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Remains of the Day: Plane and simple

An iPad might join you on your next flight to Hawaii, iPhone users consume online video at a prodigious rate, and Steve Jobs is the illustrated man. The remainders for Tuesday, March 12, 2013 are free with every purchase.

Qantas offers passengers their own iPad (Hindustan Times)

The next time you fly Qantas from Sydney to Honolulu--as you do--you might get an extra perk: Your very own iPad. The airline is offering the use of an Apple tablet to customers on the lengthy flight, including streaming of inflight entertainment. Sadly, they probably still won't feed you.

iPhone users watch far more online video than Android users (Ars Technica)

Not stated in the study: Whether iPhone users also watch a far, far higher percentage of subtitled foreign films.

How Does Japanese Manga Steve Jobs Compare to Real Steve Jobs? (Kotaku)

There's a manga (Japanese comic) biography of Steve Jobs life due out in a couple weeks, and Kotaku's got a picture of the first drawing from the book. My favorite part of this version is when Steve Jobs shoots a fireball at Bill Gates.

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