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  • Opinion: Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight Ships Early

    When Barnes & Noble first announced its latest e-reader, the Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight, the company indicated it would ship the e-reader in early May. Well, scratch that--the company began shipping the GlowLight e-reader this week to pre-orders. The e-reader is still expected to be for sale in stores starting in early May.

  • Opinion: 3D Printer Lets You Print Your Own Prescription

    Earlier this year, GeekTech brought you news of how 3D printing could be used to create new human body parts. Now, the magic of three dimensional printing is being put to use in another area of medicine: drugs.

  • Opinion: The New Kindle Touch Upgrade: How to Get It Now

    Amazon plans over the next few weeks to roll out a software upgrade for its Kindle Touch e-reader that includes several useful enhancements via Wi-Fi. But why wait?

  • Opinion: Nook Touch with Front-Lit Display May Be Coming Soon

    Barnes & Noble's next Nook eReader may solve the problem of reading in the dark (or rather, not) on an e-ink screen.

  • Opinion: Some Publishers Quickly Settle E-book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

    Within hours of an anti-trust lawsuit filed against some of the largest trade book publishers in the United States and Apple for fixing the prices on e-books, three of publishers have settled their involvement in the case with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

  • Opinion: Quickly print files from within the Finder

    Reader Warren Lane seeks a way to quickly print his documents. He writes:

  • Opinion: Philips ErgoSensor Monitor Nags at You for Slouching

    You probably spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer screen, watching cat videos and reading awesome articles on Geek Tech. But like most of us, you probably don't think a whole lot about the way you're sitting in front of your monitor.

  • Opinion: Kindle Rumors Hint at Major Upgrade in the Works

    Will the next generation of Amazon's Kindle eReaders feature a dramatic innovation, possibly a color or lighted display? Recent rumors suggest significant changes are coming for the venerable e-reader, which currently has an e-ink display without backlighting or color.

  • Opinion: Report: E-Reading Soars, Shift from Print to E-Books Continues

    Over one-fifth of Americans have read an e-book, ebook ownership is way up after the 2011 holiday shopping season, and one-third of people who read e-books now say they spend more time reading in general, a topically broad-ranging study on e-reading habits by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found.

  • Opinion: LG to Mass-Produce Its First Flexible E-Ink Display--For Real This Time

    We've regularly covered flexible e-ink or e-paper display technology here at GeekTech, mostly as demos that never amount to a real product. But now, LG has announced that it has begun to mass-produce its first-ever flexible plastic e-ink display, which should arrive in Europe by the beginning of next month.

  • Opinion: Researchers Develop a Vibrating Steering Wheel to Replace Your GPS

    When you're feel your steering wheel vibrate, It's usually because you are experiencing some frightening wheel-wobble in a real car or you are getting your money's worth from that force-feedback wheel you bought for Gran Turismo.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: Epson iProjection Beams Presentations to Your Projector

    The Epson iProjection app for iOS helps you cut the cord between your presentation and your projector.

  • Opinion: Retina scan: future screen technology

    Screen technology has come a long way since the early days of computing, but we're hoping the third-generation iPad's quad-resolution screen will make it a pathfinder for Retina-esque displays.

  • Opinion: Cambridge Sets Lasers to Vaporize, Removes Toner From Paper

    We've already got laser printers that bake up fresh sheets of inked paper in seconds. Now, the University of Cambridge is hard at work developing a laser "unprinter" that literally vaporizes toner without damaging the paper it's printed on.

  • Opinion: BlackBerry Releases Mini Keyboard for PlayBook

    Research In Motion recently announced a new mobile keyboard solution for the PlayBook that turns your BlackBerry tablet into a netbook. The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard features a 7.6-inch wide Bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad and carrying case priced at $120. Accessory makers already offer similar protective cases, keyboard stands and pint-sized Bluetooth keyboards that complement RIM's 7-inch PlayBook. But this accessory has the official blessing of RIM, a stance that may be important to some users. The BlackBerry Store is accepting online pre-orders for the Mini Keyboard and shipping starts March 23.

  • Opinion: The DasKeyboard Brings Back the Feel of an IBM Selectric

    While I was cruising the show floor here at South by Southwest, I stumbled upon the retro keyboard from Metadot Corporation called the DasKeyboard.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Develops a Faster Touchscreen With Only One Millisecond of Lag

    Touchscreens are supposed to offer us the most direct finger-to-screen interaction with our devices, but have you ever noticed that it takes a split second for something to actually happen?

  • Opinion: Why Apple Should Pair the iPod Nano with the iPhone

    Apple has made some significant progress breaking down corporate walls and establishing iOS mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and even Mac OS X as viable business platforms. One Apple device that isn't generally thought of as a business tool at all, though, is the iPod. But, with a few tweaks the iPod Nano could be a much more capable device.

  • Opinion: Apple's Alleged E-book Price Fixing: What You Need To Know

    The Justice Department has thrown a wet blanket on Apple's iPad announcement week, warning Apple and the five biggest publishers that it will sue them for e-book pricing collusion. The threat has been on the horizon for months, but today's news was the first formal statement from the government.

  • Opinion: Report: eReader Sales Down -- Way Down

    Place Amazon's Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire side by side. Which display looks more dynamic and compelling?

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