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  • Opinion: The Nifty MiniDrive Lets You Increase Your MacBook's Storage Space The Easy Way

    The Nifty MiniDrive is, well, nifty, to say the very least. With sixteen days left to go, this Kickstarter project can only be described as 'wildly successful'--it's currently over 2410 percent funded. But, then again, given the fact that the Nifty MiniDrive lets MacBook users get around the usage of those troublesome external hard disk drives, was there any doubt that the project would be a hit?

  • Opinion: Forget Dropbox Pro--Businesses Should Use Dropbox for Teams

    Dropbox announced that it is doubling the storage allocation for its paid Dropbox Pro accounts, and expanding the Dropbox Pro options to include up to 500GB of storage. That’s great news for families or individuals looking to sync and share data in the cloud, but businesses should be using Dropbox for Teams.

  • Opinion: Fat Thumb Recognizes Your Oversized Digits, Lets You Multitouch Zoom With One Finger

    Touchscreen interfaces make it really easy to flick though apps and webpages with a single finger. But it's always an awkward moment whenever I have to do some multi-touch action, because I need to use my other hand to hold my phone, and that hand might be holding a Shake Shack burger (better than In-n-Out!) or a beverage.

  • Opinion: Annual Cost of iPad Charging is Negligible

    Charging your iPad every other day for a year costs less than the coffee you might be drinking while reading this on your tablet.

  • Opinion: What is That 'D' Drive for, Anyway?

    Reader Gilbert wrote in with a great question no one has ever asked me before. He's looking for help identifying the D: drive on his computer: Why is it there, what is it used for, and can he store data on it?

  • Opinion: Retina MacBook Pro Battery Will Cost 54 Percent More To Service

    Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display is not only very difficult to repair, but it will also cost you 54 percent more to replace the battery. Apple updated the pricing list for MacBook battery replacements, highlighting the increased price battery service for the new laptop to $199 before tax.

  • Opinion: Dual Core Processors Wasted on Android, Intel Claims

    Current versions of Google's Android operating system for smartphones make woeful use of their dual core processors, according to an Intel executive.

  • Opinion: Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition: Partitioning Utility Is Great for Home or Business Use

    Partitioning utilities were once mysterious, geeky, and expensive. No more--witness Aomei's Partition Assistant Home Edition, which is highly competent, and free. Aside from being a nice upgrade from the integrated Windows tools provided by Microsoft, PAHE is probably the easiest-to-use partition utility I've encountered.

  • Opinion: Sync Any Folder to Your SkyDrive Account

    Microsoft's newly updated SkyDrive is pretty cool, offering cloud-based storage that's comparable to Dropbox. In fact, some would argue that SkyDrive is even better than Dropbox.

  • Opinion: Box Adds Admin and Security Features for Business

    Box unveiled five new features for its cloud storage service aimed at making it easier for business customers to manage and protect data stored in the cloud. Among the various cloud storage and file sharing options available Box already stands apart from the crowd in catering more to businesses than consumers, and these latest improvements put even more distance between Box and its rivals.

  • Opinion: ArduPilot Mega 2.0 Does Drone Autopilot on the Cheap

    This one is for all those autonomous vehicle makers out there who need a cheap autopilot system to make it go. Among the bits of awesome seen at the 2012 Bay Area Maker Faire, was the ArduPilot Mega 2.0 (APM2) from 3D Robotics, a complete open source autopilot system.

  • Opinion: AMD's Trinity Processor vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

    AMD's next-generation A-Series processors, code-named Trinity, are the chip manufacturer's answer to Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors now appearing in the new Ultrabook laptops.

  • Opinion: Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks

    No single cloud service can do everything. Some shine when it comes to streaming a cloud music collection from the Web, but stink at syncing desktop folders. Other cloud services are great for sharing photos, but useless for reviewing a document's revision history.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 26: Too Much Cloud Can Be a Bad Thing

    On Day 25 of the 30 Days with the Cloud series, I spelled out why I believe that cloud-based data storage and syncing is becoming mandatory thanks to mobile devices and SSD drives. Today I’m going to put a caveat on there, though.

  • Opinion: Beyond .zip: Secrets of the Archive Utility

    If you’ve ever sent, or received, a big file via email, you’ve undoubtably encountered a zip file. Double-click one of these and it expands to show files hidden inside. A zip file, or archive, takes up less space than the original files, so that your documents, images and whatnot are easier to send or store. But what do you do if a file won’t expand or you come across a different type of archive? Here are answers to frequently asked questions about working with compressed files on Mac OS X.

  • Opinion: Technology defies the law of diminishing returns

    One day while observing a lady next to me on her iPad, I noticed how this person was literally condensing an exercise that would normally require a happy shopper all day to complete within a period of 30 minutes at most. This person had within a blur of swipes and prods completed the purchase of at least eight items of clothing and accessories all from different well-known brands and all delivered to the doorstep within the week.

  • Opinion: Intel's Ivy Bridge Chips Appear to Run Hotter When Overclocked

    Intel's new third-generation Ivy Bridge processors offer a performance boost (especially in the graphics department) with lower power usage, but overclocking these chips to gain even more speed may be a bad idea. Several tests find Ivy Bridge processors to run much hotter than second-generation Sandy Bridge chips when significantly overclocked.

  • Opinion: Adafruit's New Board Lets You Hack the Raspberry Pi, Make It More Delicious

    So, you've got a Raspberry Pi (or you'r impatiently waiting for one to be shipped, like most of us are) and you're trying to figure out what to do with it. The options are pretty limitless for this devilishly cute little ARM linux system on a board, but here's something to think about from our friends at Adafruit Industries: the Adafruit Prototyping Pi Plate Kit for Raspberry Pi!

  • Opinion: Intel SSD 330 joins the race to the bottom

    Not that long ago, SSDs in general and Intel SSDs in particular cost a pretty penny. Things are changing though, especially now that Intel has released the Intel SSD 330, a very affordable SSD, with a price well below £1 per GB.

  • Opinion: TechHive: Hands on with Dropbox's new sharing features

    Despite many competitors, Dropbox is the de facto standard for syncing files across one's own computers and sharing them with others. New features rolled out Monday extend Dropbox's reach substantially by making it possible to create a public, revokable link to any file or folder in a Dropbox sync folder. Previously, only items in a special Public folder could be shared, and the links couldn't be canceled; the item had to be moved out of the folder.

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