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  • Opinion: How Do I See Who's Been Using My PC?

    AzharIqbal asked the Other Hardware forum how to see who else is using his computer.

  • Opinion: Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions

    The fourth paragraph of the PC World blog, "Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions," which posted to the newswire Sunday, was missing some words. The story has been corrected on the wire and that paragraph now reads:

  • Opinion: Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions

    Google has suspended prepaid capabilities on credit cards linked to its mobile wallet after a security flaw was exposed.

  • Opinion: Hack Attacks Proliferate with CIA, State of Alabama Latest Victims

    Hackers are on a spree again with the latest infiltration of websites run by the CIA and the state of Alabama, an alarming trend that lays bare the ease and frequency with which they seem to be able to cause mischief.

  • Opinion: Protect Our Data! A Digital Consumer Bill of Rights

    You've been uploading pictures, sharing stories, and entering personal data into your favorite social network for years. Now the network says that all of your data is public and that it's going to share the information with an advertiser.

  • Opinion: Hackers Ask 'Will You Be My Valentine?'

    There are only five days to Valentine's Day. Those of you who are shocked by that revelation are prime targets for Valentine's Day related spam and phishing attacks as hackers hope to catch you with your guard down for this day of romance.

  • Opinion: Can I Safely Open a File That Contains "Macros?"

    Ronald Albaitis tried opening a file and got a warning that it contained "macros." He asked me what they are and whether he should be concerned.

  • Opinion: Know Your Internet Bad Guys

    Anyone who makes a habit of wandering around in cyberspace should print this TrendLabs infographic, posted Wednesday, and keep it close at hand. This colorful web poster contains info on Internet bad guys, and helps people avoid getting scammed, hacked, or hurt by malware.

  • Opinion: Google's New 'Bouncer' Targets Android Market Malware

    Hard on the heels of the controversy that arose recently around Symantec and its claims that numerous apps on the Android Market were actually malware in disguise, Google on Thursday unveiled a new tool to help it identify malicious apps.

  • Opinion: SaaS, APTs and Asymmetric Risk Take Spotlight at Security Threats 2012

    What's your stance on SaaS? Is your perimeter as secure as you think? How can the insurance calculus on asymmetric risk illuminate your company's security exposure? CIO.com's Bernard Golden recaps the provocative discussions entertained at the Security Threat 2012 conference.

  • Opinion: Symantec Shouldn't Backpedal on Android 'Malware'

    Symantec stirred up controversy last week when it announced the discovery of apps in the Android Market that it deemed malicious. Symantec has now stepped back from calling the apps "malware", but it still maintains that the apps in question do unwanted things that legitimate apps shouldn't do...so what's the difference, exactly?

  • Opinion: Norton Wants To Help You Remember Your Password

    If you're anything like me, you're usually quick to reach for the "Forgot Password" link on most webpages that you don't visit that often. Sure you could have your browser remember your passwords for everything, but that probably isn't the best approach when it comes to handling your login information.

  • Opinion: Facebook Timeline Privacy Tips: Lockdown Your Profile

    Facebook's Timeline is coming, whether you like it or not, to Facebook accounts everywhere - including yours. I've been using Timeline for about a month now, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

  • Opinion: Five Ways to Protect Your Email at Work

    Despite the popularity of real-time communications like instant messaging, as well as updates via Facebook and Twitter, most workplaces still use and rely on email. As handy as email can be, it can also be dangerous. Attachments can contain viruses, and email messages can hide phishing links that lead you to fake websites in an attempt to steal your login information.

  • Opinion: Google Privacy Policy Claims Challenged By Watchdog

    Google's privacy policy changes have caught the attention of an independent watchdog of the federal cloud that is worried about security risks for government workers.

  • Opinion: Google Doodle Commemorates Largest Snowflake

    Google simulates a wintertime country scene in its latest Doodle commemorating a very large snowflake that supposedly fell 125 years ago.

  • Opinion: Google's New Privacy Policy Won't Apply to Government Workers

    Google's has clarified its new privacy policy to say that it will not apply to government workers. The announcement came after Google was criticized by SafeGov.org, an independent watchdog.

  • Opinion: Google Revamps Its Myriad of Privacy Guidelines Into One Document

    Google is clear cutting its current forest of privacy policies.

  • Opinion: MegaUpload Alternatives: 6 Sites Still Open for Business

    The U.S. government's shutdown of MegaUpload might have seemed like bad news for online file sharing, but it could be a boon for other file sharing sites -- at least those that aren't afraid to keep operating. While some MegaUpload alternatives have suspended operations or restricted U.S. visitors, others are alive and well, and remain confident about staying that way.

  • Opinion: Civil Liberties Groups Hail Supreme Court GPS Decision

    The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that warrants must be obtained before the government can attach a GPS tracking device to a motor vehicle--and this decision is being hailed as a victory for individual rights by civil liberties groups.

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