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This 5.4-Megapixel Micro-Display Is the Future of Electronic Viewfinders

MicroOLED develops a 5.4-megapixel, 2560 by 2048-pixel resolution 0.61-inch display that could be used as an electronic-viewfinder.

A Micro Three-Fourths camera can just about do anything an SLR can do, thanks to its interchangeable lenses and a sensor that's larger than what you'll find on the typical point-and-shoot cameras. The only problem is a lackluster electronic viewfinder that just can't match the quality of real light passing through an optical-viewfinder.

MicroOLED is looking to change that with this brand new 5.4-megapixel, 0.61-inch OLED display. With a 2560 by 2048-pixel resolution, it will look better than that image-preview screen on the back of your camera.

Sadly, that super-high resolution will only display a monochromatic (black & white) image. In full 16-million color mode, the resolution drops to 1.3 megapixels. That's still an impressive pixel density and the screen only draws about 0.2 watts, which makes it perfect for an electronic viewfinder.

So far, the few electronic viewfinders that have been available on Mirco-3/4 cameras have used LCD panels that put out a poor refresh rate and such a low pixel density that you could see the individual dots. Using an OLED display allows for a much higher pixel count, lower power consumption, and a faster screen refresh rate.

Do you still swear to an optical viewfinder? Leave a comment.

[MicroOLED via OLED-Display]

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