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  • Opinion: Facebook Teams Up With Security Vendors, Offers Free Antivirus Software

    Facebook has partnered with several antivirus software companies to launch a special page devoted to keeping users safe on social networks. The new Facebook Security page features tips, information on threats, a security quiz, and free antivirus software downloads.

  • Opinion: Google+ Gets a Share Button

    Google+ now has a Share button, a less confusing and more straightforward version of its +1 sibling. Overshadowed by the launch of Google Drive, the Google+ Share button works like the Facebook and Twitter share buttons, so that you can post links directly to your feed.

  • Opinion: Draw Something Finally Gets Facebook and Twitter Support, 'Save' Feature

    Raise your hand (or your phone) if you've ever lost a particularly lovely Draw Something sketch — a pocket-sized pièce de résistance — to the digital void. Now put down those hands, then bring them together for a round of applause: The game's creators just added several new long-awaited features, including one that finally lets you save your favorite finger-sketched roughs.

  • Opinion: Music Artists Get 'Listen' Button on Facebook

    Facebook added a "Listen' button Tuesday to the pages of music artists on the social network.

  • Opinion: Coming Soon: Ad Offers in Your Facebook News Feed

    Get ready for advertising in your Facebook news feed. The company has launched Facebook Offers, which aims to bring Groupon-like deals to users of the social networking site. Facebook will roll out the functionality to page owners gradually over the next few months.

  • Opinion: Facebook's Instagram Acquisition: Putting it All into Perspective

    The $1 billion that Facebook will spend to buy Instagram seems like an insane amount of money at first glance, but it's not unbelievable compared to what other tech companies have spent to acquire hot software and services over the years.

  • Opinion: Google+ Gets a Complete Overhaul

    Thought Google+ was getting stale? Think again. Google announced a complete redesign for its social network, which now boasts more than 170 million users. The new interface improves on the photo and video experiences and there's also a new hangouts page among other changes. The new Google+ look has not rolled out to everyone just yet, but it should be in the next few days.

  • Opinion: Google+ Numbers Show Social Network is Growing

    Google+, the smaller rival to Facebook, shows signs of gaining traction by exceeding 100 million users, but when those users log on to the social networking service they are spending less time at the site than previously.

  • Opinion: Skype: Voice Trumps Facebook, Twitter, SMS

    What's the best way to reach out and touch someone? According to a new Skype ad campaign in the U.K., not through Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, or hastily typed text messages, but through voice and video calls.

  • Opinion: Poll: Social Media Has Mixed Impact on Elections

    Social media buzz can influence who wins elections, but it doesn't appear to impact voter turnout, according to a Nielsen McKinsey incite poll released Wednesday.

  • Opinion: For a Truly Private Social Network, Try RetroShare

    It's a rare week indeed that doesn't bring forth some fresh privacy scandal, and creepy apps like Girls Around Me are only one small part of the problem.

  • Opinion: 4 Ways to Become a True Social Business

    You and I may be fully participating in popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but I'll bet your company isn't -- at least as well as it could be. While these networks have exploded over the last few years for personal use (Facebook with 800 million users, Twitter with 175 million, and LinkedIn with 115 million), most businesses are at a loss for effective ways to engage with customers in this brave new world. And social media growth is showing no signs of slowing; newer networks such as Google+, Pinterest and Instagram have seen incredible growth in a matter of weeks.

  • Opinion: Girls Around Me App Voluntarily Pulled After Privacy Backlash

    The company behind Girls Around Me, a controversial geo-location iPhone app, has voluntarily removed the application from the App Store. Girls Around Me allowed you to identify girls who have checked into venues near your location, based on publicly available data from Facebook and Foursquare.

  • Opinion: Facebook App Lets You Declare Enemies, Not Friends

    Facebook may not offer a dislike button, but a new app on the social network called EnemyGraph lets you publicly pour some hate on anything that raises your ire.

  • Opinion: Facebook Password Amendment Rejected by Congress

    The House of Representatives has rejected an effort to give the Federal Communications Commission the power to stop employers from asking job applicants for their password to Facebook and other social networking sites.

  • Opinion: Facebook Foul-Ups: Consumer Complaints About Businesses Get Slow or No Responses

    When you walk into a store to ask a question, you don’t expect the clerk to ignore you (though, admittedly, it happens). When you interact with a company online, you don’t expect them to ignore you either. But boy, does it happen--especially on what is perhaps the most engaged online community, Facebook.

  • Opinion: Cut Down Your Social-Network Notification E-Mails

    Just the other day, Mrs. Hassle-Free PC was bemoaning the flood of notification e-mails she gets from Facebook. "Every time someone mentions me or shares a photo of me, I hear about it in my inbox!"

  • Opinion: Use Facebook's Acquaintance List Suggestions to Simplify Your Antisocial Friend-Sorting

    Facebook introduced a new friend management feature Wednesday that may help you Spring clean your News Feed by banishing more people to the quiet corner of space where no one can hear them scream. This also is known as the Acquaintance List, a Google+ inspired cataloging option that Facebook added last September.

  • Opinion: Manage All Your Social Network Settings with BlissControl

    Social networks are great--except when you need to make a change to one of your settings. Then it's a veritable click-fest of wading through menus in search of just the right option. Hassle city.

  • Opinion: Facebook Changes Privacy Policy Again

    Under the guise of creating greater clarity--sound familiar?--Facebook continues its data-grabbing ways under a revision of its rights and responsibilities policy set to take effect after close of business on Friday, according to one privacy advocate.

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