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  • Opinion: Round the Corners of Any Digital Photo with RoundPic

    Ever notice how much cooler photos look when they have rounded corners?

  • Opinion: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 'Precise Pangolin' Reaches Final Beta

    With just a few weeks remaining before the final release of Ubuntu Linux 12.04 "Precise Pangolin," Canonical on Thursday released the second and final beta version of the free and open source operating system.

  • Opinion: How to set applications to automatically launch at startup

    Do you find yourself always opening certain applications and programs as soon as your Mac boots? While placing these app icons in your dock is one shortcut you can take, there’s actually a way to cut the process down one more step—you can designate certain apps to automatically launch when you log onto your Mac profile. It’s very easy, and requires a one-time change.

  • Opinion: Five Things Microsoft Should Fix in Windows 8 to Prevent another 'Vista'

    Windows 8 marches on toward its inevitable release--not yet confirmed, but expected sometime in early fall. Judging by the Windows 8 Consumer Preview release, though, the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system has some fatal flaws that could turn it into another “Windows Vista” scenario, and cause users to cling to Windows 7 as they’ve clung to Windows XP.

  • Opinion: GNOME 3.4 Brings a Bevy of Big Changes

    Roughly a year after the launch of GNOME 3, the project's developers on Wednesday unveiled GNOME 3.4, the second major update to the controversial desktop environment.

  • Opinion: Vault Brings eDiscovery Tools to Google Apps

    Businesses generate and consume massive amounts of email and instant messaging communications. For many businesses, all of that data has to be preserved, and produced on demand in the event of litigation. Google has introduced Google Apps Vault--a new service for Google Apps for Business customers that promises streamlined data retention and e-discovery.

  • Opinion: BlueStacks: A Getting Started-Guide for Android Lovers

    If you're dying to run Android applications on your Windows machine, then you'll want to check out the recently released BlueStacks App Player beta, an Android app emulator for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

  • Opinion: Manage Your Social Networking From One Spot, Cut Down on Email

    Social networks are great, except when you need to make a change to one of your settings--then it's a veritable click-fest of wading through menus in search of just the right option. Hassle city. Last week I gave you some tips for managing Facebook photos; this week I'll tell you about a couple of great services that work with several different social networks.

  • Opinion: The Linux Desktop Debate: Setting Things Straight

    Over the weekend I wrote a post called “Why Linux on the Desktop Is Dead” which seems to have sparked some controversy among the Linux crowd. One of my PCWorld peers felt compelled to put together a rebuttal piece in defense of Linux, and point out that the Linux desktop death knell has been heard before at PCWorld, but people are still using Linux on the desktop…so there.

  • Opinion: Google Play Gets Nav Bar Visibility

    What good is a retail shop without proper signage? Google Play, the digital store previously known as Android Market, should gain plenty of new shoppers--even if they're just passersby doing a little window-shopping--thanks to new and improved visibility.

  • Opinion: How to Migrate from Windows XP to 7, Windows Server 2003 to 2008 R2

    When it comes to adopting new operating systems and applications, common practice among system administrators is to delay adoption until the release of the first service pack. Admins found plenty of reasons to put off moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and then to Windows 7: The new operating systems demanded more capable hardware, the user interface changes required user training, and there were compatibility issues with legacy hardware and applications.

  • Opinion: Using White Balance With RAW, Resetting a Photo's Date, Understanding Crops, and More

    Have a question about digital photography? Send it to me. I reply to as many as I can--though given the quantity of e-mails that I get, I can’t promise a personal reply to each one. I round up the most interesting questions about once a month here in Digital Focus.

  • Opinion: Convert songs at higher bit-rates in iTunes 10.6

    The recently released iTunes 10.6 has plenty of notable new features, including support for 1080p video and some tweaks to iTunes Match. But many music lovers will appreciate one new feature in particular: In the past, you could automatically convert songs with a high bit-rate to a more manageable 128 kbps when syncing them to an iPod or iOS device. Now, with iTunes 10.6, you have three bit-rate options for that conversion: 128, 192 and 256 kbps.

  • Opinion: Skeltrack: Tracking the Human Skeleton With Kinect

    When Microsoft released its Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers to fuel innovation on the Kinect platform, the possibilities were palpable. Projects like Open Kinect have made real strides in pushing the envelope for community involvement in areas including science, medicine, and even teleconferencing. But a company from Spain wants to use the Kinect to track your skeleton.

  • Opinion: If Desktop Linux Is Dead, Someone Had Better Tell All Those Users

    It seems scarcely a year can go by in the world of computer technology without some eager young blogger or another grandly proclaiming the death of Linux on the desktop.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: Epson iProjection Beams Presentations to Your Projector

    The Epson iProjection app for iOS helps you cut the cord between your presentation and your projector.

  • Opinion: Can I Spread Wallpaper Across Multiple Monitors?

    Roaddogg asked the Answer Line forum how to spread a single photo across two monitors as the desktop background (AKA the wallpaper).

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Release Candidate by May? It's Consistent with What We've Heard

    Last we heard in rumor-ville, Microsoft was looking to an October launch timeframe for Windows 8. The wellspring for that rumor: Bloomberg, whose sources added that the launch would support both Intel and ARM chips, though in disproportionate numbers: about five ARM devices, compared with over 40 Intel-based systems. Microsoft was said to "finish" Windows 8 by this summer, followed by an October retail date.

  • Opinion: Cut Down Your Social-Network Notification E-Mails

    Just the other day, Mrs. Hassle-Free PC was bemoaning the flood of notification e-mails she gets from Facebook. "Every time someone mentions me or shares a photo of me, I hear about it in my inbox!"

  • Opinion: Six Features You'll Love in Office 15

    Most of the attention on Redmond this year is focused on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. But, the next generation of Microsoft Office is also currently under development--ostensibly to be launched along side Windows 8 this fall--and Office 15 has the potential to be the real hero among the two.

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