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It's scientific fact: girls love pink

But it's nothing you should worry your pretty little head about - it's evolution and your love of ruddy-faced chaps, sweetheart. Two Newcastle University researchers have 'proved' that girls have a preference for pink (and boys love blue).

So all those pink laptops, phones and GPS devices are not patronising at all. In fact, they're simply giving the beautiful ladies what they want. Ahem.

Anya C Hurlbert and Yazhu Ling of Newcastle University's Institute of Neuroscience and School of Biology and Psychology asked 208 young males and females to select as quickly as possible their colour of choice from coloured rectangles.

In general respondents preferred blue. But when asked to select from a spectrum ranging from red through blue and green to yellow, women came down in favour of red.

And through the magic of science this means that girls like pink. Eh? I'll let Hurlbert explain: "This shifts their colour preference slightly away from blue towards red, which tends to make pinks and lilacs the most preferred colours."

Okay... I can sort of get on board so far. But is this nature or nurture? I mean, the women tested may prefer pink precisely because ever since they grew out of their pink bedroom, they've had the likes of Dell and Lenovo thrusting pink laptops their way. (And since when was 208 a reasonable sample number anyway?)

Hurlbert takes the scientist's view of her results - the kind of scientist who draws a 30ft dinosaur based on a 6in bone fragment, granted, but a scientist nonetheless: "Evolution may have driven females to prefer reddish colours - reddish, ripe fruits, healthy, reddish faces."

So there you have it ladies. You desire that pink mobile phone because you love to make meals for wheezing, red-faced City bankers. It's science, innit? Bonkers science.

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