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  • Opinion: Replacing an SSD Under Warranty

    I bought a 240GB OCZ RevoDrive 2 solid-state drive from Newegg.com a few months ago, and one day it just decided to quit working. I realized that the product was beyond the return date for Newegg, but wasn’t really worried, since I knew that it had a good warranty from OCZ. I contacted OCZ for authorization to return the SSD, and shipped it back. A month went by and I still hadn’t heard from the company, so I called; an OCZ representative told me that the item was out of stock. So I waited another week and called again--a different rep said that they had plenty of SSDs in stock, and the rep didn’t know why one wasn’t shipped to me. He said he would send one right out. I called back two days later for a tracking number, and the same rep told me that they had not shipped anything

  • Opinion: Microsoft's 3D Transparent Interface Makes Us Feel Like We're Living in the Future

    Windows 8 may seem like a radical change from what came before it, but some of the stuff Microsoft has cooking in its research labs makes Windows 8 look boring by comparison.

  • Opinion: View Your Hard Disk's Hidden Hoards With TreeSize Free

    Getting a new computer is a bit like moving into a new house: At first, there's plenty of room for everything. Then, a few months or years go by, and you find yourself surrounded by random clutter, wondering where all that free space went. I may not have much advice on de-cluttering your house, but if it's your hard drive space you're looking to reclaim, TreeSize Free can provide you with the answers you need.

  • Opinion: How to Share an External Drive Between a Mac and a PC

    Looking to share an external hard drive between a Mac and PC? The best way to do it is with a drive formatted as FAT32. Though this format has some limitations, it enjoys nearly universal support from active platforms, including Mac and Windows operating systems, and many gaming and Linux OSs.

  • Opinion: Atom-Sized Transistor Foretells Quantum Computer, Scientists Say

    Scientists say they have created the first transistor from a single phosphorous atom using near-atomic precision, which could keep development of processors on track with Moore's law until at least 2020 and offers the possibility of a general-purpose quantum computer that processes data significantly faster than current devices.

  • Opinion: Useful Stuff: Plug-In USB Charging Port, Extra Dropbox Storage

    A free account from beloved file-sharing and -storage service Dropbox nets you 2GB of space. Want to boost that to 7GB? You can, and it won't cost you a dime extra.

  • Opinion: Samsung's Next OLED Displays to Feature Tough Lotus Glass

    Although Corning just announced Gorilla Glass 2.0 was just last month at CES 2012, it seems that the company is teaming up with Samsung to develop OLED screens that are as tough as Gorilla Glass.

  • Opinion: Get 5GB of Extra Dropbox Storage, Free

    A free account from beloved file-sharing and -storage service Dropbox nets you 2GB of space. Want to boost that to 7GB? You can, and it won't cost you a dime extra.

  • Opinion: Need More Storage? Reach for the Cloud

    When you start out with a fresh new hard drive, it may seem like it has virtually unlimited capacity. The reality, though, is that it won't take nearly as long to max out that drive as you might think, and you will need to find some way to expand your storage.

  • Opinion: Need More Storage? Expand with External Drives

    Face it. Emails, digital pictures, video clips, and other data can quickly fill up hundreds of gigabytes of space. As your remaining space dwindles to nothing, you have a decision to make in terms of how you're going to expand capacity.

  • Opinion: Megaupload User Data Could Be Wiped Out Thursday

    Fifty million Megaupload customers stand a good chance of being ticked off Thursday when two hosting companies will likely begin deleting user data - including legitimate, non-copyright infringing files - from Megaupload's leased servers, according to court documents. The move is part of the ongoing criminal copyright infringement case against the file-sharing site Megaupload.

  • Opinion: These USB, Wi-Fi Hotspot Cufflinks Will Make You Feel Like James Bond

    Have you ever been out for a night on the town and found yourself wishing you had your USB drive with you? Me neither. But just in case the need should arise, the next time you suit up, why don't you throw on a pair of these cufflinks from Brookstone?

  • Opinion: Is the SD Association Trying to Bully Eye-Fi Out of Intellectual Property?

    Note: The author has contacted Eye-Fi CEO Yuval Koren and the SD Association to comment on this story and will update the post as soon as there is a response.

  • Opinion: How MegaUpload Got To Be A Pirate Poster Boy

    MegaUpload, a file sharing site taken down by the FBI Thursday, has had a history of being in the sights of government enforcers around the world. Here are some milestones from the Website's checkered past.

  • Opinion: MSI GUS II Provides External Graphics to Laptops via Thunderbolt

    Laptop users may no longer need a powerful dedicated graphics card to play demanding video games--at least, not once MSI releases its GUS II external GPU enclosure.

  • Opinion: IBM Develops a Lithium-Air Battery With a 500-Mile Range for Electric Cars

    Electric-vehicles can be much better for the environment--and they're geekier--because you’re driving with pure energy. The biggest downside right now is that energy does not last very long with the smallish capacitance of lithium-ion car batteries that you have to charge overnight.

  • Opinion: Intel's New Android Processors Show Off Mind-Blowing Speed

    Intel's booth at CES is always a great place to get a peek into the future of personal computing. At this year's CES, Intel had the several Android prototypes that were running on 32mm Intel Atom processors. These are the first Android phones that we've seen to be running on intel's architecture, and the tech giant was using the prototypes to demonstrate the benefits of Atom over other mobile processors.

  • Opinion: DigiSafe DiskCrypt Does Ultra-secure Notebook Disk Encryption--At a Price

    How much are you willing to pay to encrypt every bit of data on a notebook disk drive--without compromising performance? AT CES 2012, Singapore-based ST Electronics is showing its new DigiSafe DiskCrypt, which does the heavy lifting before you even boot up: It puts a hardware encryption module into an enclosure that will accept any standard 1.8-inch micro-SATA hard disk. It’s relatively easy to set up, but it’s also very expensive--the enclosure alone costs $450.

  • Opinion: SpareOne: This Mobile Phone Holds Its Charge...for 15 Years

    If this CES announcement makes you a tad skeptical, well, you're certainly not alone. XPAL Power, a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, has announced the SpareOne, a new cell phone that the company says can hold its charge for up to 15 years.

  • Opinion: Boost Case Hybrid Two-Piece Extended iPhone Battery Keeps Things Light

    Are two pieces better than one? Boost Case is betting that they are with its $79.95 Boost Case Hybrid extended iPhone battery.

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