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Latest Photo & Video Opinion

  • Opinion: Xbox Entertainment Studios is doomed, original online programming efforts are not

    Depending on your point of view, Microsoft's decision to close down its Xbox Entertainment Studios barely two months after detailing launch plans for its original programming is a) a quick and cowardly rout, b) a wise strategic withdrawal, or c) proof that the company was never really committed to the online video space in the first place. You be the judge.

  • Opinion: Google Glass: jury still out on the smartglasses concept

    Having just reached the UK, although not yet a finished product, there's been a lot of buzz over Google Glass. But no-one seems very sure of what to think of the smartglasses concept.

  • Opinion: How a Netflix subscriber used VPN to thwart Verizon's streaming slowdown

    It is an accepted network truism that the more hops you add to a signal path, the slower your traffic will be. This should apply to everything, including streaming Netflix over Verizon.

  • Opinion: Simpsons World to provide every Simpsons episode without costing you any d'oh!

    An episode of South Park from a dozen years ago posits that no matter what plotline or joke or cultural reference you can conceive of, chances are that The Simpsons has already done it. Starting in October, you'll be able to verify that for yourself any time you want to.

  • Opinion: Today Aereo, tomorrow Dish? Broadcasters hope for a slippery slope

    The Supreme Court's ruling against Aereo last week may have done more than just shutter the fledgling streaming service. It's now being cited by broadcast networks in legal battles with other providers of streaming video.

  • Opinion: Watch an ad, see a show with Amazon's Instant Video update

    Good news: You're can now watch some free shows on your iPhone or iPad with the Amazon Instant Video app. The bad news: You'll have to sit through some ads to do it.

  • Opinion: Chromecast adds support for PBS Kids, DailyBurn, and Deezer

    The roster of apps compatible with Chromecast keeps on growing. Now you can use Google's $35 streaming stick to access content from PBS Kids, DailyBurn, and Deezer.

  • Opinion: Cord cutters, beware: AT&T's DirecTV buy affects you, too

    Having cut the cable cord, you may glance at the current landscape of big cable providers snapping up slightly-less-big-though-still-large rivals and decide that these megadeals have nothing to do with you. After all, you're getting your entertainment from other sources--over-the-air antennas, online streaming services, and the like. What's it matter to you if AT&T buys up DirecTV or Comcast absorbs Time Warner Cable?

  • Opinion: Decision day looming for Aereo in Supreme Court case

    Sometime this week--maybe Wednesday, maybe Thursday--a Supreme Court ruling could fundamentally change how you get to see on free over-the-air television.

  • Opinion: Google launches a tool for testing your ISP's YouTube performance

    At one point or another, everyone has been subject to the dreaded buffering wheel when trying to watch a video on YouTube or Netflix. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't provide a fast enough connection, you'll either see endless buffering that interrupts your stream, or your video playback will be limited to a lower resolution. Finding out if your ISP is up to snuff can be a tricky proposition, but a new tool from Google will help you determine the current state of your Internet service, and what you can do to remedy the problem.

  • Opinion: ESPN just might start selling Major League Soccer games online...maybe

    ESPN is considering selling access to Major League Soccer (MLS) games online, without requiring viewers to be ESPN subscribers. This means that cord-cutters could access ESPN sports coverage.

  • Opinion: Dropcam expands its home security platform with Dropcam Tabs

    Dropcam Pro is one of the easiest Wi-Fi cameras to set up and use--we thought it could have helped the people in the Dexter universe avoid those pesky serial killers, or maybe just assisted the cops in catching them, with its CSI-like zoom-and-enhance feature. But even the best camera can only see so much.

  • Opinion: It's not TV, it's... YouTube? HBO turns to video site for series debuts

    Missed the debut of John Oliver's new show on HBO this past Sunday? Don't worry--you can find it on YouTube. And Last Week Tonight with John Oliver didn't wind up on the video-sharing site thanks to a copyright-skirting pirate. The pay cable channel itself uploaded the episode.

  • Opinion: Forget streaming video: For real drama, check out the Netflix-Comcast feud

    The public spat between Netflix and Comcast continued this week, as the companies pointed fingers and traded angry words about interconnection fees and net neutrality. It's so embarrassing when corporations fight in front of the kids.

  • Opinion: AT&T helps splash $500 million into some kind of online video service

    As online video takes off, AT&T doesn't want to be left out.

  • Opinion: Google and Viacom settle YouTube suit long after it stopped mattering

    Google and Viacom have finally buried the hatchet over alleged YouTube copyright violations from nearly a decade ago.

  • Opinion: Traveling with your camera: What to take with you

    You don't have to be a National Geographic photographer to take your digital camera on the road. Whether you're embarking on a week-long vacation, a weekend getaway, or even just a day trip, you might want to bring your digital camera with you for better photos than you can snap with your phone alone. But what accessories do you need to take the best photos and to keep them safe? I've rounded up a collection of gear designed for traveling photographers. You won't need to bring everything on this list unless you really are a Nat Geo pro, but you can use the list to find all the essentials that work for you.

  • Opinion: 7 killer tips for editing photos in Android

    For many of us, our phones are now our primary piece of photography equipment. We use them to snap photos, record videos, and share our creations with the world. While most smartphone cameras do a decent job of capturing the moment, it never hurts to know your way around an image-editing app.

  • Opinion: How to keep your camera clean

    Everything gets dusty, dirty, and smudgy. You know that, for instance, because you have a phone. Most of the time, your phone's screen looks like it sunk with the Titanic. If you have a digital camera--either a compact camera or a digital SLR--it's even worse, because the optics are delicate and it doesn't take much gunk to adversely affect your photos.

  • Opinion: How to tweak settings on your webcam

    Here's the setup: You've purchased an HD webcam, either because your Mac doesn't have a camera or you're not satisfied with the camera built into your computer. You jack the thing into your Mac and, sure enough, images from your camera appear in the appropriate applications.

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