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Latest Social Networks Opinion

  • Opinion: Lesson learned: Facebook's new friend-finding feature is optional

    Facebook is giving the whole location-based friend-finding thing another shot. Almost two years after launching a Find Friends Nearby feature before quickly pulling it, the network is rolling out Nearby Friends. The difference? Way more control over privacy.

  • Opinion: Turns out most people prefer to watch TV instead of tweet about it

    Twitter and Facebook think they're pretty important to TV viewers and have spent the last year or so fighting for a piece of advertisers' budgets. But it turns out that most people aren't paying attention to social media at all when they tune in to their favorite shows.

  • Opinion: No more in-app chat: Facebook moving messages to Messenger

    Get ready for another major Facebook change. The company is stripping messages from its iOS and Android apps and directing users to install Facebook Messenger if they want to keep chatting with friends.

  • Opinion: As IDC Sees It, Tech's 'Third Platform' Disrupts Everyone

    What IDC deems the third platform of computing -- social, mobile, cloud and big data -- is transforming IT much faster than the first (mainframe) or second (client/server) platforms ever did. This has tremendous implications for the IT industry, yes, but also for anyone doing business in today's world.

  • Opinion: Twitter adds photo-sharing features as Instagram nips at the network's heels

    People love photos. Case in point: The popularity of Instagram, which has racked up 200 million active users in less than half of the time Twitter's been around. Twitter, in case you forgot, has only 241 million active users. So on Wednesday, Twitter forged its own spot in the photo-sharing field with a simultaneous update for iOS and Android now rolling out to users.

  • Opinion: TV on Twitter: Tweets get you to tune in and click through, study shows

    Twitter's TV push is working, new numbers show. Not only do tweets about TV shows get you to tune in and join the conversation, they can also get you to click on ads and buy products. That's news Twitter can--and will--use to its advantage.

  • Opinion: Twitter reportedly drops plan to encrypt direct messages

    End-to-end encryption is widely considered the best defense against a surveillance dragnet, but the tech companies that many of us interact with on a daily basis--Facebook, Google, Twitter--have been slow to offer protections for users. The Verge reported Wednesday that Twitter, which had reportedly planned to encrypt direct messages, has dropped the project to focus on more pressing matters.

  • Opinion: Tinder verifies celebs because famous people hook up, too

    Celebrities have really tough lives. They're hounded by photographers, take meaningless work just to scrape by, and have trouble meeting attractive people for casual flings.

  • Opinion: Read it and swipe: The best social news app for every reader

    There's nothing quite like unfolding a newspaper, scanning the day's headlines, and diving into a local news story or an image-rich feature. It's a wholly immersive experience that ends with your brain full of knowledge and your fingertips covered in ink.

  • Opinion: Extra, extra: Facebook's Paper hits stands

    Facebook's attempt at reinvention has arrived: Paper, an iOS app that turns your News Feed into a newspaper, is now available for download.

  • Opinion: Blocked! User outrage spurs Twitter to reverse policy change

    Twitter quietly changed its blocking policy on Thursday, but the ensuing user outrage caused the company to quickly backtrack and apologize for the change.

  • Opinion: Why Snapchat will never be worth $3 billion

    It was the number that ricocheted across the Internet, a number so large it couldn't be real: 3 billion. Dollars. In cash. Facebook reportedly offered that tidy sum for Snapchat, the disappearing-message app that has become tech's most sought-after startup.

  • Opinion: How to report spam and other violations on Facebook

    Facebook can be a source of amusement--and annoyance. Spam. Obnoxious faux-inspirational quotes. Ill-informed political opinions. Personalized ads that are totally irrelevant to you. Luckily for you, Facebook makes it easy to block posts that bug you and report them if necessary.

  • Opinion: Juggle multiple Twitter accounts in Google Chrome

    I'm not what you would call a heavy Twitter user (I've lost weight! Kidding, kidding...), but I do have two accounts I like to check daily. And doing that in my browser is quite the hassle, as it means signing out of one account, signing into the other, and on and on. If I had three, four, or even more accounts, it would really be a nightmare.

  • Opinion: How to stay private now that anyone can find you on Facebook

    Facebook is tweaking your privacy settings again, but it's not quite as serious as it sounds--the change, which removes an option to hide your name in search results, was announced last December and has already been in effect for 90 percent of users. On Thursday, Facebook removed the option for the last users still hanging on.

  • Opinion: How to stay safe on Pinterest and Tumblr

    There has been a lot of talk regarding safety and privacy on Facebook and Twitter, but what about the others? Here's how to use Pinterest and Tumblr safely.

  • Opinion: Twitter is up for sale and going public.

    Following on from Facebook, Twitter has announced it is to be floated on the stock exchange. As the IPO approaches we look at why the micro-blogging site is important, and how stockholders will change its ideals.

  • Opinion: Twitter power: avoid purgatory by following the pope

    The pope has turned to Twitter and other forms of social media for one of the Vatican's favorite pastimes: handing out plenary indulgences.

  • Opinion: Home of the strange: The web's weirdest places

    The Internet is a strange, odd, whacked-out place. Yes, there are some crazy people out there, and many of them have found the web to be a powerful outlet for their craziness.

  • Opinion: Matchmaking app Tinder is tech's answer to 'How I Met Your Mother'

    "Let me tell you the story of how I met your mother," a father tells his young son, gazing misty-eyed into the distance as he relives the experience. "It was on the iPhone app Tinder. We both swiped to the right."

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