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More Photo & Video Opinion

  • Opinion: This Insane 4K Video Camera Captures Four Billion Pixels Per Second

    If you thought LG's 84-inch 4K HDTV was too crazy to be real, you probably won't believe in this insane 33-megapixel Super Hi-Vision-format camera.

  • Opinion: Facebook Camera Sucks, But Don't Blame Facebook

    After paying $1 billiondollarsforInstagram about six weeks ago, Facebook recently launched its own Instagram clone, FacebookCamera, and like many people I wanted to check it out right away.

  • Opinion: Move Over Instagram, Here Comes Facebook Camera

    Facebook might have acquired Instagram, but that's not stopping the site from releasing a social photo-sharing app of its own.

  • Opinion: Stream Media From Your PC to Your Roku Box

    To borrow from Woody Allen, love is too weak a word to describe how I feel about my Roku box. I lurve it.

  • Opinion: 5 Steps for Great Action Photos

    Summer is upon us, and that means we'll be spending a lot more time outdoors, capturing photos of stuff--kids, friends, cars, planes, dogs--in action. Perhaps you've applied some of the ideas in "Digital Photography Tips: Capture Summer Action," and discovered that some of your action photos lacked the excitement you saw in the viewfinder. That's the problem with freezing the action. Sometimes, it's just too frozen. The antidote? A classic photo technique known as panning. This week, let's review five things you need to know to pan the action to get some exciting, vibrant action photos.

  • Opinion: Gifting Mac App Store apps, emailing videos, and more

    It's time to flush out the latest collection of too-short-for-a-full-entry Mac 911 questions and answers. We start with reader SuSu:

  • Opinion: Nintendo Wii U Not Yet Out, But Purported Photo Surfaces

    Nintendo isn't quite ready to pull the curtains off its next generation Wii U, but a purported photo of the game console has already circulated on Twitter.

  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: Syncing tips

    [Ask the iTunes Guy is a regular column in which we answer your questions on everything iTunes related. If there's something you'd like to know, send an email to the iTunes Guy for consideration.]

  • Opinion: Netflix Launches Snazzy New In-Browser Video Player

    Netflix Wednesday rolled out a much-needed update to its in-browser video player. The new player features a revamped control bar, the ability to browse other episodes during playback, and informative text overlays that pop up when you pause the video for a few seconds.

  • Opinion: Organize videos by groups in iTunes

    In iTunes, there are two ways to categorize your videos: as either Movies or TV Shows. Movies are displayed individually, but TV shows are organized in groups, as they would be if they were episodes in the same show. One anonymous Mac OS X Hints reader takes advantage of this to organize all kinds of videos, regardless of their actual source. He uses his Movies library for very large files and puts everything else in TV Shows. So, for example, in his TV Shows library, he has groups called YouTube Videos, Home Videos, Work Stuff, and so on.

  • Opinion: Tricks for Photographing Flowers

    I love this time of year. The days are getting longer, the temperature is on the rise, and all around me, flowers are starting to bloom. This is a great opportunity to grab a camera and capture some of the natural beauty around us, whether it's in your backyard, at the local park, or along a hiking trail just out of town. Recently, I've explained some general-purpose photo tricks like "A Fast Trick to Salvage an Underexposed Photo" and "Four Easy Tricks for Better Photos." This week, let's focus on tips for capturing some great flower photos--they are a great addition to the advice I gave last year on photographing spring flowers.

  • Opinion: This App Lets You Make 3D Models Out of Snapshots

    We blogged last month about 123D Catch, a software package from Autodesk that lets you assemble 3D models from snapshots or video. Autodesk demonstrated it by sending a microcopter around their offices and building a model out of the video it sent back. Now that software has come to your iPad, it's free, and it doesn't require any additional hardware besides the camera already built in.

  • Opinion: Game Of Thrones Tops 2012 Piracy Charts, Copyright Wars Continue

    The second season of Game of Thrones is on track to be 2012's most pirated television show with more than 25 million downloads for the first six episodes since the series' debut on April 1. The show hit its highpoint after episode 5, "The Ghosts of Harrenhal," was downloaded more than 2.5 million times in a single day, according to Forbes citing numbers from media monitoring firm Big Champagne.

  • Opinion: Convert Video Files--Even in Rare Formats--With Any Video Converter

    As the rioting that ended the career (at least as named) of the band "Free Beer" teaches us, you have to be careful what you name something. Free program Any Video Converter is a name that makes a bold promise… And darned if it doesn't deliver.

  • Opinion: 3D-Print This Cool Tilt Shift Camera Lens Adapter

    If you're a serious photographer, you're going to need all the right equipment--in addition to the camera itself, you'll need to carry a multitude of lenses or equipment like flashguns for different environments. Of course, a quick search for the kit you need will tell you that the price soon adds up. Fortunately, 3D printing allows you to dave a few dollars by creating certain lenses.

  • Opinion: DVDs and Blu-rays Will Soon Waste More Time with New Unskippable Piracy Warnings

    In a move that seems like it will encourage piracy rather than curb it, the U.S. government is adding new warning messages that can't be skipped at the outset of DVD and Blu-ray movies. And there won't just be one--there will be two, one to "warn" and one to "educate."

  • Opinion: How to time-stamp your video in iMovie

    I hope we can all agree that it’s good that video cameras no longer burn the date and time into footage as they used to. If you missed this particular piece of video history, cameras had an option to include the date and time on every frame of video. (Many cameras can still do this.)

  • Opinion: Six Good Reasons to Try GIMP 2.8

    Of all the many examples of excellent free and open source software out there, GIMP is surely among the best known examples for offering a no-cost and yet power-packed alternative to an extremely high-priced proprietary market leader.

  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: More iTunes Match questions

    [Ask the iTunes Guy is a regular column in which we answer your questions on everything iTunes related. If there’s something you’d like to know, send an email to the iTunes Guy for consideration.]

  • Opinion: RGBD Toolkit Combines Kinects and DSLRs, Makes a Match Made in Film Geek Heaven

    Previously on GeekTech, we featured a Virtual Cinematography project that overlaid Kinect depth-sensing maps with HD video from a DLSR. It was an incredible feat for quick-made 3D models that only a crack team of professional videographers and programmers could pull off.

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