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  • Opinion: Everything you need to know about sharing iPhoto images

    In our last lesson, I walked you through the process of creating printed books, cards, and calendars from within iPhoto. While printing your images is a great way to pass around your photos, some people prefer sharing via digital means. And that's exactly what we'll focus on in this lesson.

  • Opinion: Split Chrome into two windows with NiftySplit

    Most modern laptop LCDs and desktop monitors are extremely wide, which doesn't make sense when you consider that most Web pages are narrow and intended for portrait-style viewing. Indeed, if you look at this very page, you may notice some unused white space on either side.

  • Opinion: Yes, you can still upgrade to Windows 7

    Arcticsid knows he can't continue using Windows XP. He asked the Windows forum about upgrading to Windows 7 rather than Windows 8.

  • Opinion: Sucker-free shopping tips for the lazy bargain hunter

    Shopping online is a double-edged sword. Naturally, it's super convenient to be able to browse virtually any store in the world, even if you live in the middle of nowhere. There's no giant parking lot, no crowds, and pants are optional. Products are delivered right to your home. Did I mention pants are optional?

  • Opinion: Cure for a corrupt Calendar application

    Reader Charles Enns would like to put an end to his Calendar problem. He writes:

  • Opinion: Trace wants to track your kickflips, cutbacks, and fakies

    Not too many people enjoy long talks about running. Likewise, most folks don't have convos over their time on the elliptical, or dish details on how long they used the stairmaster--but ask any skateboarder, snowboarder, surfer, or skier how their last session went and they're happy to tell you all about how many ollies they landed or how many attempts it took to nail that carving 360.

  • Opinion: Organize your Chrome tabs vertically with Veritabs

    Months ago I told you about OneTab, a nifty Chrome add-on that sucks up all your open tabs into a single, thus reducing tab clutter and, theoretically, improving Chrome's performance. (The more open tabs you have, the slower any browser will be.)

  • Opinion: How to effectively fill your Mac's display when screen sharing

    Reader Earl Andrews is interested in getting the full picture--at least when screen sharing with his Mac mini. He writes:

  • Opinion: Convert text to image, and image to text

    Arcticsid asked the Answer Line forum about turning text into a .jpg. I'll also explain converting an image back into text.

  • Opinion: 6 running apps for people who don't even like to walk

    I hate running.

  • Opinion: Three handy (but often-overlooked) Google Chrome features

    We are all of us creatures of habit, and those habits can easily extend to our Web browsers, where we're so focused on our usual daily routines, we often overlook certain capabilities that can save us time or improve our productivity.

  • Opinion: The lazy man's guide to streaming iTunes movies to your iPad

    Reader Paul Inglis is interested in transferring media wirelessly to his iPad. He writes:

  • Opinion: How to get great graphic designs using stock images

    "A picture is worth a thousand words," the saying goes. No matter what you're designing, an image can grab attention and deliver your message better than carefully crafted text. With the affordability of high-quality, royalty-free imagery--wherein one fee grants you unlimited usage for promotional purposes--you have no excuse not to use imagery in your designs, even if you can't create it yourself. Here are the kinds of images to look for and how to use them for greater impact.

  • Opinion: Sort artists by last name and find missing digital booklets

    This week's column is a grab bag, where I look at a number of interesting questions about Genius, sorting albums by an artist's last name, finding digital booklets in your iTunes library, and more.

  • Opinion: Switch to Mac: How to find your favorite Windows features in OS X

    I made the jump from Windows 8 to Mac OS X a few months back, when I started carrying a Macbook Pro for work. Let me tell you, the scariest part of moving from a Windows PC to a Mac is the prospect of losing access to the tools and utilities you use on a daily basis. What I realized, though, is that many of the features and tools I relied on in Windows are also available in OS X. You just have to know where to look.

  • Opinion: How to delete duplicate email messages

    Reader Susan Swartz has tired of reading the same messages over and over. She writes:

  • Opinion: The Macalope: Of battles and wars

    The Washington Post's Brian Fung says the war between Apple and Samsung is all over but the shouting. And you'll never guess who the winner will be.

  • Opinion: Review: Zotero makes research easier, faster, more robust

    Everyone researching with electronic sources knows the pains of collecting articles, managing a library, and, worst of all, creating citations. Zotero is a veteran (and completely free) browser add-on that solves nearly all these problems. Originally available only for Firefox, cross-platform tool Zotero has recently become available for Chrome and Safari as well via its standalone desktop version.

  • Opinion: AgileBits offers cheaper 1Password as older version loses Dropbox sync

    AgileBits on Thursday announced a short-term discount on 1Password 4 for iOS. The reason for the sale: 1Password 3 for iOS is about to stop working properly--at least if you rely on Dropbox sync.

  • Opinion: The Macalope: Apple doomapalooza

    Forgive the title but Apple's been doomed so many times now the Macalope's having a hard time coming up with new ways to say it. It must be hard to be Apple when even your successes... spell your doom!

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