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More Security Opinion

  • Opinion: Warning: Java Zero Day Flaw Under Attack

    Java is under attack again. A zero-day vulnerability in Java is being actively exploited in the wild. The current attacks seem to be targeted, but security experts warn that more widespread attacks could be imminent.

  • Opinion: How to configure Dropbox's two-step authentication

    Following in the footsteps of Google and other services, Dropbox this weekend enabled two-factor authentication to bring enhanced security to its users.

  • Opinion: 'Big Security' a Natural, Necessary Extension of Big Data

    Big data is poised to grow well beyond the enterprise - and anything we can imagine today. Think of how the assembly line changed the automobile and, consequently, our lives. Keeping big data secure will require an equally innovative approach. CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden calls it 'big security,' and he doesn't think the industry is ready for it yet.

  • Opinion: Google Beefing Up Privacy Swat Team

    Less than two weeks after agreeing to pay a $22.5 million fine for violating the privacy of the users of Apple's Safari web browser, Google is beefing up its privacy team to make sure that past mistakes aren't repeated.

  • Opinion: Chrome/Firefox Extension Gmelius Makes Gmail More Readable

    With numerous buttons and options you may never use, Gmail's rich interface can get in the way of actually reading email. To be fair, Google packs a lot of functionality into the interface, but no interface is perfect for 100% of its users. Gmelius is a simple Chrome extension and/or Firefox add-on that lets you pick and choose which features you want to see, and how you want to use them.

  • Opinion: iPhone Flaw Allows SMS Spoofing, Says Hacker

    A hacker known for jailbreaking Apple devices claims that the iPhone is vulnerable to text message spoofing, even in the latest beta of iOS 6.

  • Opinion: Has Android Malware Tripled in Recent Months? Not So Fast

    There never seems to be any shortage of Android malware reports circulating in the news, and today one came out that sounds alarming indeed.

  • Opinion: iCloud: security risk?

    Apple's iCloud service, which was recently forced upon former-users of mac.com (including myself), has not proven to be a shiny seamless service. Many tech journos complain that iCloud doesn't represent the user-experience associated with Cupertino's decades-long tradition as a quality-brand.

  • Opinion: Microsoft and Adobe Keep IT Busy with Critical Security Patches

    It's Patch Tuesday again. This month is busier than most because on top of Microsoft's security bulletins, Adobe is also releasing updates for Reader and Acrobat.

  • Opinion: Blizzard Hack: A Security Guide For Battle.net Users

    If you play PC games from Blizzard Entertainment such as Diablo III and World of Warcraft you need to review your account security as soon as you can.

  • Opinion: Facebook Turns to Users to Help Combat Phishing

    Facebook wants to fight back against phishing attacks targeting its users, so it is asking users to begin forwarding any suspicious emails they receive.

  • Opinion: How Did Apple Allow Hackers to Access iCloud Account?

    The Internet is abuzz this weekend as a result of the Gizmodo Twitter account getting hijacked. That incident was traced back to the hack of an Apple iCloud account--allegedly accomplished through social engineering.

  • Opinion: DEFCON 20 Roundup: Lessons in Security

    The blog post, "DEFCON 20 Roundup: Lessons in Security," which was incorrectly attributed to PC World and posted Monday, has been removed from the wire. The blog originated at Computerworld and should not have been sent to the News Service via the automatic feed

  • Opinion: Predictive Analytics Might Not have Predicted the Aurora Shooter

    The story, "Predictive Analytics Might Not have Predicted the Aurora Shooter," which posted Monday, has been removed from the wire. The story, which was incorrectly attributed to PC World, originated as a Computerworld blog and should have been sent to the News Service in the automatic feed

  • Opinion: DEFCON 20 Roundup: Lessons in Security

    Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: The hills are alive...

  • Opinion: Facebook's Recommendations Bar: A Privacy Concern?

    Facebook has rolled out a new feature called the Recommendations Bar for website owners. The Recommendations Bar allows website owners to tap into the social network's database of what you and your friends read, share, and like.

  • Opinion: Faced with Forcebook

    The security continuum dictates that we trade convenience for security. Leaving your front door unlocked means you never need to worry about forgetting your keys, but do you want to abandon that level of security? Of course you don't.

  • Opinion: It's a Huge Mistake to Remove Password Prompt for Free Apps in iOS 6

    According to sources with access to the developer beta of iOS 6, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system will allow users to download and install free apps without requiring a password. If Apple doesn’t fix that before iOS 6 is officially launched, it will significantly impair the security of iOS devices.

  • Opinion: Verizon, AT&T, Others Make Big Bucks Sharing Customer Data

    A creepy issue is bubbling up in Congress involving the dramatic uptick in the number of requests to cellular carriers from law enforcement for people’s cell phone records.

  • Opinion: Your Brain Can Remember Passwords Without You Even Realizing It

    No matter how advanced our technology gets, passwords remain a weak link when serious security is required. As reported by New Scientist, a group at Stanford University has come up with a possible way around this problem, by developing a way to store complex passwords in the human brain without said human actually remembering the password.

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