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  • Opinion: Why You Should Stop Worrying and Let End Users Have iPads

    When employees have technology they like, they'll make themselves productive in ways you never dreamed. So let them have their iPads and Android tablets.

  • Opinion: Fit for purpose

    Who would deny that the hottest topic in consumer electronics right now is the tablet PC? And since there’s only one tablet PC onsale that – in my opinion, anyway – fulfils the description ‘fit for purpose’, we must inevitably turn toward the iPad.

  • Opinion: Opinion: An iPad for everyone, they're just not all iPads

    Apple's iPad is a success. The speed with which Apple flogged a million units of its sugar-coated 9.7in tablet PC was unprecedented, and anyone who's visited a US hotel recently will have thrilled at the site of business titans hanging around the lobby to get online. (Note to hoteliers: the iPad has no ethernet port. Give the rooms wireless.)

  • Opinion: The three screens

    Last year Microsoft was trumpeting the concept of ‘three screens and a cloud’ to inspire its customers to look for money-making opportunities beyond desktop PC culture. (Remember, Microsoft’s main customers are not really consumers, but the PC hardware manufacturing companies that it persuades to preinstall its Windows software.)

  • Opinion: Inside Apple's new Covent Garden shop

    This Saturday, Apple will open its latest retail shop - this one in London's bustling Covent Garden. Unlike the opening of, say, a boring BlackBerry shop, this event stirs the interest of media and public alike.

  • Opinion: Plummeting Palm in search of a buyer

    Palm has fought the good fight, but disappointing smartphone sales and even more disappointing stock prices are forcing it on to the auction block. The sale of Palm has moved beyond the rumour and speculation stage with Palm actively seeking a buyer this week.

  • Opinion: Caring for your laptop: Top six tips

    You're more likely to damage a laptop than a desktop PC (no one has ever driven off, forgetting the desktop on top of their car) and, once damaged, laptops are harder and more expensive to repair. So here's how to look after your laptop.

  • Opinion: Why Google Chrome OS is bad for business

    IT manager Michael Scalisi argues that Google Chrome OS has a long way to go before it becomes the primary operating system for most companies.

  • Opinion: Office 2010: Is this the best Microsoft can do?

    From what's been reported so far, I don't see much to like about Office 2010. The discussion thus far has lacked a single 'killer feature' that makes me want to shell out a few hundred quid for an Office that seems only fractionally better than what I'm already using.

  • Opinion: Does the world really need another operating system?

    When Google first launched its Chrome Web browser, many of us immediately saw Chrome as Google's extension of an operating system.

  • Opinion: Snow Leopard to boot Windows out of the enterprise?

    It could be that a real battle is brewing between operating systems. Apple will fire first by releasing Mac OS X 10.6, known as Snow Leopard, in September. Microsoft's response, Windows 7, will hit store shelves a few weeks later, on October 22.

  • Opinion: Why you need to save money on printing today

    Here's some facts to throw your way in these times of economic woe and love for Mother Nature: 18 percent of print outs are immediately thrown away, those that are required are binned less than three hours later, and the average business spends 8 percent of its turnover on printer costs.

  • Opinion: Vista or XP? It's all about the money

    To upgrade to Windows Vista or not to upgrade to Vista? That is the question. And the answer is money.

  • Opinion: Why Mac OS X is taking over the world

    Net Applications research data suggests that Mac OS X market share is inching its way to 10 percent of all computing platforms, standing currently at 9.93 percent.

  • Opinion: For remote working: just add water

    Snow's frozen water, right? Well, the addition of a few inches of the stuff has caused all of the south east of England to grind to a halt.

  • Opinion: Explaining the UK's drunken porno office party

    So more than one in three UK office workers surf for porn at work, it seems. (And PC Advisor's own research suggests a similar proportion of users intend to stick with Windows XP. Is there a correlation between operating system luddites and workplace willy worriers? I think we should be told.)

  • Opinion: Replace desktop PCs with netbooks

    They're cheaper, greener, and capable enough for everyday business work - if you can get XP Pro on them

  • Opinion: Printer makers: give us cheap, high-quality prints

    It was long a sacred truth among printer manufacturers: to part punter and cash, slash cost of hardware, stick impressive (and unrealistic) print speeds on box, recoup cost in toner and paper. Rub hands, emit low chuckle, back away slowly until reaching bank.

  • Opinion: Will Wall Street woes hurt the IT industry?

    While the high-profile troubles of major financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG in the US have stoked recession fears, many analysts say that IT spending will continue to grow.

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