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  • Opinion: Inside the shadowy underground of Korean monitor sales

    If you're in the market for a new high-definition desktop monitor, take note: You may be able to pick up a very good Korean-made display for far less money than what you'd spend on, say, an Asus, Dell, HP, or Samsung model. Sure, you'll have to cope with odd product branding, limited functionality, and less-than-inspired product design; but if your primary concern is image quality, a Korean display purchased on eBay could be just the ticket.

  • Opinion: How to Sync Your iDevice When the Case Gets in the Way

    Reader Jed wrote in with this problem:

  • Opinion: Lexmark: Inkjet Printers Are Dead, Long Live Laser Printers

    Does Lexmark's exit from the inkjet printer business mean that inkjets are in trouble, or that Lexmark is in trouble?

  • Opinion: Microsoft Patents an Advanced Multi-Touch Stylus

    The humble stylus may be getting a radical makeover, with powerful touch and other sensors built into the tablet and smartphone accessory, according to a Microsoft patent recently approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Opinion: The truth about wireless speeds

    Most people will find 802.11n wireless networking sufficiently fast, but it’s actually slower than last century’s wired ethernet. A truly nippy wireless data system, such as that promised by 802.11ac, is long overdue.

  • Opinion: My Internet Connection Randomly Drops Off

    Jake Clarke asked why his Internet connection completely drops out every so often.

  • Opinion: Barnes & Noble Cuts Nook Prices

    Barnes & Noble is cutting the prices of its 7-inch Nook Color and Nook Tablet devices, trying to keep its slate brand competitive with direct rivals such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7. You can now pick up a Nook Color for $150, an 8GB Nook Tablet for $180, and a 16GB Nook Tablet for $200. The price cut is a $20 savings for the Color and the 8GB Tablet, and $50 off the 16GB Nook Tablet.

  • Opinion: Amazon Starts Fire Sale on Kindle DX

    Looking for a good deal on a Kindle? Better act quickly--Amazon cut the price of its 9.7-inch Kindle DX by $110 to $269 on Friday, spurring speculation that perhaps a new large-screen Kindle is on the way.

  • Opinion: Powder Power! Pwdr Is an Open-Source 3D Powder Printer That You Can Build

    3D printing is slowly becoming the next big thing. Over the last few weeks, we've heard of people making everything from blood vessels to kid-sized exoskeletons--the possibilities seem almost endless. But what if you're too broke to buy yourself a 3D printer and too cool make yet another RepRep 3D printer? The answer is simple: cement your individuality and build yourself a Pwdr instead.

  • Opinion: One way to reduce glare on an iMac

    The Macworld Lab handles a lot of hardware. Eventually, something’s going to break, and you hope that it’s something inconsequential or easy to replace. But, everyone once in a long while, something happens to a major piece of hardware, something that makes your heart stop for a second.

  • Opinion: Improve Black-and-White Photos, Obtain Ideal Scanner Settings, and More

    Have a question about digital photography? Send it to me. I reply to as many as I can—though given the quantity of email that I receive, I can’t promise a personal reply to each one. I round up the most interesting questions about once a month here in Digital Focus.

  • Opinion: Print a Smell on a Postcard

    If you open your mailbox and you smell something good, don't get too hungry just yet. It might just be a postcard with an imprinted smell.

  • Opinion: Ben Heck Creates Portable, Autonomous 3D Printer, Makes DIY Community Jealous

    3D printers are pretty incredible things, right? Serial modder Ben Heck thinks so too, especially considering how so many of the parts for his various projects were made on one. For his latest project, Ben not only made a 3D printer, but a smaller, more portable kind of 3D printer. Meet the Briefcase Printer.

  • Opinion: The ChargeCard Is The Compact USB Charger We've All Been Waiting For

    Although they do exist, portable chargers for mobile devices often suffer from a very significant issue--their size. At some point in any cell phone user's week, there's likely to be a moment of panic when the battery is dwindling and an outlet or charger is nowhere in sight. And nobody wants to carry around an easily tangled charging cable if they can avoid it.

  • Opinion: New iPod Nano: Shapeshifting One More Time?

    Apple products often retain a consistent design over several generations, but the iPod nano is an exception. The images below, provided by our friends at Macworld, clearly illustrate this point. The 3rd-generation iPod nano was short and wide; the 4th- and 5th-gen models were relatively tall and thin; and the current 6th-gen nano is nearly square with wristwatch-like dimensions.

  • Opinion: Finally: Indoor GPS System Uses Your Smartphone and Earth's Magnetic Field

    I personally think that GPS technology is possibly the greatest invention ever, since it has saved me weeks of wandering around in circles. The only problem is that it might not work if you're in a large building (like your local megamall) or underground (driving through Boston's underground highway, for instance).

  • Opinion: Sharing a wireless keyboard and mouse

    Reader Alan Lynch has one keyboard, one mouse, and multiple Macs. And that started him wondering. He writes:

  • Opinion: Fat Thumb Recognizes Your Oversized Digits, Lets You Multitouch Zoom With One Finger

    Touchscreen interfaces make it really easy to flick though apps and webpages with a single finger. But it's always an awkward moment whenever I have to do some multi-touch action, because I need to use my other hand to hold my phone, and that hand might be holding a Shake Shack burger (better than In-n-Out!) or a beverage.

  • Opinion: How to use an external microphone with a MacBook Air

    Reader and frequent Macworld contributor, Glenn Fleishman should know better than to send me a question via Twitter’s direct message, as I’m sure to blab it to the rest of the world. He messaged:

  • Opinion: The Business Benefits of Adding a Second Monitor

    For my money, there's no better way to transform your computing experience than by adding a second monitor.

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