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  • Opinion: Facebook Password Amendment Rejected by Congress

    The House of Representatives has rejected an effort to give the Federal Communications Commission the power to stop employers from asking job applicants for their password to Facebook and other social networking sites.

  • Opinion: Facebook Foul-Ups: Consumer Complaints About Businesses Get Slow or No Responses

    When you walk into a store to ask a question, you don’t expect the clerk to ignore you (though, admittedly, it happens). When you interact with a company online, you don’t expect them to ignore you either. But boy, does it happen--especially on what is perhaps the most engaged online community, Facebook.

  • Opinion: Cut Down Your Social-Network Notification E-Mails

    Just the other day, Mrs. Hassle-Free PC was bemoaning the flood of notification e-mails she gets from Facebook. "Every time someone mentions me or shares a photo of me, I hear about it in my inbox!"

  • Opinion: Use Facebook's Acquaintance List Suggestions to Simplify Your Antisocial Friend-Sorting

    Facebook introduced a new friend management feature Wednesday that may help you Spring clean your News Feed by banishing more people to the quiet corner of space where no one can hear them scream. This also is known as the Acquaintance List, a Google+ inspired cataloging option that Facebook added last September.

  • Opinion: Manage All Your Social Network Settings with BlissControl

    Social networks are great--except when you need to make a change to one of your settings. Then it's a veritable click-fest of wading through menus in search of just the right option. Hassle city.

  • Opinion: Facebook Changes Privacy Policy Again

    Under the guise of creating greater clarity--sound familiar?--Facebook continues its data-grabbing ways under a revision of its rights and responsibilities policy set to take effect after close of business on Friday, according to one privacy advocate.

  • Opinion: Facebook Tips: Change Profile Picture, Zoom Photos

    I've made no secret of my distaste for Facebook's interface, which is equal parts messy, confusing, and outright maddening. For example, suppose you want to change your profile photo. This is yet another of Facebook's ridiculously obscure settings that's actually hiding in plain sight. (Previous offender: location sharing.)

  • Opinion: CanvasPop Integrates With Facebook

    CanvasPop, which boasts that it can turn low-resolution images into quality canvas prints as large as two by six feet in size, announced this week that it's making it easier than ever for Facebook shutter buffs to use its online service.

  • Opinion: Pinterest Plans Profile Redesign, iPad App

    Pinterest, the popular pinboard site, will be getting redesigned profile pages and an iPad app in the near future, the company's cofounder and chief executive, Ben Silbermann, announced at SXSW.

  • Opinion: Seesmic Desktop Manages More Social Networks Than You Knew Existed

    If you're a social networker who's really, really social, you'll appreciate Seesmic Desktop 2. This social media manager offers support for more than 90 services, including everything from the basics like Facebook and Twitter to lesser-known offerings like Yammer and Stocktwits.

  • Opinion: Facebook's Timeline Embraced by Obama

    Facebook's Timeline feature is getting a plug from President Barack Obama.

  • Opinion: FaceTime Facelift Makes You Sexier in Video Chats

    Is your unsightly double chin keeping you from video chatting on your iPhone? Well, never fear! There's a…plastic surgery procedure for that, apparently.

  • Opinion: LinkedIn Adds 'Follow Company' Button

    LinkedIn is the latest social network to jump on the Twitter-like "following" bandwagon--on Monday, the business social network released a button that allows users to follow their favorite companies.

  • Opinion: Manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter With Sobees Desktop

    Folks who are unhappy with TweetDeck's decision to eliminate support for LinkedIn should take a look at Sobees Desktop. This slick-looking application offers an easy way to manage Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Still in beta, this "social media manager" still has some kinks to work out, but shows plenty of potential.

  • Opinion: How Secure is My Facebook Information?

    Spiderowych found some private Facebook information online, and asked the Web Browsing and Email forum if the social network is safe.

  • Opinion: Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop; YouTube Yawns

    Viral video circles were buzzing this morning about a YouTube posting by a North Carolina father who shot his 15-year-old daughter's laptop for mouthing off about her parents on Facebook.

  • Opinion: Flash Lives--Thanks To Facebook and Games

    Like a super-powered zombie, Flash just won't stay down. Even though it doesn't run on most mobile devices, Flash is still encountered everyday while browsing the web.

  • Opinion: Learn the Basics of Using Pinterest

    By now you've probably heard of Pinterest. If not, it's only a matter of time. In a mere two months or so, the social network has gone from little-known beta startup to hottest social network since Facebook.

  • Opinion: Prepare Your Business for Facebook Mobile Ads

    Facebook's IPO has revealed one of its greatest weaknesses: the need to monetize its increasingly mobile user base through advertising. Speculation has been rife about how Facebook plans to solve this problem, which future stockholders will want addressed.

  • Opinion: Beware of 'Remove Timeline' Facebook Scams

    As Facebook's Timeline feature rolls out to all users, some people are falling prey to scams that claim to be able to remove Timeline from profiles.

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