long—too long to be useful or navigable. If your Purchases list is getting unwieldy, you can hide some of the apps on it. OS X Hints reader rombaldi found a way to do just that—and then undo it later if you wish. Note that this trick is similar to, but distinct from, a technique that works in the iTunes App Store.

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