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Send Video Business Cards with the Eyejot Video Mail App

Make yourself memorable by sending new contacts a video clip shot right on your iPhone or iPad.

Business cards are so 20th-century. (They might even date back to the 19th; I'll have to check.) Think about it: someone hands you a business card and it ends up stuffed in your pocket, crumpled, forgotten.

Even if you do fish it out at some later date, will you even remember the person who handed it to you? It's hard to make a lasting impression with a little square of paper.

Enter Eyejot Video Mail, a free iOS app that lets you create and send video messages. Even better, it gives you the tools to create and send vCards--video business cards.

This is better shown than explained, so check out this example vCard from Eyejot founder/CEO David Geller.

Cool, right? Instead of a small, static, impersonal piece of paper, you can send a personalized video greeting that includes all your contact information (or as much as you care to share, anyway).

I think that's likely to make you more memorable to a client or customer.

The app's interface is a little confusing at first, at least for setting up vCards, but there's excellent built-in help that explains the process of creating cards (you can set up more than one, helpful if you want to use different messages for different contacts), composing them to new contacts, and sending them.

You can pair Eyejot Video Mail with a free Eyejot account, but the app will cost you $3.99. Obviously you can accomplish the same basic thing with the stock video-recorder app and a descriptive e-mail signature. But I think Eyejot Video Mail offers a more versatile video-greeting solution, one that can really help you stand out from the business-card crowd.

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