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Magnifi Lets You Snap Pictures from Your Telescope and Microscope

Magnifi is an iPhone attachment that lets you take pictures from a microscope, telescope, binoculars, or any optic with an eyepiece.

We’ve previously covered some iPhone attachments that let you dock the camera to a microscope’s eyepiece to take microscopic pictures. But Arcturus Labs wants to take this a step further: It's working on a new iPhone case/attachment, called the Magnifi, that lets you take pictures as seen through your microscope, telescope, binoculars, or any optic with an eyepiece.

To use the Magnifi, you simply need to slip your iPhone into the Polycarbonate case and slide the eyepiece converter over the eyepiece of your optic of choice. You’ll have to move the camera closer to your eyepiece until the picture looks good to you, and then lock it all in place.

The Magnifi works with any eyepiece that’s 1 to1.5-inches (25 to 38mm) in diameter and has at least 1 inch (25 mm) of surface area to grip onto. If your eyepiece is on the thinner side of the required diameter, the Magnifi comes with a silicone band to make sure your iPhone is snuggly attached.

The Magnifi is afocal, meaning there aren’t any additional lenses or optics between the eyepiece and the camera, so you can take pictures of the stars or microbes as your eye would see it…or if you must…Instagram it.

Although Arcturus Labs has already met its Kickstarter goal for Magnifi, you can still contribute and pick one up for $60 ($20 less than its eventual retail price).


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