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Remains of the Day: Believe it or not

Would you believe me if I told you Apple was working on new iPhones and iPads? What if I told you it was in a lull of innovation? What if I said Ferrari and Apple were teaming up to fight crime? Then I saw the remainders for Tuesday, March 5, 2013--now I'm a believer.

iPhone 5S planned for August, next iPads may debut as soon as April (iMore)

Your friend and mine--well, mostly mine--Rene Ritchie says that the iPhone 5S is on the way for August, with new iPads potentially due to arrive as early as April. To nobody's surprise, the iPhone 5S is said to sport the same form factor, an improved processor and camera, and an 'S' in its name.

Apple Faces 'Lull' in Innovation: Former CEO (CNBC)

Former Apple CEO John Sculley says Apple's innovation is in a lull, though he expects the company to do fine over the long term. Okay, now it's time to panic.

Apple considered calling iPhone the 'Telepod', 'Mobi', 'iPad', or 'Tripod', former Apple ad man reveals (9to5Mac)

While we're on the topic of former Apple employees, Ken Segall, one of the company's erstwhile advertising consultants, says that the company considered a variety of names for what would eventually become the iPhone, including the "Telepod," the "Mobi," the "iPad" and the "Microsoft Surface." Man, those guys were way ahead of their time.

Ferrari Puts I-Pad in Supercars as It Widens Apple Deal (Bloomberg)

Because if there's one group of people who need to be converted to Apple, it's the owners of high-performance luxury sports cars. This move is sure to bolster Apple's sales by the tens.

Apple Offers New Low-End iMac for Education Market (MacRumors)

It's $1100, it's underpowered (3.3GHz Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive), and it's unavailable to anyone who isn't affiliated with an officially approved educational institution. Beer-proof screen-shield not included.

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