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  • Opinion: Can I Spread Wallpaper Across Multiple Monitors?

    Roaddogg asked the Answer Line forum how to spread a single photo across two monitors as the desktop background (AKA the wallpaper).

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Release Candidate by May? It's Consistent with What We've Heard

    Last we heard in rumor-ville, Microsoft was looking to an October launch timeframe for Windows 8. The wellspring for that rumor: Bloomberg, whose sources added that the launch would support both Intel and ARM chips, though in disproportionate numbers: about five ARM devices, compared with over 40 Intel-based systems. Microsoft was said to "finish" Windows 8 by this summer, followed by an October retail date.

  • Opinion: Cut Down Your Social-Network Notification E-Mails

    Just the other day, Mrs. Hassle-Free PC was bemoaning the flood of notification e-mails she gets from Facebook. "Every time someone mentions me or shares a photo of me, I hear about it in my inbox!"

  • Opinion: Six Features You'll Love in Office 15

    Most of the attention on Redmond this year is focused on the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. But, the next generation of Microsoft Office is also currently under development--ostensibly to be launched along side Windows 8 this fall--and Office 15 has the potential to be the real hero among the two.

  • Opinion: GCC 4.7 Released, Supports More Architectures

    If you use Linux at all (and in many cases these days, even if you don't), you have heard of the open source Linux compiler called GNU Compiler Collection, or GCC for short. It's the most common compiler used, shipping with almost all distributions of Linux, and it's actually older than Linux itself.

  • Opinion: Avoid Fake Online Stores with Zscaler Safe Shopping Plug-in

    Suppose you're in the market for a Turbo Widget 9000. You do a little Web searching and discover that Widget Specialities Unlimited sells it for $50 less than everybody else. The online storefront looks a little wonky, but, hey, you got here via Google, so it must be okay, right?

  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: Album art and tagging

    [Ask the iTunes Guy is a regular column in which we answer your questions on everything iTunes related. If there’s something you’d like to know, send an email to the iTunes Guy for consideration.]

  • Opinion: The Geek Dream Car: Project Detroit Brings Windows 8 and Kinect to a Mustang

    What do you get when you cross a retro Ford Mustang with the finest of new technology, such as Microsoft Kinect and a variety of other Windows services? A dream car that can't possibly exist. Fortunately, it is very much real, thanks to West Coast Customs.

  • Opinion: Three Ways Windows 8 Will Fit Your Screen

    Apple's new iPad is dominating the news with its Retina display that "takes your breath away." Microsoft wants everyone to know that Windows 8, said to be released this October, will support many types of displays, including Retina-like quad-XGA displays. This is to enable Metro apps to look good on both tablets and big screens, yet be easy for developers to create.

  • Opinion: Netflix Interested in HD iPad Streaming

    A recent update to Netflix's iPad app provides Retina display graphics for menus and navigation, but not for the streaming videos themselves.

  • Opinion: Can I Safely Open Suspected Spam?

    C. Corder asked if it's safe to open an email that landed in the spam folder.

  • Opinion: Skirting auto-login in Lion

    Reader Ross Anderson wishes to occasionally sidestep a startup preference setting. He writes:

  • Opinion: Rovio Launches Angry Birds Space

    The wait is over Angry Birds fans: Rovio has officially launched Angry Birds Space for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows. The new Angry Birds game features 60 different levels, and, as usual with Angry Birds games, Rovio is promising regular updates with more free new levels. IOS users can also buy new levels via an in-app purchase, and players on all platforms can uncover several secret levels hidden in the game.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Says Windows Phone Will Outsell iPhone in China

    Windows Phone 7 can't get no respect--well, from consumers, anyway. Microsoft's mobile operating system, despite receiving favorable write-ups from tech reviewers, has a miniscule percentage of the global phone market. Still, Microsoft is confident of Windows Phone's chances in what will soon be the world's largest smartphone market: China.

  • Opinion: Google Docs Gets Better at Spell-Check

    Bad spelling reflects badly on you. Doesn't matter if it appears in a product brief or a presentation; if you write "it's" when you should have used "its" or accidentally type "loose" in place of "lose," you're going to come off looking, well, not too bright.

  • Opinion: Google Maps Debuts Detailed 3D Landmarks

    The 3D representations of buildings in Google Maps have been enhanced, with more than 1,000 landmarks across the world available to check out in detailed imagery. The new renderings look more like the real buildings with shadows and smoother curves, but they’re available just in Google Maps online for now.

  • Opinion: Google Gets Patent for Using Background Noise to Target Ads

    Google, on Tuesday, was awarded a patent for "advertising based on environmental conditions." In other words, Google has patented the technique of using environmental factors gathered through a device's sensors to target ads at users.

  • Opinion: We Need an 'iTunes Match' for Movies and Books

    The ability to rip tracks from music CDs you bought last week or 25 years ago, and turn them into MP3s you can sync to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone is pretty awesome. What would be even cooler, though, is if there was a way to do something similar with the movies and books you own.

  • Opinion: Linux Unites With Android, Adds Business-friendly Features

    Linux founder Linus Torvalds announced the release of the 3.3 Linux kernel on Sunday, bringing a host of fixes and updates that were long overdue--most importantly, the merging of Android into the main Linux source tree.

  • Opinion: Coming Soon: More Cross-Platform App Stores?

    Even as Microsoft shuts down its Windows Mobile app store, chances are consumers are going to see more cross-platform app store options in the future, according to Shira Levine, directing analyst at Campbell, Calif.-based research firm Infonetics.

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