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  • Opinion: What's in your Facebook Activity Log?

    Do you use Facebook? Hundreds of millions of people use the social network to connect with friends and family, share pictures and videos, play games, and more. What you might not realize is that everything you do on Facebook is tracked and logged.

  • Opinion: Do Klout Perks carry any real-world weight?

    You may be more than the sum of your parts, but to Klout, you're just a number. The analytics company monitors your interactions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond. It then sorts through the data to generate a numeric score that purportedly "measures a person's overall online influence" on a scale from 1 to 100.

  • Opinion: Beware of fake 'likes,' and other false social signals

    As social networks continue to grow, businesses are scrambling to grab customer attention and convert it to dollars. Some companies, however, aren't afraid to turn towards sleazier methods to amplify brand awareness. Gartner Research predicted today that 10 to 15 percent of all social media reviews by the end of 2014 will be fake critiques paid for by unscrupulous advertisers.

  • Opinion: Make your Facebook news feed default to Most Recent

    Oh, Facebook. I'm always setting your news feed to Most Recent, and every few days you decide I'd be happier with Top Stories.

  • Opinion: What's Facebook's Secret Sauce to Wash Out False 'Likes'?

    Facebook claims it's cleaning up the proliferation of false "likes" on its system, but its methods for doing it are opaque.

  • Opinion: Twitter Rival App.net Gets Its Own iOS Client

    A startup that pledges to do Twitter right expanded its reach Saturday when its first app built from scratch for users of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone arrived at Apple's App Store.

  • Opinion: Klout Now Wants To Measure Your Real-World Influence

    We've explained to you how to increase your Klout score here on PCWorld, but a new update to the service may have boosted (or dropped) your score without you doing a thing.

  • Opinion: Facebook Turns to Users to Help Combat Phishing

    Facebook wants to fight back against phishing attacks targeting its users, so it is asking users to begin forwarding any suspicious emails they receive.

  • Opinion: Twitter Gets Political with a Political Index

    The "Twitter Political Index" helps the masses figure out just how the rest of the Twitter world feels about the two presidential candidates. Instead of relying on intuitions of political experts or waiting for the polling phone calls to be made, Twitter's new tool powered by Topsy will keep you informed about the general consensus on the candidates.

  • Opinion: Facebook Unveils New User-Generated Feature: Facebook Stories

    The nearly 1 billion users (fewer, of course, if you don't count all those bogus accounts) who use Facebook every day sure share a lot of stuff. However, a lot of it gets lost in the shuffle.

  • Opinion: Facebook's Recommendations Bar: A Privacy Concern?

    Facebook has rolled out a new feature called the Recommendations Bar for website owners. The Recommendations Bar allows website owners to tap into the social network's database of what you and your friends read, share, and like.

  • Opinion: My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked!

    GoGators complained to the Answer Line forum about his hacked Twitter account.

  • Opinion: Betaworks Digs Under Sofa Cushions, Finds Change, Buys Digg

    The social news pioneering site--once rumored to be worth $200 million to Google--Thursday was practically given away.

  • Opinion: Facebook Promises Fix for @facebook.com E-Mail Glitch

    Facebook is working to clean up the mess after it decided to hide e-mail addresses besides its own @facebook.com e-mail from users’ profiles. The switch happened last week, and those who sync their contacts with Facebook soon found that all their friends’ e-mail addresses were missing -- only to be replaced by @facebook.com addresses.

  • Opinion: Facebook's 'Find Friends Nearby' -- Good Idea, Needs Work

    If you're having trouble looking up new acquaintances on Facebook, a new feature called "Find Friends Nearby" can help.

  • Opinion: Another Crook Caught Because of Posting on Facebook

    Yet another criminal has managed to get himself caught after posting on Facebook.

  • Opinion: Facebook Finally Lets Your Edit Your Comments Anytime

    If you every made a typo in a comment on Facebook, you can now go back and fix it. The social network has started rolling out a feature where you can edit your comments on posts and view the edit history, something that should arrive for most users over the coming days.

  • Opinion: Samsung Dismisses Rumored Facebook-Like Service

    Samsung is denying reports that it is working on a Facebook-like service that will debut next year. The company called the rumors “groundless” on its blog, adding that what it’s working on is far from a Facebook competitor.

  • Opinion: 5 Questions On Social Business

    Making the leap into social business isn't easy for any organization. So we like to ask our colleagues in the field for their insights from time to time. This week, we pose five tough questions to Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim, co-authors of Social Business By Design.

  • Opinion: NASA's NuSTAR Conference: Why It Matters

    On May 30th at 10am Pacific (that's 1pm for you East Coast folks), NASA held a news conference to talk about NuSTAR, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array that is being deployed in June to hunt for black holes. As amazing as the NuSTAR itself is, NASA's decision to livestream the event via Ustream with moderated chat--as well as field questions from Twitter (hashtag #AskNASA)--made this an important event to pay attention to.

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