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  • Opinion: Facebook Timeline: The 7-Day Countdown Must-Do Checklist

    Get ready for your Facebook past to come back with a vengeance; the social network is now rolling out its new profile layout, Timeline, to all users worldwide. Timeline is basically an online scrapbook that displays your Facebook activity in reverse chronological order going back to when you first joined the social network.

  • Opinion: Facebook Timelines: How to Get Started

    Facebook Timelines are now available worldwide, allowing users to tell their entire life stories through the social network.

  • Opinion: Google+ Ties Facial Recognition to Photo Tagging

    The Other Social Network, Google+, has announced that it will be rolling out in the next few days a feature automatically suggesting tagging friends in photos posted to it.

  • Opinion: Twitter Rolls Out a New Redesign

    Twitter began to roll out a new interface on Thursday that the company promises will simplify the site and make the web design more consistent with the company's popular mobile apps. We've seen the company testing new Twitter features for a month or so now, and the redesign is finally here. What's new in Twitter's latest version and when should you expect to see it in your browser?

  • Opinion: Gift Giving 2.0: Mine Your Friends' Facebook Profiles for Potential Gift Ideas

    Can't figure out what to get people on your holiday gift list this year? Instead of wracking your brain for hours or wandering the mall in futility, maybe you should turn to their Facebook profiles for hints.

  • Opinion: Buffer Schedules Your Tweets Automatically

    There's a new sharing service in town: Buffer, which allows you to share links on your own schedule--instead of automatically posting whatever you want to share, it sends links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts at scheduled times.

  • Opinion: Get Google's New Search Bar Now

    A quick and simple hack can give you early access to the new Google navigation bar that the company has been rolling out this week. The new Google navigation bar promises a new drop-down menu of Google apps, better integration of Google+, and a color change from black to white. While Google promises the bar will roll out to most users by the end of the week, all you have to do to get it right now is make a few tweaks to one of your cookies from Google.

  • Opinion: Shopycat: Walmart's Facebook App for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

    If you're not sure what to buy your friends for the holidays, and don't want to broadcast a lack of imagination with gift cards, Walmart offers Shopycat: A social shopping Facebook app that takes shared data from your friends' profiles and news feeds and transforms them into gift ideas.

  • Opinion: Can Facebook Reshape Its Privacy Image?

    The Federal Trade Commission recently reined in Facebook for its numerous privacy gaffes, but the social network has a long way to go to prove it's worthy of user trust. People are tired of dealing with indirect data leaks, being forced to accept new information-leaking features, and an ever changing set of privacy controls.

  • Opinion: Social Media, American Express Helping Holiday Shoppers Get Good Deals

    Move over Black Friday, it's Small Business Saturday, and American Express has a deal for you that you can use online social networks to help you get.

  • Opinion: 22 Million Workers Used Social Networks to Land Their Current Job

    Social networks are no longer just for keeping in touch with friends and family--they're also great resources for job hunters.

  • Opinion: How to Use Twitter for Customer Support

    You can use Twitter for more than just gaining a huge mass of followers. It's also a great way to engage with customers--even dissatisfied ones--and turn them into happy advocates of your brand in less time than traditional customer service often takes. All it takes is being active on Twitter and following a few simple steps.

  • Opinion: Facebook Porn Spam Attack: How to Protect Yourself

    Many Facebook users have been inundated with pornographic spam in their newsfeeds as part of a malware campaign targeting the social network. The company told the BBC it has identified the culprit and vulnerability that was exploited, but is asking users to stay vigilant.

  • Opinion: Social Network Users' Main Focus is Staying in Touch

    Two-thirds of adults online use social media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, primarily to maintain connections to friends and family, according to the results of a survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

  • Opinion: iTunes Match Still MIA as Google Readies Music Shop

    Two weeks after Apple missed its deadline to launch iTunes Match, Google is ready to unveil its own Android music shop on Wednesday. The search giant's music store, coupled with the beta cloud music service unveiled in May, will rival Apple's unreleased vision of both selling and storing music in the cloud.

  • Opinion: Facebook and Privacy Don't Mix Well

    Rumor has it that Facebook is close to reaching a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to settle charges related to privacy. While the privacy settlement may sound like a good idea, it is sort of a smoke and mirrors exercise because the reality is that privacy and social networking are polar opposites that don't play nicely together.

  • Opinion: Privacy: Will Facebook Ever Get It?

    With Facebook reportedly close to cutting a deal with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over privacy sins dating back to 2009, the question remains whether or not the social network's brain trust really gets the privacy issue.

  • Opinion: Putting Humpty Dumpty Together Again

    The recent challenge issued by DARPA to reassemble shredded documents seems like trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again. Why would government need to reassemble shredded records? Because troops in war zones confiscate the remains of destroyed or shredded documents that contain valuable information. DARPA is seeking the best technologies for document reconstruction, and has issued a Shredder Challenge to computer scientists, puzzle enthusiasts and anyone else who likes solving complex problems." Although reconstruction techniques ranging from manual assembly to computerized algorithms already exist, by issuing this challenge, DARPA is looking to gain insights into the most efficient solutions.

  • Opinion: Why Facebook Is Better for Business Than Google+

    Google revealed its Google+ Pages for business this week. While they are a must for any business playing in the online space, however, they still leave a lot to be desired when stacked up against arch-nemesis Facebook Pages. We are only seeing the first stages of Google+ and the network may develop over time into something more useful for business, but for now the service doesn't even come close to the services that Facebook offers business.

  • Opinion: Twitter aids Thai flood victims

    Although much of Southeast Asia's major peninsula is flooded, media have concentrated on the region's prime city: Bangkok. The Thai authorities have gone to great lengths to protect central Bangkok, although it's still not certain if the CBD will remain dry or if the patchwork of canals/sewers/sluice gates/sandbags will yield to water-pressure.

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