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  • Opinion: Maru Would Be Proud: Minneapolis to Host Cat Video Film Festival

    As much as I love cats, there is something I've always had trouble understanding: cat videos. Why do people love them so much? Why are they everywhere? More importantly, is there some sort of underground feline-stalking paparazzi that I do not know about? How do they even get all those videos?

  • Opinion: Viacom Pulls Online Videos Over DirecTV Dispute

    Viacom has stopped streaming recent full episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report on Viacom-owned sites as part of the company's widening dispute with satellite cable provider DirecTV. The popular comedy shows are still available on sites such as Hulu.com, but Viacom pulled recent full episodes from its own sites in an attempt to put pressure on the satellite TV provider. Viacom still has about 4,500 older full episodes online for streaming, and show clips are still available. Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are currently on summer hiatus.

  • Opinion: How to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

    Flickr users upload close to 100 million photos to the photo-sharing site each month--and according to Yahoo, the iPhone continues to be the most common "camera" they use to upload all those photos. As more people leave the digital SLR--and even the point-and-shoot--at home, it's worth taking a look at how to get better photos from a smartphone. A few weeks ago I shared my five favorite iPhone apps, so this week I'll run through four handy tips for taking better smartphone photos. (If you have an Android handset, check out top photo apps for Android.) Consider the following to be bonus tips that complement my [

  • Opinion: VLC Player Beta Lands on Android

    VLC, the free media player popular for its capability to play most media formats, is now available for Android phones. You can get VLC for Android beta as a free download on Google Play, although you should wait for the final version if you’re not a power user.

  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: Questions about video

  • Opinion: Go Retro With Polaroid's New Instant Digital Camera

    Polaroid returned to its instant camera roots last y ear, merging the convenience of digital photography with instant printing in the Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera. And now it looks like the company is at it again, as it introduced the Polaroid Z2300 at the CEA Line Show in New York City on Thursday.

  • Opinion: Nexus Q Living Room Battle: Google vs. Apple TV vs. the Rest (Chart)

    With Google TV generally flopping with consumers, Google is trying a second approach to getting space in your living room entertainment center with the Nexus Q streaming media player. The new device is one part Apple TV and one part Sonos music streamer rolled up in a highly designed orb-shaped package. The Nexus Q is generating some early excitement, but the device is going up against tough competition that includes Apple, Roku, and [25 June 2012

  • Opinion: Make White Backgrounds White, Shoot a Wedding, Photos in Court, Best Time to Sharpen, and More

    Have a question about digital photography? Send it to me [mailto:question@davejoh.com]. I reply to as many as I can--though given the quantity of e-mails that I get, I can't promise a personal reply to each one. I round up the most interesting questions about once a month here in Digital Focus.

  • Opinion: Photos to movies: How to transform images into a motion picture

    When reviewing photos using the LCD on the back of my camera, it's fun to keep the navigation button held down and let the camera quickly zip through all the images. Especially since I frequently shoot in burst mode—holding the shutter button to shoot several shots in succession—the effect is like watching a stop-motion animation movie.

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Gets Expanded Ending Sequence; Available June 26

    Game developer BioWare is releasing an expanded ending sequence for Mass Effect 3 following negative feedback from players.

  • Opinion: Gigapixel Photography: Another Promise of Camera Revolution

    Photographers are used to thinking in megapixels, but researchers at Duke University have gone even bigger with the first gigapixel camera for general use.

  • Opinion: Facebook Buys Face.com; Prepare for Easier Photo Tagging

    Facebook has acquired Face.com, a facial recognition start-up, in a likely attempt to make photo-tagging easier on the social network.

  • Opinion: Dropbox for iOS Adds Handy Automatic Camera Uploads

    Cloud storage utility Dropbox updated its iPhone app with automatic uploads of photos and videos from the iPhone's camera roll. The feature works over Wi-Fi and 3G and uploads your photos to the cloud, where you get up to 3GB of free storage.

  • Opinion: How to change photos from color to black and white in iPhoto for iOS

    While iPhoto for iOS has a lot of editing features for color photo enhancement, there's charm to spare in a simple black and white photo. This classic effect in iPhoto for iOS can add a touch of timelessness to your photos, or you can use it to show off dramatic shadows and color contrasts.

  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: Smart playlists

    [Ask the iTunes Guy is a regular column in which we answer your questions on everything iTunes related. If there’s something you’d like to know, send an email to the iTunes Guy for consideration.]

  • Opinion: Amazon Prime Instant Video Adds Hundreds of Classic MGM Movies, TV Shows

    Amazon Prime Instant Video can't match the depth of Netflix's catalog, but it's getting better. Amazon today announced a licensing deal with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios that will bring "hundreds" of classic MGM movies and TV shows to it streaming service this year.

  • Opinion: Mastering Your Camera's Many Exposure Modes

    I have friends who seek out my advice when buying a new camera. They want to know which ones "take the best photos." But after they get their new camera, they never take it out of Auto mode, and are ultimately disappointed with the results. In reality, cameras don't take great photos--but they come with controls that allow people to do so. Unfortunately, it isn't always obvious how to use those settings. In recent weeks, I've explained how to use shutter speed to take action photos and how to dial in great depth of field with the aperture. This week, let's look at the most common exposure modes in popular cameras and talk about why you would use each one.

  • Opinion: Build a 360-Degree Camera Crown on the Cheap--And Look Ridiculous in the Process

    Panorama modes on smartphones are becoming increasingly common and easier to use, all while producing better and better images. The panorama setting on my Galaxy Nexus produces some pretty decent results.

  • Opinion: Use the Aperture to Control the Background in a Photo

    Are you a manual transmission or an automatic transmission kind of person? If you enjoy shifting gears rather than letting the car do it for you, you probably also appreciate taking control of other gadgets, like your camera. But even if you drive your car by moving the stick from P to D, I am sure you'll enjoy mastering your camera's various exposure controls--it just makes for better photography. Recently, I explained how you can improve your photos by understanding when and how to change the shutter speed. That's only half the story, though. This week, let's see how your camera's aperture control can give you a range of different effects.

  • Opinion: Netflix Surges Past Apple, Takes Lead in Online Movie Biz

    Netflix surpassed Apple last year to become the largest U.S. online movie streaming service in terms of revenue, says market research firm IHS.

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