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  • Opinion: 5 things we want to see from the HTC One M9

    We round up the top 5 things we want to see from the HTC One M9 flagship smartphone.

  • Opinion: Sprint-exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport to focus on fitness

    Sprint shot back at T-Mobile's recent "7 night stand" test-drive program with a 30-day free trial of its own, announced Monday at a press event in Chicago.

  • Opinion: 5 things we want from the LG G4

    The LG G3 is the best smartphone you can buy, but here's what we want to see from the LG G4.

  • Opinion: What you need to know about Amazon's Fire Phone

    Amazon is getting ready to tread on the well-worn path that Apple, Samsung, LG, and countless others have already blazed. So how does the soon-to-arrive Amazon Fire Phone stand out from the rest of the smartphone crowd? By playing to Amazon's strengths--e-commerce and access to digital content--to build a device that's not so much a phone as it is a shopping device that also lets you make phone calls.

  • Opinion: 5 things we want to see from the Samsung Galaxy S6

    We put together our wish list of features and improvements for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Can the Galaxy S5 be made into a winner?

  • Opinion: Study: Concern over mobile device theft on the rise

    Have you ever had a smartphone or tablet stolen? The devices' size and portability makes them prime targets for criminals, and there is a rising trend of people being mugged for their mobile devices. A new study found that consumers are increasingly concerned with the risk of having a mobile device stolen.

  • Opinion: A closer look at the new technologies in Amazon's Fire smartphone

    Using the new technologies in its Fire smartphone, Amazon may eventually merge Google's new imaging technology with the Fire's Firefly and Dynamic Perception innovations to empower consumer buying further than before, an IDC analyst predicted.

  • Opinion: Amazon's Fire Phone shows that Kindle Fire failed

    The Amazon Fire Phone launch tells us that technology's most disruptive company is caught in too minds. The Kindle Fire must be failing, and the Fire Phone starts out on shaky ground.

  • Opinion: Hands on with the Amazon Fire Phone

    Amazon's Fire Phone is unlike any other handset I've held. Physically, yeah, it's a slab of glass, and it feels like a basic--but well made--Android phone. The difference happens when you press the wake button, and the Dynamic Perspective effect kicks in.

  • Opinion: Amazon's Fire phone is 'Prime' example of customer first

    With its new Fire Phone, Amazon is primarily interested in connecting to its 250 million Amazon and Prime customers with a phone that makes it quick and easy to shop over the Web.

  • Opinion: Amazon smartphone launch: What to expect

    We take a look at three things to expect from today's Amazon smartphone launch and two not to pin your hopes on.

  • Opinion: AT&T reportedly gets Amazon's phone exclusively -- so what's T-Mobile up to?

    Wednesday's a big day for tech events in the greater Seattle area. First, Amazon summons the press to its hometown to announce what many are assuming to be some sort of smartphone. T-Mobile is following that with an event of its own, relocating a planned Los Angeles press briefing to the Emerald City.

  • Opinion: Study: The traditional office will soon be extinct

    It's not news that mobility is one of the major driving forces in IT today. Smartphones and tablets continue to supplant traditional PCs as primary computing devices, as people are getting more done from wherever they happen to be. A new study from Aruba Networks found that the demand for mobile productivity also puts significant stress on IT personnel and budgets.

  • Opinion: Amazon's expected smartphone already faces skeptics

    If Amazon announces a smartphone on Wednesday, as is widely expected, it will face an avalanche of skeptics.

  • Opinion: 5 iOS 8 features Apple stole from Android

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with iOS 8 Apple really wants to flatter Android. Here are five features in iOS 8 that Apple stole from Android.

  • Opinion: Eset Mobile Security for Android review: best of breed security with anti-theft

    It's always tricky evaluating anti-malware software for mobile devices. Android being based on Linux, and a more open system than iOS, is more vulnerable to malware, but attacks aren't all that common. Still, as the Boy Scouts say...

  • Opinion: Touchable Office suite headed to Android before Windows 8, report says

    Now that Office for iPad is out in the wild, Microsoft is getting ready for a new touch-friendly Office release. But rumor has it the next tablets to get the Office suite will be members of the Android army and not Windows 8.

  • Opinion: Get back to work! StayFocusd, YouMail and other apps to keep you on task

    Let's face it: working is hard. And getting stuff done, well, that can be the hardest part of it. Especially with so many distractions around. But while technology can be the biggest distraction of all (hello, Facebook!), it also can be a huge time saver. Each week, I'll round up a selection of apps that can help you stay organized, focused, and productive no matter what platform or device you're using.

  • Opinion: Windows Phone 8.1 users can now rack up Bing Rewards

    Microsoft has finally brought its Bing Rewards program to Windows Phone, letting users earn points toward gift cards and other benefits by searching the Web.

  • Opinion: Keep all of your stuff close at hand with Snupps

    My boyfriend and I have an almost out-of-control collection of Mickey Mouse Vinylmation. (Yes, I'm adult, and we all have our vices... one of mine just happens to be painted Mickey Mouse figurines.) And it's getting to the point where I sometimes forget everything we've amassed so far. Most of the time, that's never a problem--I can just consult my ever-growing bookshelf at home--but when I'm out on the hunt or trading with another collector, I find myself scrambling. Do I have the chaser from this set? Did we take Carl and Ellie out of the box? Which Dapper Dan am I missing?

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