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  • Opinion: How to explain to Big Data newbies why correlation doesn't equal causation

    With the explosion of interest in Big Data everyone in every department is looking for actionable intelligence. That's great but there's a downside: Trying to explain to, say, your VP of sales that the sales of barbecue sauce might appear to be connected to the selling price of beef but you can't say that's true for certain and that it would be inadvisable to act on that conclusion without deeper analysis.

  • Opinion: Stupidly simple app phenomenon Yo got hacked, and hacked, and hacked again

    Yo, an ultra-simple messaging app that became an instant phenomenon this week, has already been been hacked.

  • Opinion: Hands on with Facebook's Slingshot, yet another messaging app: Meh

    Facebook didn't dig too deeply to innovate on Snapchat's ephemeral messaging premise with its new iOS and Android app Slingshot, but the network's latest teen-friendly effort has a twist: Before you can read a message, you have to send one.

  • Opinion: How to edit PDFs in Microsoft Word

    Working with PDFs has become as common as working with Word docs, but to get the full editing capabilities in Adobe Acrobat you must shell out more than $400 for the Professional version. While there are plenty of less expensive alternatives, the simplest solution might be a tool you already use: Microsoft Word 2013.

  • Opinion: Don't use the same external drive for backup and storage

    Marios Papadopoulos stores media files on a 1TB external hard drive. He asked about using the same drive for backup.

  • Opinion: Amazon's Fire phone is 'Prime' example of customer first

    With its new Fire Phone, Amazon is primarily interested in connecting to its 250 million Amazon and Prime customers with a phone that makes it quick and easy to shop over the Web.

  • Opinion: YouTube poised to block indie musicians over subscription service dispute

    YouTube users who like watching videos from indie label artists such as Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead could soon lose access to their videos on the Google-owned site, thanks to a copyright fight between the indies and the video-sharing service.

  • Opinion: Study: The traditional office will soon be extinct

    It's not news that mobility is one of the major driving forces in IT today. Smartphones and tablets continue to supplant traditional PCs as primary computing devices, as people are getting more done from wherever they happen to be. A new study from Aruba Networks found that the demand for mobile productivity also puts significant stress on IT personnel and budgets.

  • Opinion: Easier email: Minimalist, Cloud Magic, and other apps help you master your inbox

    Email. Few things waste more time, yet few things are quite as essential to our daily lives--both personal and professional. And the only thing worse than wasting time managing your inbox is wasting time on app that's supposed to make it more efficient. But I can help: here's are a few email apps that can save you time and energy.

  • Opinion: 4 OS X Yosemite features we'd love to see in Windows

    Apple has just announced the latest update to OS X, called Yosemite. A few of the new features are already built into Windows 8.1, such as the unified search, but there are others we’d love to see Microsoft integrate into Windows 9 next year.

  • Opinion: How to avoid installing bundleware with the help of Unchecky

    Installing third-party programs isn't the minefield it was during the good ol' days of Windows XP. But every now and then, some desktop apps still try to sneak annoying toolbars and other software past you during installation.

  • Opinion: 5 iOS 8 features Apple stole from Android

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with iOS 8 Apple really wants to flatter Android. Here are five features in iOS 8 that Apple stole from Android.

  • Opinion: Three different ways to save screenshots to OneNote

    Microsoft recently released a new tool for OneNote that makes it easier for Chrome users to grab images of web pages. If you've never used OneNote before, it's well worth checking out, especially now that OneNote is free across all platforms.

  • Opinion: Making a (to-do) list: Wunderlist, Carrot, and other apps help you track your tasks

    You may feel productive when you're in the process of getting stuff done. Me, I don't feel productive until I've gotten something done--and crossed it off of my to-do list. And despite the fact that I've spent years writing about technology, my to-do list remains decidedly low-tech, scribbled on a notebook that's seen better days. That's why I'm putting these task managers to the test, trying to find one that will have me updating my to-do list to the modern era.

  • Opinion: R.B.I. Baseball expands rosters with new players, old timers

    Some new faces--and more than a few old familiar ones--will be coming to your R.B.I. Baseball team, thanks to the latest update to MLB.com's mobile baseball game.

  • Opinion: Get back to work! StayFocusd, YouMail and other apps to keep you on task

    Let's face it: working is hard. And getting stuff done, well, that can be the hardest part of it. Especially with so many distractions around. But while technology can be the biggest distraction of all (hello, Facebook!), it also can be a huge time saver. Each week, I'll round up a selection of apps that can help you stay organized, focused, and productive no matter what platform or device you're using.

  • Opinion: Soundgarden's Superunknown goes 'super surround sound'

    Does anyone listening to music on their iOS and Android device really care about better-than-MP3 sound quality? I mean really, really, let's-just-buy-one-of-those-uber-high-fidelity-Neil-Young-Pono-music-players care?

  • Opinion: Turn old PC hardware into a home server with FreeNAS

    PC lovers tend to collect a lot of hardware as the years roll by. Instead of leaving it to collect dust, why not repurpose it as a file-slinging server?

  • Opinion: How to create 3D Worksheets in Excel 2013

    One of Excel's greatest tricks is the dimensional or 3D reference. This feature, which allows you to create formulas that refer to the same cell or range on multiple worksheets, simplifies the creation of complex documents like monthly inventories or sales reports. In Excel 2013, Microsoft has beefed it up with enhanced options and formulas.

  • Opinion: 3 time-saving Chrome extensions that maximize your Google search efficiency

    Like many folks in the Internet age, I spend a huge chunk of my time searching for information on Google. Over the years I've learned lots of little tricks to help make those searches faster and more effective. But if turning to advanced queries alone isn't powerful enough for you, a handful of Google-made Chrome extensions can supercharge your scouring even more.

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