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  • Opinion: Timeline Looms, But Few Users Like it, Survey Finds

    Every Facebook change prompts a backlash, and this time it’s about the impending arrival of Timeline for all users of the social network. More than half of Facebook users say in a survey that they are worried about the change, while a minority said they like the Timeline feature, or are resigned with the fact that they’ll grow to like it.

  • Opinion: Google Slammed for Tainting Search to Hype Google+ Social Networking

    Google's attempt to force its social network, Google+, upon search users is backfiring, as tech pundits and tech companies slam the search giant for neglecting its core mission.

  • Opinion: Google+ Opens Its Doors to Teens

    Google+ is perhaps a unique social network in that it didn't initially market itself to the younger crowd--in fact, until yesterday, Google+ was technically only open to users over the age of 18. (I say "technically" because, let's be serious, it's not like teens ever really follow the rules.)

  • Opinion: Twitter Prepares To Censor Tweets, Country by Country

    Twitter announced Thursday that it has technology in place to selectively block tweets in specific countries.

  • Opinion: Choose the Right Social Platform For Your Business

    With Facebook on track to reach one billion users, reports that 75% of marketers will increase their social media spending this year, and predictions that social media will transform TV and influence the presidential election, it's no wonder 2012 has been touted as the "Year of Social Media."

  • Opinion: Introducing 'Go Social'

    Does the world really need another blog about social media? We invested some serious effort into exploring this question before making the decision to launch "Go Social," the blog you're reading now. (As you might have surmised, the conclusion we came to was "yes.")

  • Opinion: Don't Tell the Boss: You Tweet from Work Like a Maniac

    A new study by network security firm Palo Alto Networks shows "explosive" growth in the use of social networks in the workplace, with a 300 percent increase in social media activity in the latter half of 2011 compared with the same period of 2010.

  • Opinion: Tebow Sets Twitter Record

    When Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow hit Demaryius Thomas on a slant route that turned into a 80-yard touchdown Sunday on the first play in overtime, he not only advanced his team to the next level of the NFL playoffs, but he set a new record for sports tweets on Twitter.

  • Opinion: Myspace Reinvents Itself, Pins Hopes on Myspace TV

    Myspace is remaking itself yet again, pinning its latest comeback hopes on TVs.

  • Opinion: How social media lets journalists practise poor journalism

    Social media is eroding core journalistic values. And whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, professional journalists are just as much to blame as flaming web trolls. Updated, 6 January 2011

  • Opinion: Seven Ways to Use Google+ at Work

    Launched only six months ago, Google+ is the new kid on the social networking block. Despite the late start, it's becoming increasingly useful and important for small businesses. Here are seven ways Google+ can be useful to you at work.

  • Opinion: Facebook Post Saves Woman from Hostage Situation

    A Utah woman and her 17-month-old son were rescued from a residence after she posted a desperate status update on Facebook.

  • Opinion: Facebook Adds Timeline to iPhone App

    Facebook now lets iPhone owners view its new Timeline layout and has added several extra handy features in an app update pushed out to iPhone users on Sunday. iPad users still can't view Facebook Timeline layouts.

  • Opinion: Facebook Timeline: The 7-Day Countdown Must-Do Checklist

    Get ready for your Facebook past to come back with a vengeance; the social network is now rolling out its new profile layout, Timeline, to all users worldwide. Timeline is basically an online scrapbook that displays your Facebook activity in reverse chronological order going back to when you first joined the social network.

  • Opinion: Facebook Timelines: How to Get Started

    Facebook Timelines are now available worldwide, allowing users to tell their entire life stories through the social network.

  • Opinion: Google+ Ties Facial Recognition to Photo Tagging

    The Other Social Network, Google+, has announced that it will be rolling out in the next few days a feature automatically suggesting tagging friends in photos posted to it.

  • Opinion: Twitter Rolls Out a New Redesign

    Twitter began to roll out a new interface on Thursday that the company promises will simplify the site and make the web design more consistent with the company's popular mobile apps. We've seen the company testing new Twitter features for a month or so now, and the redesign is finally here. What's new in Twitter's latest version and when should you expect to see it in your browser?

  • Opinion: Gift Giving 2.0: Mine Your Friends' Facebook Profiles for Potential Gift Ideas

    Can't figure out what to get people on your holiday gift list this year? Instead of wracking your brain for hours or wandering the mall in futility, maybe you should turn to their Facebook profiles for hints.

  • Opinion: Buffer Schedules Your Tweets Automatically

    There's a new sharing service in town: Buffer, which allows you to share links on your own schedule--instead of automatically posting whatever you want to share, it sends links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts at scheduled times.

  • Opinion: Get Google's New Search Bar Now

    A quick and simple hack can give you early access to the new Google navigation bar that the company has been rolling out this week. The new Google navigation bar promises a new drop-down menu of Google apps, better integration of Google+, and a color change from black to white. While Google promises the bar will roll out to most users by the end of the week, all you have to do to get it right now is make a few tweaks to one of your cookies from Google.

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