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Remains of the Day: Small change

More "information"--if it can be called such--about the iPad mini's rumored Retina display, Mac OS X 10.9 may soon roar onto the scene, and Apple's shrinking yet another of its products (sort of). The remainders for Monday, February 4, 2013 are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Apple Suppliers: iPad Mini's Pixel Density to Reach 324ppi (BrightWire)

More rumors about the iPad mini. This time, though, it comes with the sweet delicacy of numbers: The Chinese language news site reports it will have a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels with a density of 324ppi. So, apparently this site has access to, uh, math?

OS X 10.9 Activity Ramping Up as Speculation on Developer Preview Release Increases (MacRumors)

Since Mountain Lion's release last year, Apple seems to have indicated it's shifting to a yearly release schedule for Mac OS X. So it's really no surprise that Web browsers identifying themselves as running on 10.9 would now begin to show up on earnest. We just still want to know what the code name of this next version is. I've got my fingers crossed for Mac OS X 10.9 Battle Cat.

Apple debuts new AppStore.com URLs during Super Bowl 47 (Ars Technica)

Those annoying App Store URLs are about to get shorter. Apple started offering the ability to create compact links to apps late last month, but the first one to be widely shown off appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. I believe you'll find that URL is AppStore.com/BenedictCumberbatchIsTotallyPlayingKhanRight?

U.S. court says won't expedite Apple appeal versus Samsung (Reuters)

An appeals court has refused to expedite Apple's request for bans on several Samsung phones. Instead, a panel of three judges will look at it before the full appeals court decides whether or not the case has any ... appeal. (Yes, I said it. AND I'D DO IT AGAIN.)

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