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  • Opinion: Master the Camera app on iOS

    Both the iPhone and the iPod touch make for stellar pocket cameras, and the iPad and iPad mini aren't too bad in a pinch either. An iOS device isn't perfect for every photographic need. But it can serve awfully well in many situations where you might once have needed a digital camera.

  • Opinion: Find missing podcast playlists, replace converted songs in playlists, and more

    Sometimes the iTunes Guy gets questions where the only answer is, "sorry, you can't". This week's column covers a couple of questions with no solutions, along with some that do have answers. Learn about finding missing podcast playlists, replacing converted songs in their playlists, and more.

  • Opinion: Mac Gems: Disk Doctor 2.1 frees up storage space on your Mac

    There has never been a great way to clear out the cruft on your Mac's hard drive. Superfluous files, application caches, unused language files that have been languishing on your drive for years--they all take up storage space that you could dearly use, especially if your computer has a speedy (but limited-capacity) solid-state drive (SSD).

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: Play as Tim Schafer

    This week's collection of free games lets you play your city as a video game, pilot a swarm of bees and even lets you live a day in the life of Double Fine founder Tim Schafer. Truly, games make whatever you can imagine possible. Sorry, did that sound sarcastic enough?

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Back in a flash

    One analyst contends that Apple's real business model is storage, which at least explains why it's building such a huge new headquarters. Plus, your iMessages are really way more secure than they probably need to be. The remainders for Thursday, April 4, 2013 will be right back.

  • Opinion: What I'm Playing: On magic, mechanics, and musical hotel management

    The Other Brothers (iOS; $0.99)

  • Opinion: Cloud-based backup: Is it right for long-term storage?

    Eugene Bartley wanted to know if his files would eventually disappear from a cloud-based backup service.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Keep your i on the OS

    Apple nerds spitball about future product releases and updates while a piece of the company's history sees the light of day and a former Apple executive runs into a roadblock. The remainders for Wednesday, April 3, 2013 have grounded out to second.

  • Opinion: Los Angeles synchronizes all its traffic lights, lets a computer control the roads

    Los Angeles, a city infamously known for rush hour congestion, is the first city in history to roll out a fully synchronized traffic light system. Right now, all road traffic is officially being controlled by a supercomputer grandmaster through 4500 synchronized traffic lights.

  • Opinion: How to fast-charge your iPhone or iPad using a standard USB port

    Back in January I wrote about the "inconvenient truth" of trying to charge your iPad from a USB port: there's not enough juice.

  • Opinion: The Macalope: It's dumb work if you can get it

    All too often, delving into an egregious act of silly punditry is like peeling an onion of dumb. So many stupid, stinky layers.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Fool on the hill

    Yes, yes, it's April Fool's Day. But here at the Remains of the Day, it's business as usual. So you can read about non-resellable MP3s, rumors about the next two iPhones, and Tim Cook's handsome, handsome yearbook photos without any fear that we're out to fool you. That's because the remainders for Monday, April 1, 2013, respect everything about you.

  • Opinion: YouMail Business Edition: Smarter voicemail for business

    YouMail has long been a champion of smartphone users, offering visual voicemail on phones that lack it and better visual voicemail on phones that include it.

  • Opinion: Preparing audiobooks for the road

    Reader Oliver MacKenzie is tripping out over audiobooks. He writes:

  • Opinion: Bugs & Fixes: OS X Recent Items glitch

    When you click and hold on an application's dock icon, its dock menu pops up. It typically includes a list of the application's recently opened documents (assuming it supports opening documents). I find these lists to be the most convenient way to quickly locate and open such files--preferring it to the Open Recent command in applications' File menus. Except for one thing: the dock menu lists periodically get messed up. Most especially the lists often don't update as you open new documents, leaving you with an out-of-date list. In contrast, file lists accessed via the Open Recent command are always correct.

  • Opinion: Automator workflow of the month: April Fools' Day pranks

    As I've outlined over the many years we've produced these Automator tips, this fine utility can be used in powerful ways to make your work easier. However, in the hands of the office prankster it can also be used as a useful tool on the first day of April.

  • Opinion: How to use an external keyboard with your iPad

    You may be able to ditch your heavy laptop and take along your iPad instead, if you use an external keyboard for long typing sessions. In this video, I show you how to use a keyboard with your iPad and we take a look at some keyboards made especially for that purpose.

  • Opinion: How to add permanent captions to your photos

    Arcticsid asked the Photo Editing forum for a way to add captions to his photos. "In the old days we could write a description on the back."

  • Opinion: How we produce our podcasts

    Shortly after the first 50 episodes of the Macworld Podcast, I was tasked with producing (though hosting just every other week) these weekly spoken-audio efforts. While I have made adjustments to some of the tools I use, my workflow has changed very little.

  • Opinion: Ending Reply All annoyances

    A reader who doesn't wish to provide his name (for reasons that soon will become apparent) has a problem with office etiquette. He writes:

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