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  • Opinion: Top PC Component Picks of the Year

    This year has been a busy one for do-it-yourself PC enthusiasts. Between Intel's Sandy Bridge, AMD's Bulldozer, and a series of ever-faster GPUs, we're surrounded by options. Of course, that can make the planning process for the new PC build even more complicated. Should you buy the best CPU your motherboard can handle, or should you spend the money on a midlevel processor in a brand-new motherboard that you can easily upgrade later? Do you want to build the system to last for one year--or five?

  • Opinion: Troubleshoot Bad RAM Modules with MemTest86+

    Think you might have a bad RAM module in your PC? Freeware utility MemTest86+ will run a memory diagnostic to help you find out. Before I explain more, a true story...

  • Opinion: Channel your negative thoughts

    Being connected allows us to take advantage of all sorts of things: above all else, the web is an exceptional source of information. But it also lets us channel our negative thoughts.

  • Opinion: Elastic USB Cables Can Transfer Power and Data--and Stretch

    If there was one thing I hate about technology, it's cable management. I always seem to have one cord that's just an inch too short or has so much slack that makes it look like I have a jungle of vines behind my desk.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 16: Stuck in Upload Hell

    30 Days With the Cloud: Day 16

  • Opinion: Apple iPhone 4 "Self-Combusts" on Airplane

    In what appears to be a one-off incident and not a general manufacturing flaw, a passenger's iPhone 4 "self-combusted" on an Australian flight last Friday, according to an airline press release [PDF].

  • Opinion: Box Offers Free Cloud Storage for LG Android Devices

    Box is making headlines in cloud-based storage once again. It has enhanced the features of the Box for Android app, and it is teaming up with LG to provide 50GB of free cloud-based storage for all LG Android mobile devices.

  • Opinion: Restore Access to a Write-Protected Hard Drive

    During a bit of housecleaning today, I uncovered an old USB hard drive I hadn't used in a couple years. I decided to plug it in, check the contents, and see if it contained anything I still needed.

  • Opinion: BoardX Stacks the Deck Against Arduino

    Arduino is a great microcontroller, but when you want the ability to easily scale your project or exchange components quickly, that's where BoardX really starts to shine.

  • Opinion: Meet Cotton Candy, the Dual-Core Android USB Device

    We all know that Android is flexible enough to be put on phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. FXI, a technology lab based in Norway, decided to add USB drives to Android's host of platforms.

  • Opinion: Build Your Own Tesla Turbine out of Hard Drive Platters

    What do you do with your old hard drive after you replace it with a new one? SBTroy over at Instructables has managed to add a couple of more years to a hard drives life by converting a bunch of hard drive platters into a 15,000 RPM Telsa Turbine.

  • Opinion: Computer Chip Mimics Human Brain, Still Can't Love You Back

    Feel like your computer regularly outsmarts you? A team at the MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology labs created a chip that could make your computer a bit more human-like when it comes to tackling new tasks.

  • Opinion: Smartphone Battery Breakthrough Coming ... In 3 to 5 Years

    Although iPhone 4S battery drain was a real problem, it also brought up the need for a smartphone battery breakthrough--something so significant that you'll never have to worry about getting through the day on a single charge, even if the battery's not behaving properly.

  • Opinion: Happy Birthday, 4004! Intel's First Microprocessor Turns the Big 4-0

    On Tuesday November 15, Intel held an event in San Francisco to celebrate the fortieth birthday of its 4004 microprocessor--the first complete single-chip central processing unit. At the event, a panel of Intel executives talked about the history of the microprocessor and its future. Federico Faggin, the principal designer of the 4004, was an honored guest who spoke about his work on the project.

  • Opinion: Lighter, More Efficient Solar Cells Look Like Your Retina

    Solar cells for your handheld devices may yet be around corner. A recent discovery in the exotic optical effects on the nanoscale allows thinner and lighter solar cells to absorb a broader spectrum of light.

  • Opinion: Apple: Original iPod Nanos Can Heat Up

    Apple has added another issue to be concerned with to the battery woes in some of its most popular hand-held devices -- overheating.

  • Opinion: Apple's iPhone 4S Battery Troubles Now Joined By New Problems

    Apple says it's still investigating battery drain issues with the iPhone 4S after some users complained that the iOS 5.0.1 update didn't solve their problems. But now Apple is facing new gripes that the iOS 5.0.1 update is causing more problems with the iPhone 4S including; microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss, and cellular network reception issues, according to reports.

  • Opinion: Apple's iOS 5 Update: No Battery Drain Fix?

    Some iPhone 4S users are still complaining about rapid battery drain following Apple's iOS 5.0.1 system update that began rolling out to users Thursday. IOS 5.0.1 was supposed to fix several bugs that caused some iPhone 4S and older iPhone devices to rapidly discharge their batteries. The update also brings more multitouch gestures to the original iPad, several bug fixes for iCloud, and improved Siri voice recognition capability for Australian accents.

  • Opinion: Do You Need a Quad-Core Mobile Device for Work?

    Nvidia's Tegra 2 dual-core processor powers many of the phones and tablets on the market, and it's similar to the one found in Apple's iPad 2. That could change soon, as Nvidia has announced its Tegra 3 quad-core processor, which makes its debut in Asustek Computer's Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet. Generally, more is better, but does your company really need a quad-core mobile device?

  • Opinion: New Tech Can Reduce Battery Charging Time to Mere Seconds

    Waiting for batteries to recharge sucks, but thanks to a recent breakthrough in nanotechnology, someday you may not have to wait for more than a few minutes.

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