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Could your videos save Windows XP?

Is Windows XP the most popular Microsoft operating system of all time? You'd think so, judging by the desire from consumers and businesses to extended its availability. Now, one of PC Advisor's sister titles hopes to increase the pressure on Microsoft to abandon plans to kill XP in June, and they need your help.

Clearly, the main reason XP has surged in popularity is that its successor, Windows Vista, has been so badly received. Opposition to Microsoft's 'most important desktop operating system ever' has already forced the company to extend the life of XP from December 31 2007 to June 30 2008. But, as it stands, the software giant insists XP will be killed off in just over five months, and that's caused outrage among those who are not ready to make the switch.

But PC Advisor's US-based sister title Infoworld has launched a campaign to 'Save XP'. It's targeted mainly at the business community, but we continue to receive emails from consumers who are desperate that Vista won't be the only version of Windows they'll be able to buy for the next two or three years.

As well as a petition, Infoworld is encouraging Windows users to contribute their own videos on why XP should be saved.

"In the past, Microsoft has responded to customer dissatisfaction and changed its plans, so there's reason to believe it will listen today if the message is loud enough," said Eric Knorr, editor in chief at InfoWorld.

See Infoworld's Save XP campaign, and submit your videos here.

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